• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lydia Mellor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cheltenham & District Canine Society

Miniature Schnauzer 

Puppy 3 (1 abs)

1st Longdin and Davidson's Wellingley Whiskey Business.

This 8 month pepper and salt male just exuded quality. A real showman, even at this age, he has a strong masculine head, dark oval eyes and a real Schnauzer expression. He had a clean neck and well laid shoulders, with good angles front and rear. He has the correct sloping topline and a powerful rear. Chest is well down to his elbow, and he has great reach and drive on the move. His temperament is spot on, he is happy and outgoing, and was a delight to go over. He will trouble the best I am sure, and outclassed the competition to take BOB and BP. Delighted to hear he was shortlisted in the Utility Group, and topped the Puppy Group.

2. Phillip's Muliebrity Wild Orchid at Summerview. 

A dainty, but we'll made black and silver bitch. Only 8 months, but a pretty feminine head, with a lovely expression. Dark oval eye, blunt muzzle and a good ear set, with ears falling forward to temple. She was more upright in shoulder,but held her topline well on the move, and she had good angles both ends. Her coat is coming well, she was a happy little soul, and she will benefit from lots of time.

Junior 1 (1abs)

Moorcroft's Elementary Watson

A 16 month black and silver male. A taller lad, but all in proportion. He is a clear colour, and has a harsh jacket. He is more upright in shoulder, which limited his reach on the move, but he is light on his feet. He would benefit from more muscling at the rear to provide the drive, as he has good rear angles. He is masculine in head, with oval eyes, good ear set and his topline and tailset are correct, and he holds them well on the move.

Post Graduate 3 (0 abs)

1st. Copper's Mary Wells 

15 month old bitch with a very sweet face and gentle expression. Lovely dark oval eyes, and correct ear set and shape. Head is feminine but not too narrow, and her neck runs cleanly into correct lay of shoulder.

2nd Sharland's Whiskey Business.

This young lad looked the picture stood. He is a big lad, but totally in proportion. He carries off a strong and masculine head, with a blunt muzzle, dark oval eyes and correct ear set. His front assembly gives him a good chest, tight elbows, and his overall condition gives him great reach and drive, and he shows his socks off. He has moderate rear angles, a good topline and tail set. 1 and 2 were close, I just preferred 1 for size. 

Open 1 (0 abs)

Davidson's Wellingley Way Ahead.

22 month pepper and salt bitch. Another beauty from this kennel. She is feminine and graceful, with a beautiful expression, dark eyes and a head of good width. She has well laid shoulders, a lovely chest, tight elbows and a sloping topline, leading to a correct tailset. She needs some time to mature, but she is a lovely showgirl. She moves out positively. She is in immaculate condition and has a banded coat which is harsh and well groomed. I notice she is a half sibling to the BOB/BP winner, which does not suprise me. She was unlucky to meet her sibling in the challenge, she is a worthy winner. On the day she just had to give way to him and his showmanship. Another one with a bright future for sure.