• Show Date: 12/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/08/2023

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Association

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Association 12/08/23

I thoroughly enjoyed my judging experience at this show and thank the committee for my invitation. Thanks must also be given to my fantastically efficient steward Brian who kept the ring running in high order. My decisions were accepted in a sporting manner from exhibitors and I had some lovely hounds to judge.

Hound Group

Dachshund Min L/H Junior

1st Dalton’s Zilcan Crème Caramel

This 9 month old cream had the most melting expression. Her head was correct and she had a dark almond shaped eye, long skull and good ears. I liked her shape and topline which she held on the move. She was incredibly composed for her age with a beautiful rear action. Shown in excellent condition and handled nicely. Good luck with her. BP, BOB & Hound Puppy Group 1.

Dachshund Min L/H Open

1st McSorley’s Barlaine Midnight Charmer

An 18 month old b/t male with a nice eye, chest and tailset. He has good ear placement but was hesitant and unsettled. This may have resulted in him roaching his topline today.

Dachshund Min S/H Junior

1st Spencer’s Lokmadi Sandstone at Bannonbrig

Fawn male of only 7 months. Best head and topline in class though he did tend to flag his tail which could be due to his age/excitement. He is a little bum high at this stage but is young. He had a lovely head, kind eye and good ear set. He moved well with good drive. BP

2nd Forgione’s Rusalugio Swankypants

Red bitch of 15 months. She has a super chest with a robust rib cage but her topline and tailset could both be better. I liked her dark pigment and her well rounded ears.

Dachshund Min S/H Post Graduate

1st Bryant’s Crosscop Roberto

A nice size and shape red male of 16 months. Shown in excellent condition, he is masculine and well muscled with a good strong neck, pleasing head and beautiful tailset and carriage. He moved fairly parallel and was well schooled and handled nicely. BOB

2nd Geraghty’s Rusalugio Oro Nero

This 2 year old black and tan male was difficult to assess on the table. He was shown in excellent condition and his coat was short, smooth and absolutely gleaming.

Dachshund Min S/H Open

1st Forgione’s Rusalugio Swankypants

2nd in the junior class. Preferred her temperament, topline and movement to 2nd.

2nd Geraghty’s Rusalugio Oro Nero

Dachshund W/H Junior

1st Dickinson’s Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax

Wow what a showman this 10 month male was. Loved his expressive head with a lively look. He is ultra masculine without being overdone and moved like he owned the ring! He has a fabulous topline and was excellent in profile showing good reach and drive. His topline is very firm and strong on both the stack and the move. BP & PG3

2nd Eldred & Dickinsons’ Dakotadax Check Mate

This girl was so sweet and feminine. Giving way to the maturity of 1. At 13 months she is promising with so much to like. I really liked her unexaggeration. She is a nice shape with a free easy stride. Her temperament was second to none.

Dachshund W/H Post Graduate

1st Wilson’s Stanegate Katie Brown at Willowash

A 2 year old brindle bitch who has a beautiful feminine head with a good eye shape and ear set. Her neck is long and muscular and her outline so delightfully clean. She has a fantastic topline both stacked and on the move. Her elbows are neat and she has the correct bone for her size. I had no hesitation in awarding her BOB.

2nd Dickinson’s Derdledash Dakota at Dakotadax

A smaller bitch than 1. Brindle in colour and at almost three years in age she has a moderately long body with a strong loin. Her chest is deep with a prominent chest bone. Preferred the tailset of 1.

3rd Carter’s Wyreview Robyn

Dachshund W/H Open

1st Carter’s Romanchi Stargazer

This 8 year old masculine brindle male stood alone today. He has a fabulous chest, pleasing tailset and good forelegs which are correctly placed. He is very steady on the move, covering a lot of ground. His body is moderately long and he has an excellent bend of stifle.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy

1st Torr’s Mannequin Tasja Arte Casseri at Bovijo (IMP)

A 9 month old bitch who has good body for her age. She gave me the appearance of being strong and active whilst remaining feminine. I liked her muscular neck which lead to a nice topline and good tailset. Her head is of fair length with a well defined stop, clean lips and dark eyes. BP

Rhodesian Ridgeback Junior

1st Kehoe & Phillips Kekoa King Midas of Luanda at Redcrown (IMP)

It was a shame I could not get my hands on this 15 month old red male. He is strong and up to size and according to his owner had had a bad experience at a show recently. He was shown in excellent condition with a nice sleek coat. His ridge is defined and symmetrical. I hope he can get over his shock.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Post Graduate

1st Kehoe & Phillips Kekoa King Midas of Luanda at Redcrown (IMP)

Rhodesian Ridgeback Open

1st Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About the Base JW ShCEx OSW

A truly correct and unexaggerated 6 year old bitch who has so much to like about her. Shown in perfect condition and handled beautifully, she is a picture stacked, giving the impression of strength and power whilst remaining feminine. As lovely as she is stood, it is not until she moves out that she really excels. I could have watched her in profile all day long, impressing me with her long reach and powerful drive from the rear, she has a free movement that I simply loved. BOB & Gp 4.

2nd Kehoe & Phillips Kekoa King Midas of Luanda at Redcrown (IMP)

AVNSC Hound Puppy

An interesting class where it really was the ‘dog on the day’ due to the differing stages of development of 2 PBGVs v 2 Hamiltonstovares.

1st Townsend’s Overbecks Esme Shelby at Roxastan

A 10 month old tricolour, PBGV bitch with the sweetest expression. I loved her pretty, feminine head. She is very together for her age. I found her to have the happiest nature which this breed is well known for. She carries her head proudly on the move and moves purposefully and freely. She has good reach and drive and was the best mover in the class. BPNSC.

2nd Hough’s Secret Agent with Sufayre

This 10 month old Hamiltonstovare looks a very pleasing picture stacked. He fills the eye and has a beautifully masculine head without being over done. He has a dark eye, strong jaw and long powerful neck. Not as together on the move which I hope will come in time as he matures.

3rd Taylor’s Erylan Pois De Senteur for Nottorg

AVNSC Hound Junior

1st Casentieri’s The Impossible Girl of Alchez

My notes say “Movement – just wow!!” I found this tricolour Basenji of 15 months to be exceptional. To start, she was presented and handled to perfection. She was shown in the greatest condition and is athletic and well muscled without being over done in any way. She screams ‘Basenji’ and the way she looked down her nose at me had me hooked. Her wrinkled head with pricked ears was carried proudly both stacked and on the move, and she has a strong neck. I loved her for size and shape, with an excellent high set tail with its curl. Stacked she is impressive but on the move she is something else. Not only is she light, she is so accurate with her swinging stride. Asking her to move felt rather self indulgent as her profile movement filled me with so much joy. I was really taken with her and was pleased to award her Best NSC and Hound Group 1. Delighted to see her later go Best in Show. Well done!

AVNSC Hound Post Graduate

1st Cross, Powney & Long’s Knotdogs Impossible Girl

This 3 year old PBGV stood alone. I liked her nice head with good eye shape and perfect ear set. Her jaw is strong and she has good teeth. She has a deep chest with a prominent sternum. I liked her on the move and found her to have a good forward reach and front action.

AVNSC Hound Open

1st Hall’s IR CH Afilador Wheal Grace AN CH22 CW22 CEN W CH

I found this 4 year old Ibizan bitch to have a super outline and shape. She has the perfect large, thin, stiff ears that is so well known in this breed and I loved her expressive amber eyes. Watching her stacked she has an intelligent and dignified look of her and she was truly at one with her handler. Her tailset is correct and she has a lovely far reaching stride with a hover. Presented in tip top condition she was unlucky to meet the exquisite Basenji today.

2nd Casentieri’s Zvezdny Alliance Genie in a Bottle (IMP UKR)

Red brindle Basenji bitch of 3 years. Another from the same handler who really got the best from her. Shown in excellent condition with that aloof appearance the breed is know for. I liked her head with it’s dark almond eyes, strong jaw and erect pointed ears. Her skull is flat with correct wrinkling and chiselling. She has well laid back shoulders and is muscular whilst remaining feminine. On the move she flew round the ring with a swift stride.

3rd Clark’s Magida Sabiih Al Sahra at Thiefside ShCEx (IMP DEU)

Hound Group

1st Casentieri’s The Impossible Girl of Alchez

2nd Brew’s Crosscop The Show Must Go On

I have admired this 3 year old fawn whippet ringside so was pleased to be given the opportunity to get my hands on him. I found him to be masculine and of a nice type. He has the clean outline I love and my hands flowed over him. I liked his head, good ears and strong neck. He moves really well with power from the rear and a nice reach in front. His topline is correct stacked and he holds it on the move. So much to like about this boy who was shown in super condition.

3rd Stuart’s Kellitcreed Danger Digits

This sound moving tricolour bitch of 21 months was nice to go over. She is an excellent shape and size with the most level of toplines. She has a pleasing head framed with beautiful long, low set ears. She has good bone and was well handled.

4th Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About the Base JW ShCEx OSW

Hound Puppy Group

1st Dalton’s Zilcan Crème Caramel

2nd Nixon’s Afterglow Whirlwind

Another lovely whippet put through to the group by today’s breed judge. This 8 month brindle puppy shows a great deal of promise and is a beautiful size and shape. She is feminine with good curves and is a nice type. Loved her outline stacked and her correct topline which she held on the move. Should have a bright future.

3rd Dickinson’s Sonham Double Trouble at Dakotadax

4th Townsend’s Overbecks Esme Shelby at Roxastan

AV Hound Puppy

1st Bowers’ Cobyco Catch A Glance at Saraquele

This fawn male of 10 months really filled my eye and was the most composed in this class by far. He has nice curves, a good tuck up and is masculine. I liked his beautiful rear quarters and excellent bend of stifle. He has a pleasing head, bright oval eyes and nice small ears. Shown in great condition.

2nd Stuart’s Dream Maker from Sufayre

I really liked this 10 month Hamiltonstovare bitch. At this stage she is very immature but she impressed me on the move and has the most super long reach and free stride. Powered by a well constructed rear I am sure that once she matures and with extra schooling she will have great potential.

3rd Stuart’s Hologem Moonlove

AV Hound Veteran

1st Holland’s Crosscop Brown Eyed Girl

This blue brindle 8 year old girl is impressive for shape and size with the cleanest most attractive outline. She has a real quality to her with beautiful curves and perfect tail set and carriage. Her tuck up is lovely and she is in great condition. I liked her feminine correctly shaped head and sweet expression. Best Hound Veteran.

2nd Woodcock’s Roddwood Rhea ShCM

A workmanlike tricolour girl of 8 years. She is longer and bigger than I would prefer but has lots to like about her. Her head is a nice shape with a gentle, appealing expression and a good earset. She has a long neck with a slight arch and excellent round bone. Her outline is pleasing and she moved out well.

3rd CH/IR CH Afilador Pandemonium VW

Judge: Lynn Bailey