• Show Date: 16/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Margreet Veenstra Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society


This was my first judging appointment in the UK and I would like to thank the organisors of Bakewell Premier Open Show for the invitation and the opportunity. I was very pleased with an entry of 42 and thank the exhibitors who entered and gave me the chance to go over their Whippets. Also, a big thank you to my two ring stewards who stepped in last minute.


Class:266 Puppy (12,2)

1st: Halliday & Croxford Mrs A. & Mr W.S Aarminias French Fancy at Whittimere. This 10-month-old black with white trim caught my eye. For her age, well developed bitch with a flowing outline and good size. She has an attractive head with well-placed and carried ears, her long neck flows into the topline, she has good topline and underline and a correct tailset. Angulations are correct for her age and she has very good movement both coming and going and in profile with plenty reach and drive. Her movement won her the class.


2nd: Finch, Mrs F.M. Zenobia Love Actually. Elegant 8.5 months fawn bitch, a bit younger than first which was clear on the move. Very classical Whippet outline, smooth and curvy. Pleasing head with well set and carried ears. Good neck, top and underline, well angulated. Powerful movement in profile but still unfortunately unsettled in the rear coming and going.


Class:267 Junior (11,3)

1st: Yacoby Wright, Mrs L. Cobyco Catch Your Eys. 9 month old fawn dog with plenty of substance. A real eye catcher, still raw and developing but it is all there. Masculine but elegant head with a long neck flowing into the topline, excellent topline and underline. Well placed shoulder with good return of upper arm. Correct rear angulation. Excellent mover both coming and going and in profile. BP, RBOB and delighted to see him go HPG1 and RBIS.


2nd: Brew, Miss A, Boxing Helena’s Victor Ena. 16 month old dark brindle dog with white markings. Another with plenty of substance. A very well put together dog with an attractive head and pleasing expression. Nice curvy smooth outlines, although when not settled he stands with a bit too much arch over the loin which he doesn’t show on the move. Well angulated in front and rear, Powerful mover, correct both coming and going and in profile.


Class:268 Post Graduate (13,2)

1st: Morland. Miss A. Zoraden You Are My Universe. 15 month old red fawn with white trim bitch with flowing outlines and of good size. Beautiful head and expression. Slightly more rear angulation than in front but she moves very soundly from all directions with excellent reach and drive.


2nd: Winup & Paipala. Mrs D.M & Mrs L.D. Rogansrock Love Me Do. 4 year old red brindle with white trim bitch. She was handled by a very young girl who did a great job considering she had not the experience of the other handlers. Really attractive bitch, well angulated with a pleasing front and good front fill. Just had a little less reach and drive than first place.


Class:289 Open (13,3)

1st: Varnan & Parker. Ms. L. and Mrs. S.J. Supeta’s Mojito For Aylros. 4 year old fawn dog who caught my eye the minute he came in the ring. Lovely curvy dog with a beautiful smooth outline. Pleasing head and expression, long neck flowing into the shoulders. Excellent front, front fill and depth of brisket. Well angulated front and rear. Moves with reach and drive. He was my BOB and very pleased to see he got HG3.


2nd: Bell. J. Aarminias Change The Game At Drumburn. Almost 3 year old brindle dog. Handsome boy with a masculine head and attractive expression. Correct neck, topline, front fill and depth. Would prefer a little more layback of shoulder however he has plenty reach and drive.


Margreet Veenstra

(Shiny Sensation’s, The Netherlands)