• Show Date: 01/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Maria Turley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

East Midlands Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club

Staffordshire Bull Terriers, 1st April 2023 - Dogs

53 dogs, 55 entries, 12 absent

Maria Turley (Eastreet)

I would like to thank all the East Midlands SBTC committee for making me very welcome, and for my lovely gift, also to all the exhibitors for their entries.

My ring stewards - Janet Higgins and Clare Ryan were fantastic and on the ball. Thanks to my co-judge Jason Piggot for making our final selections easier.

I really enjoyed my day and had a great entry.

I had some quality dogs which on the whole, were very well presented. Dentition was generally very good. A few loose feet, long nails, and soft pads were found in some of my dogs. The overall movement wasn't too bad. It was a long day for the dogs and owners and some dogs were showing signs of “I’ve had enough”!

MPD (3)

First - Jefferson’s – Deldenas Billy Miske. A lovely bb just under nine months old, head coming on nicely, neat ears, good mouth, dark eyes. Good front, quite compact, close coupled, nicely balanced, moved and handled well. Good shape for a young puppy.

Second - Miller’s - Skyland Imperial. Just six months old. bb nice head shape, dark eyes, correct ears, good bite. Good chest with ample width, good bone, close coupled. Moved okay.

Third - McVay & Hughes – Torkavi Night Fury.

PD (3 2)

First - Liggins, Liggins & Curd – Highbourne Lord of the Dance at Knockon.

11 months old mahogany brindle with white socks and a white chest. Head shape is lovely, developing cheek muscles, correct bite, clean lips, lovely dark eyes, ears okay. Good front with space between his legs, good bone, topline okay, good spring of rib for his age. Developing hind quarters. Good tail carriage. Moved okay. RBPIS. Second - A. Third - A

JD (9 2)

First - Robert’s – Vadeliza Omni Trio. BB. A nice dog with good qualities. Good head shape, nice neat ears, a dark round eye, good neck, good topline, nice short coat, tight feet, firm pads, and moved well.

Second - Aviegne & Baudouin Skillstaff Tally’s Man. BB good head shape, dark eyes, ears okay, correct bite, nice front, well-laid shoulders, close coupled, hindquarters well developed, good feet. Moved okay.

Third - Calladine & Fritchley Dilirystaff Suavage at Calrolo

YD (6)

First - Wilson – Northstaff Nightmare (JW) BB with a white flash on his chest. Strong-headed dog, neat ears, good dentition, lovely dark eyes, good shoulders with correct angulation, good topline, good tail carriage, plenty of bone and substance. in a fit condition. Moved well. RBD

Second - Higginson – Fairlenium Iron King at Canisstaff A brindle-pied boy with white head and front. The head is a good size and in proportion, has good dentition, dark eyes, correct ear placement, Well placed shoulders, good spring of rib. Good hindquarters. Moved okay

Third - Stanway – Waystaff Strikes Mayhem

ND (3 2)

First Marshallsay – Fergustaff Tudor Legacy Nice red skewbald dog with a white chest and legs, a good standard size. Nice head shape, neat ears, good teeth and bite, lovely short coat, Good spring of rib, ample hams, and good tail carriage. Moved well, Second - A. Third - A

PGD (8 2)

First - McEneany – Briganah Handsome Devil. BB Good head shape and size, nice neat ears, dark eyes, dentition okay, good shoulder placement, good depth of chest, plenty of muscle on the hams, tail set correctly. Moved and handled well.

Second - Cobb – Tilcarr Fire Collective BB, Lovely rose ears, ample head with good shape, teeth all correct, good width to front, good shoulder placement, nice spring of rib, topline okay, moved well.

Third - Blow – Scoutor Rogue One

LD (7 3)

First - Jefferson – Alport Bold Ruler Bl/Br. Strong head, neat ears, correct bite, would have preferred a darker eye. Good front with ample width, good bone, short coupled, good topline, feet well padded, tail set correctly. Moved and handled well. BD / BOB

Second - Fairhurst – Fairlenium’s Iron Man. Predominantly white with red markings on head. Dark eyes, good head shape, good mouth, neat ears, good front, laid back shoulders, good spring of rib, close coupled, correct tail set. Moved okay.

Third - Smith – Tilcarr Forged in fire

OD (12)

First - Yates & Tune – Chelmbull Jack Black. BB, white flash on chest and toes. Good head and ear carriage, dark eyes, good dentition, good shoulders and good front, nice spring of rib, good topline, correct tail set. Ample bone and moved okay

Second - Moureu Larrang & Cazade (Fr.Ch) Never Dies Ice White Du Clan Molotov. A pied dog, good sized head, tidy ears, lovely dark eyes, correct bite, well-muscled shoulders, wide front, good topline, ample rib. Moved and handled okay.

Third - Antonio Ch. Gazstaff’s Man In Black for Antoniostaff

VD (4 1)

First - Lewis – Ch. Biggleswick Splash of Ginge – 8 years old and looks very good for his age. Red with white chest, Good head shape, eyes relative to coat colour, lovely dark mask, good dentition, tidy ears, good shoulders with a wide front, good spring of rib, nice topline, muscled hind-quarters, tight feet, moved and handled well. BVIS

Second - Jordan – Ch. Dazmarnic Know Wot I Mean 7 years old red boy, slight signs of aging, good head, slightly light eyes, tidy ears, neat bite, ample front width, good shoulders, good topline. Moved well.

Third - Rowe & South – Illori Akinlana (JW)