• Show Date: 15/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynette Ayres Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Shetland Sheepdog Club Of Wales

Firstly may l apologise for not submitting this critic earlier. Unfortunately l had an unexpected stay in hospital which set me back a bit .

Many thanks to the committee for this judging appointment. I hope the exhibitors had a good day.

B.I.S & B.B.

Hateley - Lizmark Lullaby Moon Over Mohnesee

R.B.I.S. , R.B.B. & B.V.I.S

Roberts – Willowgarth Love Story at Malaroc


Hateley - Mohnesee Coconut Dream

B.D. Creamer - Lyngarso Captain Tom


Pattison - Kyleburn Hidden Dream

Veteran dog - 3 entries 2 absent

1st Pattison - Kyleburn Everlasting Dream - 8 year old shaded sable, nice head, well rounded for face, flat skull, dark eye and good ear set. Good overall outline moved ok .


Minor Puppy Dog - 2 entries

1st Pierce - Philhope In Good Taste

Loved the shape and outline of this raw 6 month old puppy. Quality head of good proportions, well shaped dark eye and ears that he used to his advantage. Moved well for such a baby, will watch his progress with interest. B.P.D.

2nd John - Lavika Aquaman

Well broken blue merle in good puppy coat. Pleasing head & expression, sufficient neck. Nice hind angulation just not quite shape and outline as 1.

Puppy Dog 2entries

1st Overton - Pop Goes The Diesel

Sable dog who was really enjoying his day out. Good underjaw, well placed dark eye with neat ears. Front needs to develop as does hind end. But when he settled on the move l could see the quality dog he is.

2nd - John - Lavika Aquaman

Junior Dog 2 entries 1 absent

1st - Hirst - Sundark Scaramouche

Loved the shape and outline of this dog with a fitting coat. Very masculine head, flat skull and good ears. He is a little heavily marked for my ideal blue merle. A little erratic in front movement today. But this did not distract the quality dog he is .

Novice Dog -2 entries 1 absent

1st - John - Lavika Aquaman

Graduate Dog 3 entries

1st - Creamer - Lyngarso Captain Tom . Lovely jet black Tri, good reach of neck, level top line and sweep over the loins. Masculine head with a well rounded for face. Flat skull and good ear set which he used well. Moved with drive and purpose. He is still a young dog at just 2 so has time to develop and mature more. B. D.

2nd - Roberts - Stanydale Rewrite the Stars for Malaroc J. W.

Smaller than 1 , pleasing head and expression, in good coat. Front angulation could be better as he tended to lift his feet up high and lack extension today. Also a lower tail carriage on the move would enhance his outline.

3rd -Pierce - Philhope Flame Thrower

Postgraduate Dog 1 entry

1st - Pattison - Kyleburn Hidden Dream

Very plain dog who doesn’t immediately stand out. Well made workmanlike shaded sable in good fitting coat. Lovely head & expression enhanced by his well shaped dark eye. Very sound on the move . R.B.D.

Limit Dog 1 entry

1st Thomas - Jolex Mr Morris

Golden sable carrying a big coat. Pleasing head and expression. Would like a slightly better lay back of shoulder which would enhance his front action as he was a little erratic today. Moved well behind .

Open Dog - 1 entry absent

Special Open Blue Merle 1 entry

1st - Hirst - Sundark Scaramouche

Special Open Tri colour , black/white , black/tan. 2 entries 1absent

1st Creamer - Lyngarso Captain Tom

Special Open Sable/White 3 entries 1 absent

1st Gruska - Japaro Timeless Design for Samphrey - Glamorous golden sable, well moulded forface with good ears. Little staining under eyes and light pigment distracted from an otherwise nice expression. Good length of neck and level top line. Would like to see a little more drive from behind to make the best of his movement.

2nd Thomas - Jolex Mr Morris


Veteran Bitch 4 entries

1st - Roberts - Willowgarth Love Story at Malaroc

Very feminine sable lovely head eye and expression. Good reach of neck, on good angulated shoulders. Moved with drive and purpose. She has an abundance of coat but you could still see her lovely outline. R.B.B. & B.V.

2nd - Hirst - Sundark Simply A Star

Another lovely Bitch in good coat which was jet black. Nice straight front and well placed shoulder sweet head

3rd Gruska - Samphrey Sea Breeze

Minor Puppy 4 entries 2 absent

1st - Hateley- Mohnesee Coconut Dream.

Well presented golden sable Dark eye and correct ear set, forface needs to fill out which will do as she matures. Lovely reach of neck top line and sweep over the loins. Moved well and kept her lovely outline. Will watch her future with interest. B. P. &


2nd - Rossiter - MolsonMore About Me At Cocaro

Another lovely bitch sweet head eye and expression. Ears a little heavy today, in good puppy coat. Not moving as confidently today . But a puppy with a great future l’m sure.

Puppy 6 entries 2 absent

1st - Atkins Jolex Candy Floss

Larger puppy but could not deny her qualities. Lovely melting expression, good straight front, spring of rib and length of back. A little erratic in movement today. Floor was a little of putting for some.

2nd- Rossiter - Molson More About Me at Cocaro

3rd - Mitchell & Fiddock - Keycharm Cha Cha Cha at Lowenek

Junior- 4 entries 1 absent

1st - Haensel - Sherkarl Copper Load of This

Nice type of Bitch, very feminine head, lovely eye and expression . At a typical junior stage in her coat. Good outline when standing and on the move. Look forward to seeing her mature.

2nd - Hirst - Sundark Symphony In Suede

Another lovely shaped Bitch jet black coat . Moved well just preferred sweeter head of 1

3rd - Way - Twsoges Delphine

Novice 6 entries 2 absent

1st - Haensel - Sherkarl Copper Load of This

2nd - Atkins - Jolex Candy Floss

3rd - Wood - Jolex Peaches & Cream

Graduate 8 entries

1st - Hateley - Lizmark Lullaby Moon Over Mohnesee

Well broken blue Merle, straight front, good reach of neck and well placed shoulders. Lovely sweep over the loins with a good length of tail completing a balanced outline.Good head,eye, and ear set. This bitch is so sound she kept her grace and outline on the move. I’m sure she could work all day. She is only 2 1/2 and still has maturing to do but l’m sure she will have a great future . B. B. & B.I.S.

2nd - Haensel - Sherkarl Copper Load of This

3rd - Pierce - Philhope Taste For Glamour

Post Graduate 3 entries 1 absent

1st - Haensel - Philhope Summet Time to Sherkarl

Lovely head qualities flat skull, dark eye and good ear placement. Sufficient length of neck with a good top line and bend of stifle. Would like a little more purpose today on the move.

2nd - Waldron - Frecia Golden Times

Larger overall than 1 with a sweet head and expression. Unfortunately carrying a little too much weight which affected her front movement.

Limit 9 entries 3 absent

1st Roberts - Malaroc Covert Love

Sweet sable bitch with a lovely head and expression. In good fitting coat . Today she was toeing in standing and on the move which let her down.

2nd - Hirst - Sundark Spirit Mistress

Nice Bitch that moved well and showed her lovely outline. Not as pleasing in head and expression as 1

3rd - Eldridge - Keltihope Wispas Girl at Petora

Open 5 entries 1absent

1st - Haensel - Philhope Summer Highlights at Sherkarl

Lovely head qualities, dark eye flat skull and good ear set. Sufficient length of neck with a good top line. Felt on the move she could have better reach. Has a lovely outline when standing.

2nd - Hirst - Sundark Simply A Star

Special Open Blue Merle 1 entry

1st Creamer - Clanavon Touch of Blue at Lyngarso

Sweet Bitch that stood , showed and moved well. Would prefer a softer eye to enhance her expression and her colouring could be clearer.

Special Open Tii, black/ white, black/ tan 3 entries

1st - Hirst - Sundark Spirit Mistress

2nd Crawford - Mohnesee Queen of Clubs

Pleasing head and good length of neck . Nice outline moved & showed well.

3rd - Way - Gowdenin Tysoges Tiffani

Special Open Sable/White 6 entries 2 absent

1st - Mitchell & Fiddock - Keycharm Cha Cha Cha at Lowenek

Glamorous golden sable 3rd in a good puppy class. Sweet head, nice dark eye . She had started to settle nicely and was moving better in this class. Another that should have a bright future.

2nd - Waldron- Frecia Golden Times

3rd - Eldridge - KeltihopeWispas Girl at Petara

Judge - Lynette Ayres ( Gemette)