• Show Date: 22/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 12/11/2023

South Western Gundog Club

Thank you to the committee for the kind invitation and the exhibitors for your entries.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Graduate (2,1abs)
1st Murch’s Pixiesrock Green Kirkle
Attractive head of good proportion. Medium length of neck to well laid shoulders, with good turn of stifle and strong hocks. Nice bone and feet. In good coat and hard condition. Moved well. RBOB

Open (4,3abs)
1st Murch & Mayhew’s ShCh Next Generation Arnac Arctic Storm (Imp USA)
Lovely head and expression on this boy with well set ears. I like his overall profile outline very much. Super shoulders and length of upper arm, deep rib and short loin. Level topline and well developed rear with strong hocks. Quality bone and rounded toes. On the move he was strong and precise. BOB

English Setter
Junior (2) Two different types
1st Osman’s Bournehouse Sirocco Over Marissolo
7mth old boy who presents a nice outline for one so young. Lovely head with well defined stop, long neck to well placed shoulders. He is deep in rib with correct loin and a balanced rear. Good oval bone and tight enough feet for a baby. On the move he is typical of his age but showed good profile movement. In beautiful coat and condition. BP

2nd Thomas’ Kanietter Sarka
Almost 16mths, this attractive boy was giving his handler a very hard time. Good head and dark eye, though I would prefer it a little tighter. He has well placed shoulders and good length and return of upper arm, with deep rib and correct loin. His rear is well turned with straight hocks. I feel today he was rather full of himself which affected his movement and tail carriage. I’d like to see him more settled.

Post Graduate (4,2abs)
1st Bishop’s Dyreham Deja Vue
No nonsense type with appealing head and expression. Lovely shoulder placement and length of upper arm, deep rib and pronounced forechest with correct slightly arched loin. Good width of thigh which was well muscled. On the move she was steady and free flowing using her tail all the time. Just dropped her topline in the challenge so lost out to her bother. RBOB

2nd Murray’s Callaset Moonlight
Another who was giving his handler a tough time, being rather distracted. Adequate shoulder placement and good length of upper arm. Deep enough in rib with good length of loin. He is strong in rear with good width of thigh. Quality round bone and tight feet. Very happy tail action. Movement was a little erratic due to his enthusiasm.

Open Dog (2)
1st Dyrham Desert Storm
Another no nonsense dog and I see he is litter brother to the PG winner. Nicely balanced head, well placed shoulders with good length and return of upper arm. He is deep in rib, of correct length with well placed elbows and has quality bone and feet. His loin is wide and slightly arched with well developed rear and good length of hock. He moved soundly showing drive and good tail action. BOB

2nd Thomas’ Kanietter Sarka

Open Bitch (2,2abs)

German Shorthaired Pointers Thank you for a small but quality entry.
Graduate (3)
1st Powell & Tarrant’s Newtonbriar Pure Bliss
Presented the most balanced outline today. Lovely head with defined stop in profile. I liked her length of neck which leads nicely to her well placed sloping shoulder. Good depth of rib with short back and good elbows. Well bent stifle and thigh. Quality bone and compact feet. Smooth on the move showing good drive. BOB

2nd Russell’s Fraulynzway Hayley’s Comet
Another attractive head with good length of neck and required arch. Well laid should and enough return of upper arm. Wider in forechest than 1 but has nice length and arch to her loin and well bent rear. She moved well in profile.

3rd Atkins’ No More Cloudy Days

Open (1)
1st Russell’s Fraulynzway Lightning Bolt JW
Upstanding boy, I like his head and expression. Good length of neck leading to well placed shoulders and lovely return of upper arm. He has a pronounced forechest and well placed elbows. He still needs to develop in rib and was a little uncoordinated in front but at 17mths he is still only a youngster. Firm and short in back with width over his loin. He was accurate going away and in profile, I just preferred the front movement of the PG winner. RBOB

German Wirehaired Pointer
Graduate (3,1abs)
1st Brown’s Matravers Cherokee
Attractive head with good furnishings and well placed ears. Strong neck and well laid shoulders with pronounced forechest. Deep enough in rib with good spring. Firm in topine. Strong rear with well turned stifle and good width of thigh. Good bone and tight feet. Coat of correct texture. Moved well, covering the ground. BOB

2nd Harries’ Gleomac Daffodils In Bloom
19mth bitch who gave some away in maturity. Attractive head and expression, well placed shoulders and good length of upper arm. She is deep enough in the rib with good spring. Lovely bone and oval feet. Well developed thigh with good length of hock. Not in her best jacket today, she moved well. RBOB

Open (1,1abs)

Lagotto Ramagnolo
Open (1)
1st Heller’s Arcticbreeze Hopscotch To Floreydown
Very smart, squarely built young lady. Balanced head with good eye colour. Clean neck to well laid shoulder. Good oval bone and compact feet. Slightly falling topline to correctly set tail. Well developed rear. On the move she shows good rear drive. BOB

AV Gundog Junior (23,11abs)
1st Henson’s Cinderbank Move It JW
Golden Retriever. Nice head showing good width and balance with black nose. Well laid shoulder with corresponding length and return of upper arm. He is deep in rib with pronounced forechest and strong loin. The rear is well developed and has short hocks. Moved true both ways and showed drive in profile.

2nd Webber & Sladden’s Valcor Killer Queen
Bracco Italiano. 14mths bitch with lovely head, long and clean, with good eye. Moderate neck, well laid shoulder and good elbow placement. Broad chest which just needs to drop. She is good through the loin and is well turned in stifle. Well arched feet. Moved nicely showing power.

3rd McCarthy’s Hernwood Wizard of Oz JW
Gordon Setter

AV Gundog Working (13,6abs)
1st 1st Murch & Mayhew’s ShCh Next Generation Arnac Arctic Storm (Imp USA)
Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

2nd Ford’s Lussac Yawl of Percuil JW
Flatcoated Retriever. Beautiful head and expression. Well placed shoulders with excellent length and return of upper arm. She is deep in rib with pronounced forechest. Level topline leading to correctly set tail. She is moderately angulated in the rear with well developed thigh. Quality oval bone and tight feet. On the move she was straight both ways and showed good drive in profile.

3rd Clunie’s Warrentor Maplemoon VW