• Show Date: 10/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 06/10/2023

Rhyl Canine Society

Thank you to the committee for the kind invitation and the exhibitors for a lovely entry. Unfortunately the floor was rather slippery with no matting and some of the dogs struggled with grip. I was very pleased to see my BOB/BP do so well in the groups!

Bracco Italiano
Puppy (2) Little to choose between these brothers.
1st Warburton’s Owlspoint Loads Of Trouble
Appealing puppy with typical head and soft expression. He has a strong front with correct length of body and good stifle. He moved well away and back on tight feet BP
2nd Fazenfield/Smith’s Owlspoint Askin For Trouble
Very similar to his brother, I just preferred the head and width of chest of 1

Junior (2)
1st Warburton’s Owlspoint Loads Of Trouble
2nd Fazenfield/Smith’s Owlspoint Askin For Trouble

Post Graduate (1)
1st Warburton’s Withamfairy Lush Blossom
A balanced bitch with enough substance. Attractive head with well set ears. Strong neck and good topline. Good bend of stifle and short hocks. Moved true with good head carriage.

Open (1)
1st Bell/Maddox’s Whitgun Renegade Master at Owlspoint JW
Typical head and good eye and deep muzzle. Well laid shoulders with quality oval bone and tight feet. Deep rib and slight arch to his loin with well bent stifle. Good tail carriage on the move. BOB & G3

This breed in particular struggled with the floor and atmosphere of the venue.

Puppy (2) Two nice puppies
1st Bell/Maddox’s Brent Deville’s Advocate at Owlspoint BP
Lovely 7mth boy presenting a good outline in profile. Lovely head of good proportion leading to a slightly arched neck. Nice depth of rib and short coupled. Well angulated stifle with short hocks. On the move he was straight and showed good reach in profile BP & PG1
2nd Astbury’s Raigmore Leap of Faith To Dorbury
Another nice puppy with good head properties and kind expression. Nicely balanced angulation all round with well sprung ribs. On the move he was a little wide in front and close behind which was the deciding factor on the day.

Junior (4)
1st Booth’s Lundgarth Jubilee
Pretty young lady with a lovely head and kind eye. Good length of neck to good topline and tailset. Enough depth of rib and quality oval bone. Good width of thigh and short hock giving accurate movement which won her the class.
2nd Bell/Maddox’s Brent Deville’s Advocate at Owlspoint
3rd Blake’s Vadkartya’s Pipit

Post Graduate (1)
1st Collins’ Collholme Angelique
Lovely head and expression on this young lady. Muscular neck and strong topline with nicely set tail. Well sprung rib of good depth with well placed elbows. Strong and short in loin with well angulated rear. Excellent bone and good oval toes. On the move she was true both ways and went well in profile. BOB

Open (2)
1st Booth’s Lundgarth Everest JW
Attactive head and dark eye. Shoulders well placed with nice front angulation. Correctly set tail and good rear. Moved well.
2nd Collins’ Collholme Balthasar
Another pleasing head. Balanced all through with well placed elbows. Good oval bone and short hocks. Not as positive on the move as 1 today.

Cocker Spaniel
Thank you for a lovely entry. I always enjoy judging this breed. 
Puppy (2)
1st Prydderch’s Rockllocers Pucelle
I really liked this orange baby of almost 7mths. Square muzzle and lovely eye. Good length of neck and compact body. Super front angulation and matching rear. Good depth for a youngster with nice bone and feet. Very happy on the move. BP
2nd Bird’s Aughlish’s Holy Holly at Aberyn
Not as forward as 1 and of a different type. Nice head, good length of neck and well angulated front. Moved nicely.

Junior (7, 1abs)
1st Morris’ Riondel Solitaire BOB
Super youngster with a lovely head and kind eye. Moderate length of neck and correct topline. Deep in rib and compact in body. Good length of loin and well rounded rear. Quality bone and well padded feet. Very happy on the move, coping well with the floor and covering plenty of ground. In lovely coat and furnishing. BOB & G4
2nd Pendlebury’s Cooleela Black Beauty at Sandabys
Another nice youngster with many of the same qualities as 1. Good head and expression, well made in the body with a short loin and good tailset. Moved true with a happy action. Beautifully presented.
3rd Thomas’ Manlinson Happy Together

Post Graduate (5)
1st Morris’ Riondel Enigma
I feel that this dog needs to be gone over to be appreciated. Typical head and ear set. Moderate neck correctly set with good topline. Well rounded rear with good angulation. Moved well.
2nd Norris’ Joaldy Mr Happy at Amaranth
Well placed shoulders, deep brisket with correct spring. Quality bone and tight feet. Well turned rear with correct tail set. Moved well. Just preferred the head of 1.
3rd Pendlebury’s Rockllocers Coconut Husk at Sandabys

Open (3)
1st Morris’ Riondel Blu Savana
Appealing head and eye. Moderately angulated at both ends with good bone. Short in loin and short in hock. Moved the best in this class.
2nd Prydderch’s Rockllocers Blissful Blush
Stronger in head than 1 and a little throaty. Nicely angulated front and good topline. Nice rear with short hocks. Would benefit from a little less weight. Moved well.
3rd Proudler’s Kimapa Kocka Kaia

Welsh Springer Spaniel
Puppy (4)
1st Ward’s Glenbrows Flame For Tantaraviz
Happy little girl with a balanced head and naughty expression. Deep enough in brisket with good length of loin. Quality bone and the best of feet. She coped with the floor well and won the class on movement. BP & PG4
2nd Graham’s Nyliram The Suspect
Of a different type to 1. Attractive head and good eye. Good length of neck to strong topline. Good width of thigh and short in hock. She struggled to grip on this surface and was a bit tentative on the move. I would like to see her outside where I think she would make more of herself.
3rd Thomas Tigerrock Top Gun

Junior (1)
1st Ward’s Glenbrows Flame For Tantaraviz

Post Graduate (2, 2abs)

Open (3, 1abs)
1st Graham’s Nyliram The Moth Catcher JW BOB & G2
Lovely girl with beautiful head and expression. Well place shoulders and good front angulation. Clean neck and quality bone. Deep rib and good length of loin. She has a muscular rear and is short in hock. Moved well, covering the small ring with confidence. BOB & pleased to see her take G2.
2nd Philipson’s Menstonia Meteor
Good head with nice eye. Long neck to good topline. He is mature in body, with deep rib and is well boned. Moved steadily on tight feet.