• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Siberian Husky Club Of Great Britain


16TH JULY 2023


I had waited almost three years for this appointment and was honoured to judge at the parent Club's open show. I've had the pleasure of judging the breed all over the UK at open shows for the past 10 years, have attended and enjoyed multiple seminars on the breed and passed relevant exams where necessary. I've also been involved with exhibiting the breed at Championship level with a number of different kennels. Like all appointments, I took this appointment very seriously and spent many hours doing extra research on the breed origins, function and watching videos on their incredible working capability and after the appointment I had many conversations with breed specialists to discuss what I found on the day which was very useful.

I was delighted with a high entry on paper and the dogs that were presented on the day were, on the whole, of a confident and inquisitive nature. When entering a dog show, a polite reminder to give the dog a bath or a wipe over with a clean cloth before a show - I was surprised to have to continually clean my hands in between some classes. Please pay attention to the dog's nails, many nails were far too long, altering the shape of the foot and affecting the dog's movement - not good for the show ring nor to work either.

On the whole, heads were generally pleasing and well balanced with oblique set eyes, high set ears of correct length and good pigmentation. Only found one undershot bite.

Front assembly was generally quite poor with many upright in shoulder or not enough length to upper arm, rear assembly was generally better, but many stood cowhocked. Toplines were also good, strong, firm and held level on the move, tail sets and carriage also generally good.

It was disappointing not to be able to judge the entry on grass because I think movement would have generally been improved but as always, I judged on the day, in the moment and had to make many compromises along the way. It's certainly a very challenging breed to assess, because we cannot determine whether they make great working dogs but merely need to decide if they are capable through hands-on assessment for structure, view type and offer plenty of movement in the ring to view soundness, accuracy and confirmation.

Always interesting to judge the main awards alongside a breed specialist to choose the top awards. We both made our cases for our own choices but despite my interpretation of what I felt and saw to to choose my bitches for the top awards - we only agreed on BIS to award to the best dog for BIS and my Minor Puppy bitch for BPIS.

BIS was Snelson's Azgard Monticristo at Ashtrax and he made a very athletic shape with good leg length and strong body, his head wasn't to my taste but was masculine with strong jaw, good length of neck, flexible wrists, he had a good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm, firm topline, chest deep, ribs extended well back, well arched loin, well angulated rear, he powered round the ring with good extension in front and power from behind.

RBIS and BVIS was decided by the referee, another specialist, who I was pleased to see chose my females.

MPB (3,2A)

1 Spruce's Mysticwolf Mo Cuishle. BPB and BPIS. What a nice start to the day, presents an overall pleasing outline with plenty of leg length to height at withers, feminine head with an eager expression, ears slightly longer than wide and well furred, good length of neck, good width of front limbs, front pasterns slightly turned out at this stage and I'm sure will strengthen with age, slight arch over loin, medium bend of stifle and well defined hock joint, croup slopes away to well-furred tail set on and carried in a sickle shape. She's very accurate going away with rear legs converging slightly at speed, she's quick and light on her feet, a shade underweight for my preference.

PB (2, 1a)

1 Cunningham's Siberiadrift Daring Minx from Icebex. Another very promising puppy who is correctly slightly longer in body than height, with medium bone and a lively & alert character. Balanced head with ears set high, erect and well-furred, good eye placement, almond-shaped and always alert, stop clearly defined, strong straw, tapering muzzle, good width between front limbs, front pasterns still to turn straight but flexible slightly sloping pastern joint, well ribbed, slight tuck up, strong loin, tail long and set on correctly and carried high, good rear quarters. A little bit unsettled on the move so not quite as fluid but very accurate coming and going.

JB (7, 1a)

1 Platt's Keriquel Heart And Soul. Clear winner in this challenging class for her smooth, free and easy going movement, and I could picture her in harness as one of the few of the day who was reaching forward with plenty of power and drive from behind. Of a larger frame but in proportion and retaining femininity, on her toes so showing me that typical alert and outgoing attitude, her head is equally pleasing with triangular shaped ears set on high, oblique set eyes that were deep brown in colour, tapering muzzle, well defined stop, well arched neck, good lay back of shoulder, slightly sloping pasterns, could have more bend in stifle. One to watch as she matures and I considered her for RBB.

2 S Daring Minx from I.

3 Caudy's Arctictreks Goldilocks at Snodragon. Presents a good overall appearance with medium bone and was sound on the move, presented in a clean condition, plenty of neck, sloping pasterns, good length of leg to height, firm topline, slight arch over loin, sloping croup, chest deep but a little short in rib, tail length reaching almost to hock and well furred, well arched toes, oval in shape. Oblique set eyes almond shaped, ear set a little low although ears of correct shape, movement a little stilted in front and behind as she just doesn't quite have the angles in front and behind.

YB (7, 2a)

1 Shelford's Ceannabeinne Fortysmiles at Polarquest. Rather unsettled b of medium bone and playing up her handler but I felt she had a better leg length and type to award her the class. Well muscled up but would like more coverage over the ribs, the ribs did extend well back, strong well arched loin, slight tuck up, tail of good length and carried high, good width of front and elbows tucked in, front limbs rather 10 to 2 still and would benefit from more flexible pasterns. She did cover the ground well with each stride.

2 Ferretti's Articskies Super Trouper For Lyrvid JW.

An amazing relationship between owner and handler, put in a top performance as a show dog, in excellent harsh outer coat and condition although she appeared to roll a little over the withers on the move. She has plenty of substance but without being overdone, impressive length of neck into a well balanced head that had an alert and bright expression, ears well placed and well furred and set high, eyes set well apart, obliquely set and deep brown in colour with full pigmentation. Firm level topline, loin was strong and slightly arched, sloping croup leading into long tail which was well furred and carried high. Doesn't have the required leg length to match her body length and is upright in shoulder so had no extension in front and moved uncharacteristically with her head high in the air.

3 Snelson' Sakino's Envy at Ashtrax. Completely out of coat but liked for leg length, body proportions, ample neck and sloping pasterns, good depth of chest, strong level topline which she held on the move, very fluid side movement with good extension in front and rear, quick and light on her feet, wasn't keen on her head, whilst she had good pigmentation, good width of skull, correct dentition, felt her ears could have been higher set, and her eyes appeared round although set obliquely, she also was light on bone and rather long in second thigh.

PG (6, 1a) Lots of compromises to be made in this class but liked first three for type, leg length and firm toplines.

1 Spruce's Mysticwolf Kira's Legacy. Medium sized bitch who gave an athletic balanced appearance in profile with good height to length ratio and correct leg length, very quick and light on her feet, not the greatest of reach due to lack of upper arm, but when viewed from front, she was well built and had good width to front and rear, she perhaps a little steep in pelvic angulation as she also moves away very wide behind. her tail was long and well furred and carried in a graceful sickle curve, head was well balanced, tapering muzzle, well set ears, oblique set eyes and well defined stop, could have more slope in her pasterns.

2 Miles' Korsvig A Patchy Girl For Pekakicali. A rather shy girl but of good type, make and shape, a better front and head than 1, front limbs were parallel with good width, and better shoulder placement, a shade too much tuck up but strong well arched loin, moderate rear angulation, good flexibility in pasterns, head was feminine and balanced, ears could be a touch higher set, hope she gains more confidence but just couldn't place her higher. Moved soundly in all directions.

3 Brown's Tsartitsa Tifas Cougar at Pocketsibes. In full coat but grooming could be better, very attentive and lively, head of good proportions but a little doggy, well off for neck, decent front assembly, well turned hock, strong rear pastern, slight arch in the loin, well ribbed, long tail which was well furred, didn't have the strength in rear quarters to keep up with the first two in the class.

L (9, 2a)

1 & RBB Spruce's Mysticwolf Diesel's Dream. Clear winner after the first run around and I was pleased after her individual assessment that she was well muscled up, in good coat with a soft dense undercoat and correct covering of guard hairs, she stands so well foursquare with straight forelimbs, correct sloping pasterns, well ribbed, firm topline, arched loins and well angulated rear, athletic appearance overall and covered the ground with an easy far reaching free stride that was also accurate out and back. Loved her head too which was feminine, perfectly placed ears that were well furred, medium stop, strong muzzle, almond shaped eyes that were oblique set, she gave me that typical intelligent and alert expression, also mischievous. Loved her and ticked what I was looking for, she was close up to BB.

2 Brown's Keriquel Honeylight at Pocketsibes. Very nice type, slightly smaller and shorter coupled, pretty head, with triangular pricked ears that were set high, tapering muzzle, strong underjaw, oblique set eyes, in good coat and condition. Not quite the front and rear assembly of 1 so got out moved in side movement, perhaps a little wide in front and straight rear legs when viewed from back. Tracks up true for and aft.

3 Miles' Trailhunters Eywa For Pekakicali. Similar comments to 2, efficient mover covering enough ground, in decent coat and condition, feet could be better, they are overly long than oval in shape, slight tuck up, and straight topline from withers to croup, chest deep, long tail with correct brush carried high.

O (9, 4a).

1 & BB and RBIS on referee's decision. Seward's Elleonia Hear Me Now. I had apparently judged her as a puppy and interesting that she caught my eye again, she's medium sized and gives an athletic appearance, with excellent coat covering which was well presented, her head is balanced and in proportion to her body, tapering muzzle, well defined stop, almond shaped eyes that were obliquely set, her ears were set high, well furred and slightly longer than tall, she has ample neck set well into laid back shoulders and good return of upper arm, strong and straight forelimbs and stood on compact oval shaped feet, she flows from neck into a straight topline with ribs extending well back, strong well arched loin and slightly sloping croup, tail set is correct and tail long and fox brush in shape, well-turned stifle into well let down hocks, she moves round accurately in all directions with an easy free stride that's quick and light.

2 Smith's Amical Kapri. Beautifully presented and handled to get the best from her, she was in full coat, of good texture and condition, a slightly taller bitch than 1 with lighter bone, ears were high set and gave an intelligent alert expression, neck length was excellent and set on to well laid back shoulders and decent return of upper arm, underneath all that coat her rib cage was oval in shape with a level topline and slight tuck up, her rear quarters were strong with a good set on of tail and carried in a sabre like fashion, she got better as the class went on and swapped up 3 after the last go around and she started to stride out more.

3 Caudy's Penkhalas Amka. An alert and expressive girl who was on her toes and moved accurately in all directions, rather upright in shoulder so not quite the forward extension of 1 but good body proportions, stands soundly fore-square and well muscled up. Coat was also well presented.

V (4)

1 & BVIS on referee's decision. Ch Amical Snow White VW. I was quite taken with this quality b who was the clear winner in this class, doesn't surprise me to see she has her Ch title, she presents a compact outline, medium sized with medium bone, nothing exaggerated about her but ultra feminine in head, using her prick triangular shaped ears well listening to her handler and on her toes, balanced head, well defined stop, good length of neck flowing into well angulated shoulders and a good return of upper arm, chest deep, ribs extended well back, slick tuck up, slightly arched loin, medium rear angulated with a slightly sloping croup into a well furred tail, she moved effortlessly round the ring and very accurate out and back correctly converging at speed.

2 Bolsover's Charmedkelz All Seein Angel. Slightly smaller make and shape and tended to continually understack herself showing a cowhocked back end however on the move she came into her own and moved with a light, free action and good ground covering stride, attractive markings and guard hairs which accentuated a decent shoulder, she too held a firm topline on the move and carried her tail in a pleasing sickle curve.

3 Shelford's Snowtrekka Enchantress. Not quite as compact as 1, preferred the rib and refined head of 2. She was in good coat and condition and had a friendly and nice outgoing character, very alert, using her ears, but they could be higher set, good length of neck, just a little weaker in rear, which could be her age.