• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marie Grady Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/11/2023

Hampshire Gundog Society

Hampshire Gundog Society 27/08/23

Many thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge Golden Retrievers. It was very enjoyable with some lovely dogs to go over. Many thanks to the exhibitors for entering and allowing me to judge their dogs and for accepting my decisions on the day.

Minor Puppy (5,2)

1.  Wards Wild Rose to Laurenley of Sunshine Valley (Imp Bel)     Happy 7 Month old Bitch in good coat and condition, Feminine head with dark pigment. Strong neck leading into a good layback of shoulder and upperarm. Well bent Stifle, Good tailset, Moved well holding a good topline. Pleased to award her BP

 2.  Healeys Marsabit Ponte Vecchio    Eyecatching mid golden Bitch with plenty of substance, Balanced front and rear, Unsettled in this class.

Puppy (8,4)

1.  O Gormans Berrymeade Billy Summers (ai)     Upstanding Male Puppy in a Fabulous Golden coat, Head well chiseled dark eye and pigment, Good layback of shoulder topped off with a well muscled rear end. Good Bone and tight feet. Moved with Purpose.

2.   Taylors Pandreft Tamara    Prettiest 10 month old bitch in good condition, super front assembly matched with a well developed rear end. Longer in loin than 1 and i would like to see her more settled on the move.

Junior (9,1)

1.  Chans Wemcrest Sound of Music   I was drawn to this bitch on the first run round the ring and she didn't disappoint! A kindly head with dark eye and pigment, good bite, ears well set on. Long muscular neck into well laid back shoulders, pleasant upper arm and elbows tight to the body. Well bent, stifle and short in hock. Limbs straight and tidy feet, moved with drive holding a level topline. Well Presented. Pleased to award her BOB.

2.  O Gormans Berrymeade Billy Summers (ai)

Yearling (4,1)

1.  Chans Wemcrest Sound of Music

2.  Poiles Thornywait Starshine at Cherrymar     A golden girl with a super head, good bone, straight front, level topline and good rear angles. Moved well.

Undergraduate (3,0)

1.  Chans Wemcrest Sound of Music

2.  O Gormans Berrymeade Billy Summers (ai)

Graduate (4,1)

1..Tonara Moon Walk    A compact Male with a Masculine head and expression, excellent pigment. good front with straight front legs down into neat feet. topline held on the move as he moved with drive and purpose.

2.  Alibren Aldaniti at Tannadice JW     Gleaming golden Male with a well balanced front & rear, deep through the rib cage. Moved with purpose & drive. Just preferred the leg length of 1st

Post Graduate (6,2)

1.  Pounds- Longhurst Mossburn Golly Miss Molly JW    A very pretty mid gold, very feminine. Straight front, balanced angles, level topline. Moved with Enthusiasm. Well Presented Pleased to award her RBOB

2.  Molbram Venosa at Carianjo    A bigger cream girl with a feminine head. Straight front, good bone, Tidy feet, good front angulation, level topline and balanced rear angulation. Moved well.


Limit (1,0)

1.  Whetu Magical Mayhem       Shown in super coat and condition, lovely gentle expression, excellent pigment and well angulated front and rear, moved with drive Well presented.

Open Dog (3,1)

1.  Taylors Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW    Masculine head, deep through the body, elbows tight and ribs well sprung. He was presented in excellent coat and condition. His angles were balanced both front and rear. He moved well holding a level topline.

2.  Pounds-Longhurst's Mossburn Galloping Major JW    A mid gold boy with a glorious coat. He has a masculine head, straight front, good length of neck with a Super front assembly. level topline and strong rear quarters. Moved with drive. Two lovely dogs Just preferred the tail carriage of 1 on the move.

Open Bitch (4,0)

1.  Chan's Lovissa Hello Dolly of Wemcrest    Another who caught my eye as she came in the ring. Feminine head with a kind expression. Strong Muscular neck leading down to well laid shoulders, super bone and substance throughout. Beautifully angulated front and rear. Solid topline. Moved effortlessly with reach and driving from her well muscled rear. Loved her but unfortunately she wasn't 100% sound in the challenge for BOB which saddened me greatly.

2.  Clarkes Sunnyoak The girl is Mine   Longer cast girl than 1, pretty head with kind expression. Nicely angulated front and rear, lovely topline. Moved well. 

Marie Grady Glenrioch