• Show Date: 05/11/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lucy Williams Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 13/01/2024

Dovey Valley Canine Society

Dovey Valley Canine Society Limit Show

5th November 2023

Thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge and for their hospitality.

Boston Terrier O (1,0)

1 Connor’s Ringablok Diamond Star. Seventeen month old dog with a pleasing head. He is stylish and moved soundly coming and going. BOB, G1 and later RBIS under my co-judge.

Tibetan Spaniel O (3,0)

1 Beasley’s Marlyoak Heart Full of Love. Nine month old puppy who is mature for his age. He is a nice shape and has a good head. Despite his young age he moved soundly and could not be denied BOB and BP. Later went onto to take G2, PG1 and a well deserved BPIS.

2 Perfitt’s Richearon All About Audrey. Twelve month old bitch with a pretty head. Moved well.

3 Beasley’s Marlyoak Lost in the Shadows

French Bulldog O (1,0)

1 Evans’ Ruakuri Empress of the Knight with Annabec. Four year old bitch who is a nice shape. She has an attractive head and eye. Moved well. BOB and later G3.

Collie (Smooth) O (4, 2)

1 Palmer & Trundley’s Toonian Tall Take to Blamorder. Five year old bitch who has a pleasing outline. She has an attractive head. Moved with style and drive. BOB and G2.

2 Lusty’s Blamorder Eva Peron. Younger bitch who was not as collected as the winner. She is a good shape and is stylish. Moved OK.

Estrella Mountain Dog O (2,0)

1 Ogborn & Titman’s Asterel Miuccia Prada. Five year old bitch with a pleasing head and kind expression. Moved well. BOB and G4.

2 Ogborn & Titman’s Asterel Tuppence. Nine year old bitch who was thoroughly enjoying her day out. Moved OK.

Border Collie O (1,0)

1 Lusty’s Borkcross Simply The Zest for Blamorder. Two year old bitch with an attractive head and nice eye. She has nice feet. Moved soundly and with style. BOB and G3.

AVNSC Pastoral PG (2,0)

1 Lusty’s Blamorder if Only. Eighteen month old Australian Shepherd bitch with lots to like. She has an attractive head and eye. She stands on good feet and was shown in top condition and was well muscled. Moved well and with style. BOB and G1.

2 Thomas’ Chesmes Kutya Magyar Gryff at Mournebrake. Hungarian Puli bitch with the happiest of temperaments. She is a good shape and has a pleasing head and eye. Covered the ground well.

AVNSC Pastoral O (2,1)

1 Thomas’ Mournebrake Insomnia Cafe. Hungarian Puli bitch with a good head and expressive eye. She is a nice shape and moved well.

Newfoundland O (1,0)

1Plant’s Barracechi Romani Charm for Shadann. Mature bitch who has an attractive expression. She was presented in top notch coat and condition. Moved soundly. Stood alone but was nevertheless a worthy winner of BOB and G1.

Chinese Crested O (2,0)

1 Rees’ Parcauwen Lunar Eclipse with Oolagha. Powderpuff bitch with an attractive outline. She is a good shape and has a nice reach of neck. Moved soundly coming and going. BOB and G2.

2 Rees’ Beyonce Crystal Ice at Parcauwen. Seven year old hairless bitch. Moved well.

Pug O (2,0)

1 Hall’s Conquell Can We Pretend. Powerful male who stands on good feet. He has a pleasing head and eye. Moved well. BOB and G3.

2 Hall’s Sephina The Pickpocket. Smaller type than 1 with an attractive head. Moved well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel O (2,0)

1 Hopkins’ Droleus That’s M’Calon Aur at Gwawr. Stylish bitch with lots to like about her. She is well balanced and has an attractive head and eye. She was shown in good coat and moved well. BOB and G1.

2 Rees’ Cavallibrook Desdemona at Parcauwen. Younger bitch who lacked the maturity of the winner. Moved well.

AVNSC Toy PG (1,0)

1 Hughes’ Pipes of Peace at Nantmelan. Pretty Affenpinscher bitch with a nice eye. She was unsure of herself on the move but as time went on she gained more confidence and showed she could move soundly. PG1 and G4.

Pete Melish Brace Stakes (6,3)

1 Williams’s Whippets. These two Whippets were foot perfect together and looked the perfect pair when stacked.

2 Lewis’s Welsh Springer Spaniels. Both moved nicely together.

3 Bailey & Huseby’s Jack Russell Terriers

DVCS Members Stakes Puppy (5,1)

1 Beasley’s Marlyoak Heart Full of Love

2 Walsh’s Bielcee Bedazzled. Black Toy Poodle dog who is a good shape. Moved soundly just needs a little more time to mature. Was also G4 & PG2.

3 Webb’s Alofrana Whole Lotta Love with Redeshka

DVCS Members Stakes Open (10,2)

1 Williams’ Bodlon Rumour Has It. Four year old Whippet bitch with an attractive outline. She has a pretty head and nice eye. Presented in good condition and well handled. Moved soundly coming and going.

2 Williams’ Layways Now and Forever Bodlon. Seven year old Whippet bitch who today had to give way to her daughter. She also has an attractive head and eye. She is sound on the move but lost out to the younger girls positivity. Later went on to be awarded BVIS.

3 Hughes’ Alishan Sensa Una Donna at Nantmelan

RBPIS Crowhurst’s Raigmore Faith Restored. Attractive Pointer bitch who was shown in good condition. She has a pleasing head and eye and was sound coming and going.

RBVIS Jones’ Alkimadus Ruben James. American Cocker Spaniel dog who was dripping in coat and had the exuberance of a much younger dog. Moved well.