• Show Date: 30/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

English Setter

Puppy (2,1abs)
1st Reid’s Hunterblue Mystique at Diersett
Sweet young lady who was giving her handler a hard time. I liked her head proportions and expression. She has enough front and is deep enough in rib for her age. She has a good topline and nicely turned rear. On the move she certainly enjoyed herself but went on a good stride when she settled. BP

Junior (4)
1st Williamson’s Hawklawn Sultan of Swing
Attractive dog who is a little rangy at the moment but he presented the best out line in this class. Good length of neck to well placed shoulders and level topline. He needs to develop in rib which will come with time. He was straight coming and going but I would like to see him given the chance to stride out in profile.
2nd MacDowell’s Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Byedales
Well laid shoulders giving nice length of neck, good in rib and length of loin. She has good bone and tight feet. She moved well but tended to drop her topline a little standing.
3rd Stephenson’s Mariglen Wave Dancer For Bondgate

Post Graduate (4,2abs)
1st Cook’s Pernickty Quiddity
At just 12mths this boy has a pleasing outline standing and is more together than his sister in junior. I liked his head and expression, good length of neck leading to a level topline. He is well developed in rib for his age and has a nicely turned rear and already has a good amount of coat and feathering. He went well on the move, being steady and accurate.
2nd Wale’s Chanina Golden Rose JW
I have done this girl well before, but today she did not seem as happy in the ring. She still has a lovely head with that typical expression. Her shoulders are well laid and she is deep in rib. Standing she didn’t make the best of herself. On the move she was a little hesitant to stride out but she was accurate coming and going. On another day these two could change positions.

Open (5,2abs)
1st McCabe’s Rachdale Ribbons of Pearls
Another I have done well before and she has matured on very nicely. Attractive head with good eye shape and colour. She has nicely placed shoulders giving her correct length of neck which flows to her level topline and correctly set tail. She has good length and return of upper arm with well placed elbows. Her rear angulation compliments her front which enables her to move with ground covering stride and typical tail action. Pleased to award her BOB and see her take Group 4. Well done.
2nd Arkley’s Hartsett Flash Dance
Stronger all through than 1. He has good lay of shoulder and correct tailset. He is well developed in rib with moderately angulated rear. He is short in hock and has strong bone with tight feet. In full coat and mature feathering. Moved ok.
3rd Arkley’s Hartsett Last Waltz

German Shorthaired Pointer
Junior (1)
1st Staley’s Jomeel Olivia’s Choice
Very nice youngster of 16mths. Super head and eye with sweet expression. She has a pronounced forechest and her elbows sit on correctly positioned ribs allowing her to move with clean front action. She is moderate in rear with short hocks. On the moved she was lovely to watch showing reach and drive in profile from her muscled quarters. I will watch her with interest.

Post Graduate (4,1abs)
1st Staley’s Jomeel Olivia’s Choice
2nd Merritt’s Sperant Chocolate Cosmos JW
A different type to 1 but still with lots to like. Another with an attractive head and lovely eye. She has good shoulder placement and correct line to her correctly set tail. Deep rib and good tuck up. Correct coat texture and in hard condition. She moved true and with a free stride in profile.
3rd Barker’s Barkersdream Who Dares Wins

Open (4)
1st Hammond’s ShCh Seasham I Love To Boogie
Beautiful bitch both standing and on the move. She has a lovely head with good expression and ear set. She is so well balanced with correct angulation all round with correct topline flowing to her correctly set tail. She has enough bone for her size with compact feet set off with the shortest of claws. Well placed elbows which enabled her to really flow round the ring with clean front action and plenty of drive. Pleased to award her BOB and see her take Group 2. Well done.
2nd Merritt’s Sperant Pamplemousse
A different type to 1. Pleasing head with good shoulders and maturity through the body. Quality bone and tight feet. Deep enough is rib with short back and wide loin. Moved cleanly on a good stride showing drive from the the rear.
3rd Staley’s Jomeel Monkey Wrench

Cocker Spaniel
Thank you for the lovely entry. There was a lot of variance in type, particularly in heads, but I was pleased with my winners.
Puppy (8,2abs)
1st Collier’s Pepperbox Parti On
Sweet puppy with good eye colour and ear placement. Nicely laid shoulders and level topline with correctly set tail. He has good bone and is well developed in body for his age. He has balanced angulation at both ends and moved out well with a typical happy attitude. BP
2nd Collier’s Pepperbox Midnight Parti
Litter brother to 1 and is very similar, I just preferred the head of the winner. He is correct in length and depth of rib with nicely turned stifle. He moved true with good length of stride.
3rd Brothwell’s Wissant Moonlit Sky

Junior (8,4abs)
1st Collier’s Pepperbox Midnight Parti
2nd Taylor-Kistner’s Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (Imp HRV)
Black with a pleasing head, level topline and good width of loin. Good length and return of upper arm with well placed elbows. Good bone and moved well. In gleaming coat and condition.
3rd Griffin’s Griffial Make It Count

Post Graduate (13,6abs)
1st West’s Sheigra Super Secret JW
Golden bitch of honest type. Pretty head and sweet expression. She is compact in her body and has well laid shoulders which flow to her correct topline and tailset. Her upper arm is well angulated and corresponds with her rear. Coupled with her short hocks this enables to move true covering plenty of ground. Pleased to award her BOB
2nd Taylor-Kistner’s Black Lord Wildest Dream at Frieljoanipa (Imp HRV)
3rd Brothwell’s Wissant Dear Darlin

Open (8,3abs)
1st Collier’s Pepperbox Back In Time RL1Ex
Good head and kind dark eye, lovely bone and good shoulders. He is deep in rib with correct loin. He is strong in rear with short hocks. Balanced angulation which showed in his purposeful movement.
2nd Remington’s Rozamie Black Pearl Jessremjul
I preferred the head of this bitch but she wasn’t as positive on the move as 1. Nicely angulated both ends with good strength and width of loin. Strong topline with good tailset. In lovely coat and condition.
3rd West’s Sheigra Simply A Star JW