• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Eastbourne & District Canine Society


25TH JUNE 2023



PG - 1 & BOB. Smith’s Carlincox Pussy Galore. Nice bitch, sound mover, covers the ground really well with each stride. Little bit straight in upper arm, so not reaching out in front but plenty of drive behind, firm topline, good head, when viewed in front limbs were straight from shoulder to toes, crown could be larger to balance out the correct long defined ridge. O - 1 & RBOB Ferris’ Mirengos Moringa. Unmistakably masculine, quite strong, thick set all through, firm strong topline, strong rear quarters, excellent bone, strong head, decent smooth mover.


Y 1 Smith’s Florancy War Hawk. Masculine appearance, smooth mover, nice depth of rib, good head and handled well. 2 Price’s Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance. Nice general appearance on this boy, good overall outline, perhaps a shade long, good rear angulation, not quite the accuracy on the out and back as 1. 3 De Vere’s Eithne of Brokilon. G – 1 & RBOB Longhurst’s Abbeyhurst Dancing Queen JW. Super feminine quality b of 19 months, making a fabulous outline in the stack and such a fluid mover with each step. Perhaps carried her tail a touch high at some points but she’s very accurate out and back too. Beautifully presented and handled, very feminine and presented in tip top condition. 2 K Moonlight Shadow Among S. 3 Knowles’ Kuriwao Rocco. PG – 1 Knowles’ Lolani Storm Rider. Clear winner in this class, super body and shape, sound mover, nice head, clean neck set into well placed shoulders. 2 Seviour’s Evaluna Leave Your Hat On with Kawrsing. Gorgeous presentation, carrying the correct weight, not quite the reach and drive, head could be more refined, tail carriage was good. 3 Meads’ Rockanor Silver Saphire at Jasbri. O – 1 & BOB Smith & Coulter’s Collooney At Last. Very pretty black of good make and shape, superb outline, gorgeous flowing lines and body, strong legs, very economical on the move and covered the ground with each stride and correct daisy cutting action. 2 Byron’s Jasarat Gucci, very sound boy on the taller side, in excellent condition, strong back, nice head, very accurate going away and coming towards. 3 Shepherd’s Kidaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana JW.


Thank you to the British Dalmatian Club for sponsoring the classes and the entry although was small, made up in quality.

P – 1, BP & RBOB. Baker’s Kelevra Chive Talking with Dalleaf. Really good exhibit who was turning one year old on the day. Fab size, super strong topline, large bold spotting, excellent substance but without being too heavy, good weight over the rib, head appealed to me with high set ear and good breadth and depth of skull, muzzle in proportion, his front needs to strengthen, tail set good and carried in a pleasing way, really good mover. Y – 1 K Chive Talking with D. 2 Carrick’s Tessmene Puppet On A String. Pretty headed girl, who had a friendly nature, not quite the reach and drive of 2, thick neck, firm topline, think she found it a little hot on the day. PG 1 Penn’s Dalfellin Agape. Showing really well, very happy and outgoing, lightly spotted, carrying the correct amount of weight over the shoulders and ribs, excellent tail set and carriage and covered the ground well with each stride, plenty of drive and holding a firm topline. O – 1 & BOB Healey’s Dalmark The White Witch at Hebemor. What a lovely feminine liver b who is well schooled, beautifully handled and of the correct make and shape, and could totally see her moving behind a carriage with ease, well muscled up, expressive head, alert and on her toes, but moving with such a smooth rhythm in all directions, carrying her tail neither too high or too low. Really liked her. 2 Blissett’s Kystuno Warners King. Strong powerful male with a lot of quality about him, attractive head, in hard muscular condition, strong topline good tail set, he was rather unsettled on the day.


J – 1, BP & BOB Forsey’s Muzoku Charmed One. Super topline, great mover, could have more reach in profile, plenty of fat over ribs, plenty of coat all over, dense, extremely attractive in head. 2 Bull’s Muzoku Million Dollar Baby. 6 months and still very much a baby, lots to like at this stage, well boned, plenty of substance, strong back, good length of neck, tail set a bit low, needing a bit more confidence. PG – 1 & RBOB Forsey’s Muzoku Lucky Charmed. Really liked this nine month old, needs to gain a little more confidence when gone over but regains posture very quickly, super showy girl who clearly loves being watched when moving, h the most incredible extension in front and power from behind. Will definitely follow to see how this one turns out.


J – 1 & RBOB Bamford’s Jaybiem Indi Fence. Coping extremely well in the heat, this girl was of a good size and had nice proportions, presented in good coat, her head was substantial with plenty of muzzle length and breadth and moderate in stop, her chest reached to her elbow, well ribbed, strong tail that was well set. 2 Vaychkus & Vaickus Bernaroso Real Javelin. This girl was balanced and made a pleasing outline, her head wasn’t as refined but her markings were clear cut and was presented in good coat, moved very well round the ring. O – 1 & BOB Vaychkus & Vaickus Bernaroso Born To Be Queen. Almost 3 year old b who was handled in a sympathetic manner, another dog who coped well considering it was getting very warm by this point, richly marked, head of good width and breadth and pleasing expression, decent length of neck, good lay back of shoulder, strong back with good rear angulation. Accurate movement in all directions.


J – 1 Cranfield’s Zefather’s Kind of Magic. Smashing outline on this fawn who is upstanding, powerful and noble in her natural stance, she’s a really good mover in all directions and performed so well in the heat. I’d like more depth and width in skull and a cleaner eye. 2 Collett’s Foaldown Kingman. Really liked this blue who was very close up to 1, excellent head, skull, expression, very clean in neck, good shoulders, bone was heavy right down to his toes, his chest needs to drop and he’s difficult to assess his true gait but what I saw was long reaching, smooth and powerful. 3 Bielecka’s Rosetta Czar Olbrzyma in Alegriagiant. O – 1 & BOB Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren JW. I was so pleased to see this gorgeous quality fawn dog again, having judged him earlier in the year, my opinion of him hasn’t changed, he still fills my eye from his fantastic square shaped head, strong muzzle and excellent expression, sound temperament and superb angles front and rear, he covers the ground so easily with each step and performed impeccably despite the heat. I’m baffled as to why he doesn’t hold his Ch title. 2 & RBOB Collett’s Foaldown Dark Secret. This is another quality black b who I judged earlier this year and she just fits the standard so well once again, a pleasure to see her outside on grass this time but again I feel that I can’t see her movement at her best. She’s a beautiful sound girl with a super confidence temperament, holds herself in a noble manner. 3 Bielecka’s Alegriagiant Per Quella.


J – 1 & BP RBOB Simpson’s Simberger Perfect Blend. Stunning quality puppy who was well schooled, presented in excellent jacket and displayed a very confident and friendly demeanour. Really excellent in side profile movement for one so young, with maximum reach and drive with such little effort – will watch with interest. 2 Wood’s Simberger Supremo. Another very nice male and similar remarks apply and being of a larger frame, head very pleasing at this stage, well presented and coped well with the heat PG – 1 Simpson’s Simberger Taisho Sanke. Another very b from the kennel whose head still needs to strengthen, she holds her shape on the move and is balanced in profile, very good depth of chest and spring of rib and firm in the loin, excellent rear. O – 1 & BOB Osborne’s Nexgen All Eyez On Me. Super bitch, firm topline, very efficient mover with correct reach and drive, head well balanced and with well-placed eyes, strong muzzle and well set ears. She was accurate on the move in all directions and will watch her career with interest. 2 S Supremo. 2nd in J.


1 Harrison & Khawaja's Malandex Xceptional Love At Afranjo, Bearded Collie. Presented in exceptional harsh coat and handled to advantage, very sound mover with a good length of stride, feminine head, good length of muzzle, long tail which was carried low. 2 Whittington's Tighness The Tide Is High, Shetland Sheepdog. Nice size and stood square on compact tight feet, pretty head, using her ears, pleasing expression, would like more width between her front legs but moved happily round the ring carrying her long tail low. 3 Nolcini's Ch Broadmaynes Eclipse To Nolmacdon JW ShCM ShCEx VW OSW.


O - 1 & BOB Milham's Jackson The Winter Souls in Shadowsack (Imp). White Swiss Shepherd. These two were very typy and sound, just preferred 1 on the move and his more refined head. Well presented and handled. 2 & RBOB Dennis' Shadowshack All Moons. White Swiss Shepherd. Longer head, not quite as accurate out and back, confident and friendly nature.


J - 1 Land and Gittins' Aussiame Stargazers Flame for Casmawllan. Very raw baby, decent bone, moving accurate out and back and holding a firm topline in side profile, needs to strengthen in front.

PG 1 & BOB Bassett's Dialynne Leave Your Mark at Starlink. Of a smaller mould, athletic build, balanced head and good expression, straight front and good width, and she can move so well at speed, thanks to her good front and rear angulation. 2 & BP, RBOB Land & Gittin's Soloyal Kiss Artist Round Casmawllan. Well off for bone, well presented, head looking a little immature compared to the rest of his body, good depth of chest, a little straight in rear hock, moved well in side profile but crabbing out and back.


Y - 1 & BOB O'Connell's Potterdale Royal Sapphire of Atherleigh. Very nice 13 month b, excellent coat and condition, very good rear drive, drops her head and tail to power round with little effort or exertion, has a firm topline, which she holds level on the move, very pretty in head, good pigment, eye colour matching her coat colour.

O - 1 & RBOB Lewry & Lewis' Potterdale Magic Dust ShCM. Typical happy and friendly Beardie who enjoyed his time in the ring and performed very well considering the heat and belied his 10 years of age. Coat of excellent texture and condition, just had a slightly high tail set and not quite the reach and drive of 1.


PG - 1 & BOB Henson & Dearman's Lisjovia Eternal Guardian For Pyrekees. Excellent size, substance, bone, friendly and gentle temperament, balanced head with good length and depth of muzzle, dark pigmentation, very sound in movement and moved very accurate in all directions with a long easy going stride. 2 Duffell's Ricaduffal Rock Star. Pleasing head, excellent pigmentation, kind eye, good length of neck, plenty of bone, not quite as strong in back and could do with better coat presentation and condition for the show ring. O - 1 & RBOB Lisjovia Witches Promise for Pyrekees. Another nicely presented and typy b who was well presented and handled, she has an excellent head, well balanced, good breadth and well set ears, another with good pigmentaion, excellent shoulder placement and return of upper arm and very good length of neck, she moved very soundly in all directions, just preferred the upstanding kennel mate for BOB. 2 Duffell's Ricaduffal Draco Star. Litter brother to 2nd in PG. Perhaps the owner could spend some more time on grooming this large male, as he is of good size, with plenty of substance, has a nice nature and happily strode round the ring but carrying rather alot of weight over the ribs.


J - 1 & BP Weller's Evad Halloween Spice. Stood alone but a very nicely put together, pretty balanced youngster with a well built frame, straight front, good width, good shoulder placement, head of good proportions, strong rear and low tail which was carried low.

PG - 1 Cheal's Carolelen Composer at Faemadra. Best mover in profile in the class with the extension in front and behind I was looking for, although plaiting in front and very close behind. 2 Barnett's Dippersmoor Daquiri at Sonspirit. 3 Matthews' Esterbon Time Will Tell. O - 1 & BOB Cheal's Carolelen Call My Bluff at Faemadra. Both these were of good size, lovely make and shape with a very pretty head tipped ears, nice eye placement, cleaner action on the move than 2. 2 Whittington's Tighness The Tide Is High. 2nd in AV Pastoral Veteran.

PASTORAL GROUP 1 Border Collie Hawker's Moshanta Magic Penny for Taytinja JW. Extremely sound, in gorgeous double coat, of correct angulation front and rear with a low set tail and low head and tail carriage, she powered round the ring despite the very hot day. 2 Finnish Lapphund Forsey's Ch Arianrhod Black Sun Aeon at Muzoku. Worthy Champion who is masculine and with excellent bone and substance and in gorgeous coat, topped with a very pleasing head and well placed tipped ears. 3 Adams' Makaylen Majestic Lady. 4 O'Connell's Potterdale Royal Sapphire of Atherleigh.

PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP 1 Carlton's Lynmead Royal Beauty of Sambreeze. And what a beauty she is! Very promising Rough Collie who had super body proportions allowing her to move round the ring with an excellent long reaching stride and power from behind and kept her tail low. 2 Milham's Elystari This Must be Love, Border Collie. Quality balanced body with a typical head and alert expression, good front assembly, well sprung ribs, moderate rear angulation and long low set tail, she moved with effortless reach and drive. 3 Felstead's Foveaux Queens Gambit, Lancashire Heeler. 4 Weller's Evad Halloween Spice , Sheltie.