• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 18/11/2023

Guildford & District Canine Society

Guildford & District Canine Society


Bichon Frise O 1st & BOB Russell & Walton Rusmar Forgive And Forget JW bitch of excellent type, size, and balance correct height to length well-proportioned head dark eyes correct length of neck well laid shoulder good reach and drive on the move well presented

Chihuahua LC P 1st Bradshaw Kechua Lightning Flash male soundly constructed with a level topline and correct tail set pleasant head well placed ears large dark eyes moderate length of neck which was well arched excellent feet, pasterns, and bone confident sound mover 2nd Jones Flickan Flyaway 6 months old and a little overwhelmed on the day a raw puppy with a typical head and desired saucy expression dark eyes good mouth not happy with the floor surface which affected her movement 3rd Etherton Kechua Jumpin Jack Flash NAF

Chihuahua LC J 1st Jones BP & RBOB Flickan Finely Frosted bitch 6 months typical outline correct size and well-balanced rounded skull super ear set and flare sweet expression correct dentition level topline good turn of stifle and well let down hocks 2nd Bradshaw Kechua Lightning Flash male (see LCP) 3rd Culverhouse Kechua James Hathaway By Lykath

Chihuahua LC PG 1st Culverhouse Kechua James Hathaway by Lykath male a masculine, confident outgoing character he coped really well with the floor surface rounded skull enough stop short muzzle expressive large dark eyes nice reach of neck well sprung ribs firm body excellent top-line super coat 2nd Smith Enigmadogz So Scrumptious At Lozek dainty bitch unfortunately not relaxed and therefore not making the most of herself on the day soundly constructed lovely size and outline feminine head good stop large expressive eyes good spring of rib level topline sickle tail 3rd Holmes Baralicia Elsa At Teclo

Chihuahua LC O 1st & BOB Barker Baralicia Lady Platinum pretty bitch soundly constructed with a typical outline pleasing head proportions rounded skull large expressive dark eyes well-set large flaring ears firm compact body fine bone good tail-set and carriage super confident attitude brisk and sound on the move silky coat 2nd Hollister Hollichi Halo male saucy expression deep stop good length of muzzle nice reach of neck level topline ribs well sprung enough forechest moved swiftly excellent coat 3rd Culverhouse Lykayh’s The Pirate King

Chihuahua SC Both very unsettled on the move J 1st & RBOB Smith Chibull Micky Mouse at Lozek appealing outline correct skull tapering muzzle excellent dentition crested neck well ribbed body good forechest level top-line, correct tail-set, and carriage 2nd Barker Baralicia Blue Ember male typical head large well placed ears lean cheeks good dentition nice reach of neck balanced angulation not giving his best on the move

Chihuahua SC PG 1st Hollister Hollichi Ren’s Legacy finely boned dainty bitch with a super outline short tapering muzzle defined stop dark expressive eyes level topline well set tail typical action on the move

Chihuahua SC O 1st & BOB Hollister Copymear Pocket Rocket At Hollichi super confident young male full of breed type gorgeous head cheeky expression excellent dome deep stop dark round eye correctly set ears neck arched and of good length well sprung rib level topline well set and carried tail moved briskly 2nd Bradshaw Kechua Robby Niknak Nikitos larger type correct skull and stop dark eyes typical expression dentition could be better balanced outline adequate mover

Maltese J 1st & RBOB Holland Benatone Platinum Gold At Sarasuma characterful outgoing youngster with a pleasing outline super head and expression dark eyes defined stop moderate reach of neck cobby body good spring of rib level topline correctly textured coat beautifully presented

Maltese PG 1st Kisby Genmerian Ellsworth male balanced head defined stop oval eyes moderate neck good spring of rib level topline correctly set and carried tail moved freely

Maltese O 1st 7 BOB Oliver Sarasuma Penny Lane elegant mature bitch balanced head dark oval eyes excellent pigment cobby well-developed body good tail-set and carriage graceful, confident, and sound on the move beautifully presented silky coat 2nd Holland Benatone Perfect Gold At Sarasuma male balanced head good length of neck well-laid shoulder cobby body excellent top-line smooth sound mover flowing well presented coat

L Ratter (Judge)