• Show Date: 18/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marion McArdle Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northern Griffon Bruxellois Club

The Northern Griffon Bruxellois Club Open Show

18th March 2023

I would like to thank the committee of The Northern Griffon Club for inviting me to judge their Open show at Hoghton Village Hall Preston. I was really pleased with my entry and with the quality of the dogs. I really enjoyed my day judging this lovely breed. Thank you also to my stewards John Purcell and Jacqui Davies.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Selby, Allen & Whitehead’s Zilkan Monkey Business ( taf.) 6 month R/R who had plenty of attitude, and loved to show himself off, nicely groomed coat, typical in head shape with a cheek expression, dark round eyes, correctly proportioned head to muzzle with a defined stop, arched neck onto straight front with good length of foreleg and tight feet. nicely bodied for his age with a firm top line, correct rear angles and tail set. Puppy antics on the move which is to be expected at this age but a very promising puppy who enjoyed his day out at his first show BPD, BPIS . I will follow this puppies show career with interest.

2nd Haigh’s Tazanory’s Rafa Nadal. 8mth smooth red typical head with a lovelyexpression, correct skull and stop with evident chin, dark round eyes, correctly set ears, preferred front and rear angles on 1, needed to settle on the move. RBPIS

Limit Dog

1st Mercers Fennymore Walnut R/R 15 mth substantial male who doesn’t need to grow any more, beautiful harsh wiry coat in great condition, I loved his head and inquisitive expression, round eyes, good head shape viewed from all angles, black nose with wide nostrils, good sweep up of under jaw,, correct shoulders, straighter in front than 2, tight feet, nicely bodied up for his age square in outline, good rear angles , he eventually settled on the move, which won him Best Dog, RBIS . Best Opposite Sex.

2nd Potts Adream Secret Affair R/R very nice head with a pleasing expression, good width of skull, nicely set ears, dark round appealing eyes, correct muzzle with a defined stop, tight feet, nicely bodied up, not the front or coat of 1, good rear angulation and tail set. moved out well.

Junior Bitch.

1st Mercers Fennymore Genifigue lnicely balanced R/R bitch in great condition, coat of good texture, feminine head of good proportions with a lovely expression, and inquisitive typical dark round eyes, good width of muzzle, correct shoulders onto good front, well off for bone, tight feet, good spring of rib, nicely let down quarters, correct tail set, A little unsettled on the move but overall a lovely quality bitch. RBB

2nd Gullon’s Datiro Tiger Lilly, R/R pretty head not quite the balance of 1 but had a typical cheeky expression, dark expressive eyes, correct ears, straight front tight feet, slightly longer in loin than 1, ok on the move.

Yearling Bitch

1st Ferneyhough’s Somershire’s Freeza at Sharnese (Imp Can) R/R pretty head , dark round eyes, tidy feet,nicely arched neck, firm back, correct tail set, moved ok

Limit Bitch

1st Gullon’s Barnfall Tiffaney R/R Lovely compact bitch in good coat, correctly proportioned head viewed from all angles, good width of muzzle with evident stop, and sweep of under jaw, dark eyes, strong neck and shoulders, good bone, tight feet, slightly wider in front than 2, firm back, good rear quarters, correct high tail set, moved ok.

2nd Selby. Allen & Whitehead Zilcan Blazing Away, smooth red , very pretty bitch with an appealing head type of correct proportions, with good pigmentation, very dark mischievous looking eyes, correct ears carriage , square in outline, correct tail set, preferred rear quarters on 1, overall a very nice bitch.

3rd Potts Adreeam Contessa

 Special Open Smooth Bitch

1st Haigh’s Datiro Marmalade red smooth who unfortunately wasn’t happy on the table which made it difficult to assess her, pretty head dark eyes, good bone, nice quarters, more settled when on the floor on a loose lead.

Open Bitch

1st Gullon’s Datiro Chickadee JW Red smooth

I loved this bitch as soon as she entered the ring, full of confidence and attitude. She is so well put together, very balanced and looked lovely in outline. Beautiful head type of correct proportions with a typical cheeky expression, evident stop, good sweep of underjaw, beautiful dark round eyes, black nose with wide nostrils, great pigmentation, muscular neck onto correct shoulders and straight front, tight feet, firm top line, short coupled with great rear angles, Beautiful rich red coat in lovely condi-tion. Moved out with good reach and drive. Pleased to award her BB, BIS. I will be interested to see how her show career progresses.

2nd Haigh’s Tazanory Scarlet O’Hara R/R pretty head and expression, good width of muzzle, dark eyes, longer in loin than 1, nice rear quarters , good width of thigh moved out well

Gregtoi Memorial Stakes Dog or Bitch.

1st Haigh’s Tazanory Scarlet O’Hara


Marion McArdle ‘McArrmadale’