• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 10/10/2023

Evesham & District Canine Society


16 JUL 23




O 1(0)

1. Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood The Botanist JW. Well proportioned masculine dog, good substance, good eye, ears, neck, bone, depth, ribs, excellent tail set and good strong rear used on the move, BOB.




J 2(1)

1. Jones’ Germanus Makin A Point (AI). Compact, masculine dog, head needs to break a little, strong neck and top-line, good bone, good coat, moderate balanced angulation front and rear and moves soundly and steadily.


PG 1(0)

1. Brown’s Matravers Cherokee. Good proportions, lovely clean outline, good head, expression, neck and top-line, balanced front and rear, moves well with good reach and drive, strong rear, RBOB.


O 2(0)

1. Morris/Evans’ Bareve By Kind Permission. Feminine bitch with substance, nice type, good proportions, balance and angulation, good top-line, coat and head, feet ok, uses rear with purpose with good reach and drive, could be a little tidier going away but overall lovely type, strong bitch, BOB.

2. Jones’ Germanus Dutch Delight. Moderate angulation, good top-line, good depth and steady mover, could have a little more angulation behind.




J 8(4)

1. Bentley’s Penclippin Jubilee Flame. Lovely honest dog who would benefit from some training, good head and eye, lovely proportions and moved well keeping his outline in profile with nice clean, easy movement, good bone and feet.

2. Bentley’s Penclippin Celtic Asthore. Feminine version of 1st, lovely standing but just not so cooperative moving, she has a very nice look about her, if a little steep in croup.

3. Markey’s Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (imp POL).


PG 7(2)

1. Turner’s Blazing Bronze Jitterbug with Dazycutter (imp NLD). Racy outline, good head and expression, feminine with substance, front ok, good neck, top-line and rear, good feet, easy, free sound movement with good top-line and tail, BOB.

2. Clarke’s Covarney Dream Time from Bronrians JW. Nice clean outline standing, could be a little more feminine in head but good neck and top-line and tail, good depth, nice clean outline and moves well in profile if a shade untidy in front.

3. Markey’s Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (imp POL).


O 2(0)

1. Fox’s Kerryfair Special Diamond. Honet, workmanlike bitch, a little plain in head with enough neck, good proportions, nice front, top-line, rear and tail, she moves ok but could just be a little more fluid, RBOB.

2. Turner’s Gwendariff A Gee A Tee for Me with Dazycutter. Nice type with lovely head and expression, good proportions, front could be a little better and top-line firmer but overall has a nice look.




J 3(2)

1. Bells’ Il Granaio Dei Malatesta Dick Dastardly of Pendlebrier (imp ITA). Very nice, 6 months old, square, nice balance, construction and type, good size and coat, moved well, if a little weak behind, just needs a little more confidence.


PG 3(2)

1. Lightfoot’s Gaesten Danny’s Delight at Joydon. Head ok, carrying a little too much weight but is a very steady mover and keeps top-line standing and moving with nice tail carriage if a shade wide in chest.




P 4(0)

1. Egginton/Davis’ Pajanbeck Think Of Me (AI). Excellent puppy with good eye, neck and top-line, croup a shade steep but is very well constructed and is a good mover keeping outline standing and moving, BP.

2. Egginton/Davis’ Pajanbeck One Moment In Time (AI). Lovely head and expression, good top-line and proportions, good tail set, could just have a little more substance and strength to neck.

3. Douglas’ Kalexas Upper Class at Greenbayhill (imp NOR). 267


J 5(0)

1. Bowen’s Clandrift Bring Me Sunshine. Clean, elegant yet masculine outline, head is ok, good neck and shoulder, well proportioned with good leg length, moves well in profile.

2. Joyce’s Stranfaer One Fell Swoop. Feminine with attractive head but could have a little more length of leg, excellent top-line, nice low hocks and good strong rear.

3. Egginton/Davis’ Pajanbeck Think Of Me (AI).


PG 8(2)

1. Bellamy’s Moontorn Better Half Of Me JW. Well constructed and moved well with good head, bone and feet, coat could be a little better.

2. Staff’s Bonnyhilbrae Lasting Joy. Nice elegant outline with good neck and top-line, could just be more together on the move.

3. Stevenson’s Feldkirk Rose and Roses.


O 8(1)

1. Staff’s Bonnyhilbrae Royal Flush. Lovely clean outline, proportions and balance, he is masculine yet has a nice clean head with good neck and top-line, balanced front and rear and moves very well in profile with good bone and feet, BOB.

2. Colson’s Blacktoft Frozen In Time by Windyhollows (AI). Could have a little more length to neck, has good bone, feet and tail, moves very well in profile, top-line could be a little firmer but otherwise has a nice overall look, RBOB.

3. Stevenson’s Caci’s Born To Be Miss Universe (imp SWE).




J 1(0)

1. Smyth/Edwards’ Camusmor Mak Siccar. Moderate dog, good head, top-line and proportions, could have a little more angulation behind but moves very steady and true.


PG 4(1)

1. Trickett’s Cfyre’s High Tea at Tollpepper JW (imp CAN). 18 month bitch, honest bitch, good head, eye and ears, good neck and top-line, moves well, RBOB.

2. Bate-Ash’s Eusanit Hit The Lights. Compact, top-line ok and could have a little more angulation behind, good head, moves ok.

3. Gregory’s Exetollers What’s This.


O 4(0)

1. Dorrell’s Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW. Nice proportions and balance, head ok, good neck, front and rear, balanced and holds outline very well standing and moving, moves well with good depth, BOB.

2. Bate-Ash’s Eusanit Hit The Lights. Repeat.

3. Gregory’s Exetollers What’s This.




J 3(2)

1. Cokell’s Carlyquinn Morwena JW. Feminine with substance, lovely proportions and balance, needs to fill in front a little with maturity but has a good neck and top-line and is balanced, good rear, moves very well in profile keeping her outline standing and moving, BOB.


PG 2(0)

1. Ainsley/Nicklin/Gardiner’s Barecho Cover Girl (imp SWE) NAF TAF. Good proportions, good head shape, good top-line and tail, good bone and feet, moves well, RBOB.

2. Kibby’s Trimere Taylor Maid at Pinhays JW. A shade longer cast and top-line could be firmer, preferred head on 1st, moves ok but could be more positive behind.




J 3(1)

1. Harding’s Kingsmist Remember Me. Nice dog, very raw with lovely head and expression, good proportions, moves well in profile with good bone and feet, good depth for age, RBOB.

2. Harnett’s Redeswell Sweet Serendipity. Nicely constructed black puppy with good proportions, excellent top-line, ribs and depth, just needs to come together on the move, BP.


PG 1(0)

1. Houseman’s Flyenpyg First Sight. Strong bone, good expression, proportions are ok but could have a fraction more length of leg and tail could be more settled, nice steady mover with purpose.


O 4(0)

Very nice class.

1. Osborn’s Sh Ch. Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW. 7 year bitch with lovely clean balanced outline, excellent neck and front, good top-line and balanced front and rear with good head and tail, moves well in profile keeping nice outline, BOB.

2. Harding’s Kingsmist Miss Marple JW. Lovely head and eye, moved well in profile and has good leg length but not as settled in this indoor ring.

3. Adams’ Irisbel English Rose JW.




P 11(7)

1. Sunhouse Black Is Back at Salmonmist (AI). Pointer. 6 month dog with lovely clean outline, good head, shapely and curvy, has elegance and moves well for age.

2. Nyliram The Alibi for Trebettyn. Spaniel (Welsh Springer). Good head, eye and ears, good neck and top-line, sound mover with good reach and drive.

3. Listerlo Princess Aurora.


J 28(20)

1. Penclippin Celtic Asthore. Irish Setter. Was 2nd in Irish Setter Junior but outside, in this big ring, she really looked like a different bitch and I was very pleased to award her 1st prize in a strong class.

2. Vizslanya Praxis. Hungarian Vizsla. Very pretty, nice clean outline, nice and feminine with good balance and proportions.

3. Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt.


PG 16(13)

1. Vizslanya Vizi. Hungarian Vizsla. Would like better a little leaner but her outline and proportions are good and she moved well.

2. Winterwell Little Itch. German Shorthaired Pointer. Nice proportions, lovely head and expression, front ok, top-line good with good depth and good rear.

3. Exetollers What’s This.


SpV 17(10)

1. Sh Ch. Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW. Spaniel (Field) BOB. BVIG.

2. Bonnyhilbrae Royal Flush. Retriever (Flat Coated) BOB.

3. Sh Ch. Isfryn Spot The Difference Trebettyn.


SPV (10 years+)

1. Acquelin Double Fara Flare. Spaniel (Cocker). Excellent ribs, good bone, head ok, good neck, compact and moves very well with nice outline and shape.

2. Gunalt Rock Out with Hantzburg ShCM RL1 P-Beg Ex VW. Good proportions, head shape, neck, top-line and underline a little heavy, moves well.

3. Sh Ch. Beo Valentina by Vizslanya.




Beautiful class full of quality and I had a very hard choice to pick 5 but in the end selected Miniature Pinscher, Pug, Lhasa Apso, Irish Wolfhound and Lhasa Apso.

Ch. Hawksflight Hot Pursuit JW.

Potbelli Limited Edition JW.

Gaelmarque Treasured by Goldswift JW.

Crystal Eye’s Wam Bam Boom at Khumbila (imp DK) JW.

Irisbel English Rose JW.