• Show Date: 18/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: M Sian Gordon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Camborne Redruth Canine Society

Camborne & Redruth Canine Society

18th February 2023

Held at The Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge, Cornwall

I received a warm Cornish welcome on my arrival at the Royal Cornwall Showground, Wadebridge on Saturday 18th February 2023 in readiness for my judging appointment of the Toy Group at the Camborne & Redruth Canine Society Open Show.

I had a thoroughly wonderful day all thanks to the committee for their kind invitation, the efficiency of my first-class steward Jacquie Chamberlain and of course the generous entry from the competitors all of which culminating in a delicious lunch.

Pug – Open Dog/Bitch – 1 entry

1st & BOB – 4 – Miss R. Treveth Alexander - Tangetoppens Easy To Say Treveth JW ShCM (Imp Nor) a 7 year old fawn boy with black mask thoroughly enjoying his day out. There was an air of been there done that about him. Oozing charm, a real character. Square and cobby moving with purpose. Round dark eyes, black nose and wide open nostrils.

Bichon Frise – Post Graduate Dog/Bitch – 1 entry

1st, BOB, BPIB, Toy Puppy Group 2 – 375 – Mr and Mrs S. & D. Walton- Vanilla Cup Cake Van De Dykesteinhoeve with Glory At Keunnevek (Imp Belgium) a 7 month old baby making a good account of herself at her first show. Nice balance to her outline with good reach of neck. A most appealing head and expression with lovely dark round eyes. Moved out well. Beautifully presented.

Affenpincher – Open Dog/Bitch – 3 entries (2 absent)

!st & BOB – 104 – Mrs M. Eldred - Vanistica Sea Breeze For Belthorne – Well this 20 month old boy was a real monkey today. He had round, dark sparking eyes, a black rough and harsh jacket. Offered a very nice outline with a short and straight back but refused point blank to show off his movement much to the dismay of his sympathetic handler.

Pomeranian – Post Graduate Dog/Bitch – 1 entry

1st, BOB & Toy Group 1 – 118 – Ms K. French – Norvanik Rumour Has It a Bincombefarm – This 1 year old sable bitch was absolutely delightful. She was confident, cheeky and beautifully presented. Compact, short coupled, good tail set and moved freely and briskly around the ring. In the Toy Group she totally upped her game and I couldn’t deny her the top spot.

Pomeranian – Open Dog/Bitch – 1 entry

1st & RBOB – 117 – Ms K. French – Norvanik Happy Go Luck At Bincombefarm – 5 year old bitch. Good head, lovely large eyes with the correct ear set. Not the mouth of her kennel mate but again beautifully presented. Lovely expression, sound vivacious and dainty. Moved well.

English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) - Open – 7 entries (1 absent) The venue wasn’t really conducive for close coated breeds and I didn’t feel that any of the exhibits really settled into their job today. It was cold and very noisy which proved rather distracting for them.

1st BOB, Toy Group 4 -365 – Mrs C. Turner – Kinzie A Kept Promise – a five year old bitch shown in tip top condition. She has a glossy back jacket with rich chestnut tan and perfect thumbprints. Excellent dentition, scissor bite with strong white teeth. Super outline displaying the gentle curving top line falling to the root of tail. It’s on the move where this bitch excels. Sound, balanced, flowing around the ring demonstrating beautifully the reach and drive required for the extended trot.

2nd RBOB, BPIB & Toy Puppy Group 3 – 333 – Mrs C. Snell – Skin Deep Mint Condition (Imp Nor) – 7 month old puppy dog who just oozes confidence he stood on the table like a seasoned campaigner. Loved his attitude and temperament. Black glossy jacket with rich chestnut tan. Strong jaw with scissor bite. Long, graceful slightly arched neck leading into the gentle curving top line. He has a good turn of stifle which facilitates him having the required reach and drive of the extended trot. At present he is in a bit of a rush to get things done and is running into the lead but I am sure that will improve as he gets into his stride. He will be a valuable asset to the kennel and I shall follow his show career with interest.

3rd – 177 – Ms H. Johnson – Moretonia Royal Wren

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Puppy Dog/Bitch – 1 entry

1st BPIB & Top Puppy Group 4 – 143 – Miss K. Hawkins – Lexody Pandemonium - A very handsome 6 month old Blenheim puppy dog. Active, graceful and well balanced. He has a slight puppy niggle which I hope will correct itself as he matures. His head was a series of soft curves and he has a most gentle expression. He was presented in immaculate condition and moved confidently and freely around the ring.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Yearling Bitch – 3 entries (2 absent)

1st – 205 – Miss H. Liverton-Ovey – Kinvaar Sunshine In Pocket For Halosey – a 20 month old Blenheim bitch. Loved her expression and confident happy disposition. Strong jaw with complete scissor bite. Long silky coat with plenty of feathering. Moved freely with around the ring. Beautifully presented.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Post Graduate Dog/Bitch – 3 entries

1st, RBOB & Best Reserve Best of Breed – 204 – Ms H. Liverton-Ovey – Bon Ray Of Hope At Halosey – A two year old confident Tri Coloured bitch presented in tip top condition. Nice head, lovely large eyes, ears set high with plenty of feathering. Good dentition. Coat soft and silky. She held a level top line whilst moving out soundly with purpose.

2nd – 396 – Mr. J. Williams – Mirrilwillis Avalina – A three year old Blenhiem bitch with a soft gentle expression. Slightly larger than one but again presented beautifully with a long silky coat. Lovely overall outline. Moved out well covering the ground.

3rd – 142 – Miss K. Hawkins – Lexody Shenanigans JW

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Open Dog – 1 entry

1st, BOB & Toy Group 3 – 75 – Mrs N. Cox – Fujairah Eric Morcambe – A 3 year old Blenheim male. What a showman, you really couldn’t overlook him! Beautiful head and expression. Lovely overall outline with a slightly arched neck, good spring of rib and well turned stifle. On the move this boy excelled so sound and parallel. Powering around the ring with balance and precision holding his level top line.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Open Bitch – 1 entry

1st – 271 – Mrs S. Player – Anicklly Pandora JW - a 7 year old Black and Tan bitch who definitely didn’t look her age. Such a sweet face with a gentle expression. She motored around the ring showing off her impressive outline. Her long and silky beautifully presented coat finishing off the overall pretty picture.

Chihuahua (Long Coat) – Post Graduate – 2 entries

!st, BPIB & RBOB – 327 – Mrs A. Skinner – Mujerosa Bobby In Heavon – a 14 month old Cream and Fawn male. He was a little tentative on the table but that will improve with experience. Pleasing expression with nice apple dome head with large flaring ears. Good dentition. Moved out with good reach and drive carrying his sickle tail well. Beautifully presented.

2nd – 326 – Mrs A. Skinner – Tyssul Dafydd Du – an 11 month old Tri Coloured male. Larger than one but a lot to like about this young boy. He was more confident than his kennel mate on the table with a happy and eager to please disposition. Nice head, slightly arched neck, level back. Moved with reach and drive carrying himself well.

Chihuahua (Long Coat) – Open Dog/Bitch – 2 entries

1st, BOB & Toy Group 2 – 324 – Mrs A. Skinner – Tyssul Zafira – this Fawn Sable bitch will be 5 years old in August and what a showgirl she is! Beautifully presented. Exquisite head with dark round eyes and large flaring ears. Dainty, petite but with sufficient bone. Slightly arched neck covered with a lovely ruff. Level back and well-sprung ribs. When she moves she demands attention a combination of attitude and soundness I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Wonderful reach and drive on such a small breed. I thought she was going to be my group winner but she lost a little bit of interest at the crucial moment but I would have happily taken her home.

2nd – 328 – Mrs A. Skinner – Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd – a 4 year old male presented in beautiful condition. Large dark round eyes, apple dome head and large flaring ears. A very balanced mature boy but today I was totally smitten by his kennel mate above. Carried himself so well moving briskly and forcefully around the ring.

Chihuahua (Smooth Coat) – Post Graduate – 2 entries

!st BOB, BPIB & Toy Puppy Group 1 – 279 – Mrs M. Poyner – Anadeia Ovation For Mikichi – 7 month old cream puppy dog. Confident, happy so eager to please. Delightful apple dome head, dark round eyes and large flared ears. Good reach of neck level top line flowing into a sickle tail. Exuberant on the move, needs to settle a little in front but overall moved well keeping his level top line and demonstrating the required reach and drive.

2nd & RBOB – 367 – Mrs H. Turner – Knari Jelly Tot (naf) (taf) - a 10 month old Tri Coloured puppy bitch at her first show. She was a little reserved on the table but that will come as she gains experience and confidence. She has a lovely apple dome head, beautiful dark round eyes and nicely set large flaring ears. Super shoulder angulation, a level top line, good turn of stifle creating an overall balanced picture. Her movement was precise and steady her sickle tail was well placed and carried correctly. Both puppies have a promising future.

Any Variety Not Separately Classified Toy – Open Dog/Bitch – 1 entry

1st & Best AVNSC – 207 – Ms A. Lovell – Devonia’s Anzio (Bolognese) – a confident 13 month old square and balanced dog. Wide flat skull, black nose and large dark eyes. Well sprung ribs and level back. White single coated jacket with long woolly textured open ringlet covering. Excellent dentition and beautifully presented. Moved parallel out and back with purpose.

Any Variety Veteran – 4 entries

1st & Best Variety Veteran – 278 – Ms M. Poyner – Diamonchi Diamond Star – A 7 year old Orange and White Chihuahua bitch. Another showgirl with an abundance of attitude. As she entered the ring she owned it. She used her large flaring ears to her full advantage displaying an alert expression. Excellent dentition. Beautifully presented and balanced moved briskly and with purpose carrying her well place sickle tail.

2nd – 325 – Mrs A. Skinner – Marneyjay Tiny Timothy VW – a 9 year old long coated Chihuahua with attitude. Delightful head, apple domed, dark eyes, flaring ears and excellent dentition. Moved true coming and going carrying his plumed tail correctly up and over his back. His handler advised that he was a rescue well he has definitely landed on all four paws now, lucky boy.

3rd – 144 – Mrs M. Hawkins – Pendralier Melody (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Any Variety Vintage – 2 entries 1 absent

1st, Best Variety Vintage and Best Variety Veteran/Vintage Overall – 92 – Mrs D. Dicker - Ch Neerodan Naughty Nancy (English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)) – this lovely lady is 11 years young. I think her owner should be congratulated for keeping her looking so well. EXCELLENT dentition which isn’t common in this breed especially in dogs of this age. Black glossy jacket with slightly faded chestnut tan. Almond shaped dark eyes, candle flamed ears. Beautiful curving top line and excellent bend of stifle. In general, she moved out really well demonstrating the required reach and drive. A couple of times on the corners she did go a little short behind but I can forgive her for that. I do hope she gets her Kennel Club Veteran Warrant as she really does deserve it.

M. Sian Gordon (Mrs)