• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 17/10/2023

Northern Japanese Chin Club

NORTHERN JAPANESE CHIN CLUB OPEN SHOW 26 AUG 23 Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge and to the exhibitors for a super entry with some really good quality Chins. BIS​​SHARLANA SWINDLER RBIS ​​CRANVARL ROGER AT ANJULI BPIS ​​SHARLANA SWINDLER BVIS ​​CH RAKUCHIN KENJI NA VD 1. Ch. Rakuchin Kenji Na. Compact, good head, eye with well cushioned muzzle and good lip placement, enough neck, excellent coat, good top-line and tail and moves well in profile keeping outline standing and moving. 2. Sangria Warlord. Just off square, lovely eye shape and colour, enough neck, good top-line, a little long in loin, good coat and moves well. 3. Tillashby Tanoshi of Dephlands. PD 1. Sharlana Swindler. Elegant, compact enough, beautiful head, eye, ears and coat, fine bone, excellent top-line, just so arrogant and aristocratic and he knows he is good, very sound with lovely light movement holding his outline at all times. 2. Spindulys Zephyr at Threadgold. Taller dog and very raw at the moment, nice dark eye but could be a better shape, good top-line and tail and moves steady. JD 1. Cranvarl The Student Prince. 9 month, very mature for age, good head, eye is ok, good neck and top-line but tail is a little flat, nicely cushioned muzzle, very sound light movement. 2. Holiday Love Goscinska Przystan. Nice square outline with good eye shape and expression, top-line is ok, nice nose and good chin but skull a little domed and ears could be higher set, moves ok in profile but could be a little tidier. ND 1. Holiday Love Goscinska Przystan. 2nd JD. 2. Seafar Shikoku of Dephlands. Black and white, large eye but could be darker, profuse coat, good tail, fine bone, nice skull with good ears and moves ok. PGD 1. Threadgold Dan Dare at Javalcy. Square and elegant, good head and eye colour but could show a little more white, good head proportions and muzzle, nice and wide and has nice profile movement. 2. Ereste’s Raffles Exclusive. Nice and light build if a shade long in body, good head but ears are a little low, excellent coat and tail. 3. Sleepyhollow Vincent. LD 1. Sharlana’s Chaos at Bellflows. Very nice to go over, compact and well ribbed, excellent tail and coat and moved well. 2. Sangria Salvador Dali. Lovely expression and head, moderate balanced angulation, top-line ok but could move better but nice type. 3. Chinart Akkern. OD Lovely class. 1. Cranvarl Roger at Anjuli. Red and white, square and elegant, good head, eye, ears, neck, top-line, tail and coat and lovely easy mover. 2. Ch. Javalcy The Great Mikado. Very dainty and fine boned dog with beautiful head, excellent neck, top-line, coat and expression, lovely profile movement, good ears, nice and light, very close decision, just thought 1st handled the grass a little better on the move which was rather long. 3. Sangria De Ja Vous. Spec Open R&W,S&W,L&W D/B 1. Andreeam Highland Chincess. Very feminine and dainty, lovely head and eye, a shade long in body but lovely light movement. 2. Ereste Shogun Warrior. Nice size, eye could be a little larger, good top-line and excellent coat. VB 1. Bellflows Honey Bee. Very pretty head and expression, ears could be better but she is square and dainty with good tail, coat ok. 2. Rakuchin Serenade. Heavier all over and dropping tail so looked a little unhappy and could just have been a little more lively. MPB 1. Andreeam Highland Chincess. 1st SpO. PB 1. Cranvarl The Gypsy Princess. Red and white, square, dainty and compact, good head, eye and expression, good neck and top-line, very raw but was nice in profile with good shape and balance but a little untidy up and down. 2. Bellflows Passion Flower. Very pretty and excellent proportions, so feminine with lovely expression, just needs a little confidence with maturity. JB 1. Jaschin Who’d Have Thought at Anjuli. Beautiful head and expression, a little off square but very balanced with good top-line, tail and coat, very typy. 2. Sharlana Conchita for Meglind. Lovely square outline, just preferred expression on 1st but she is feminine and elegant with excellent top-line and very sound front movement. NB 1. Sharlana Primadonna. Black and white, lovely eye and nicely cushioned muzzle with good width, shade long in body but she has lovely fine bone, excellent feet and is a sound, light mover. 2. Yakedo Starry Starry Night at Jaroma. Dainty and feminine with good proportions, ears, eye and coat, would look better if she was just moved a little quicker and more fluidly. PGB Excellent class with some very good quality right through to 4th place. 1. Sharlana Vivacious. Very nice bitch and a very close decision, loved her eye and expression and she holds herself so well, almost square, very sound and uses her rear well keeping her top-line. 2. Sangria Monn Dance. Ultra sound bitch and very good mover from all angles, she is well constructed with an excellent top-line, coat, just preferred the eye on 1st. 3. Sharlana Eye Candy. LB 1. Threadgold Starstruck. Black and white, 20 months old, lovely expression, good head and ears and top-line, fine bone and nice light movement in profile. 2. I’m Melody Goscinska Przystan at Fochai. Carrying a little weight and wide in front but she has a good coat and tail and moved well in profile keeping her outline. OB 1. Rakuchin Well Hello. Very feminine, lovely head and eye, could be carrying a little more weight, good neck and top-line, good front, could have a little more strength in her rear.