• Show Date: 02/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/02/2024

Antrim & District Canine Club

Antrim & District Canine Club


Judge: L Ratter (Seafar)

AV Puppy Stakes 1st Murphy Brrndrews Jingle All The Way (Boxer) I judged this male a few months ago and placed him highly delighted to see he continues to develop and mature as anticipated I am sure a successful future awaits him 2nd Reynolds Vanitonia Swashbuckler of Glenariff (Clumber Spaniel) fabulous quality, type and construction super bone and feet sound on the move he really powered enthusiastically round the ring 3rd Grogan & Irvine Vanistica Mikoto (Japanese Chin)

Rough Collie O 1st & BOB Magill Camanna Cool Cousin of Beltra tri veteran bitch feminine head good ear-set sweet expression flat skull moderate neck decent depth of chest sound steady mover

Australian Shepherd 1st & BOB Douglas Winstead Change of Heart for Talard (ATC RAF NAF) nicely balanced outline flat skull stop moderate but well-defined sweet expression excellent dentition oval bone super feet strong level topline adequate spring of rib stylish and sound on the move

Samoyed O 1st & BOB Wallace Smiling Miracle Just a Minute bitch almost a veteran and carrying a little extra condition on the day however she has a most typical outline and is soundly constructed with harmonious angulation fore and aft feminine wedge-shaped head soft intelligent smiley expression small well set furred ears strong neck good topline and correct depth of chest harsh texture to coat

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 1st & BOB McCormick IR CH Towernaglen Midday Hour bitch super foxy head moderate stop mobile well-set ears round dark eyes excellent dentition well laid shoulder arched neck level topline forechest well-developed good bone and feet well-muscled hindquarters moved with drive

GP 1 Shetland Sheepdog GP 2 Australian Shepherd GP3 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) GP4 Samoyed

Pug OD 1st & BOB Fisher Paradiz Ronado King’s Speech stylish fawn youngster super outline large round head small neat ears dark expressive dark eye excellent underjaw and good width to muzzle large open nostrils good pigmentation cobby body short back well sprung ribs high set tail strong muscular hind quarters soft clear coat purposeful and sound on the move a real showman responsive and attentive to his handler

Pug OB 1st Fisher Coolnashe She’s The Winner I liked her size and overall balance feminine throughout with a large round head well placed button ears dark eyes large nose and wide nostrils moderate muscular neck well laid shoulder short loin round bone high set tail muscular hindquarters moved soundly 2nd No name in catalogue much smaller bitch than 1st and rather lacking in bone and substance feminine head small ears typical expression large eye relatively compact body her topline needs to settle on the move

Chihuahua LC OD 1st Clarke Prada Designed By Lestatt Jun Champion typy throughout typical profile soundly constructed and well balanced scored in outline masculine head with lovely flaring ears large dark eyes excellent dentition arched neck level topline well angulated hindquarters correct tail set and carriage moved soundly with typical brisk action 2nd Magill Beltra Are You Ready For It masculine head saucy expression large flaring ear with super feathering correct length of muzzle spirit level topline correct sickle tail moved soundly

Chihuahua LC OB 1st & BOB Magill Beltra I Am Mazikeen very feminine beautiful head and expression apple dome skull correct stop flaring ears body well developed with some depth of brisket level top-line balanced and harmonious angulation fore and rear well-muscled hindquarters forceful driving action on the move silky coat texture 2nd Lewis & Clarke IR Ch Tyssul Celebration JW large expressive eyes firm body level top-line good spring of rib correct tail set and carriage confident and stylish on the move beautifully presented

Chihuahua SC OD 1st & BOB Part Fairywings Toyboy scored for soundness and confirmation excellent skull ears well-set correct length of muzzle large dark expressive eyes arched neck well ribbed level topline high set tail full of himself on the move super showman

Chihuahua SC OB 1st Part Silverchi Desiterata With Fairywings a delightful veteran in tip top condition well-proportioned and balanced throughout typical outline super skull correct ear placement and dentition moved soundly with style and drive alert and attentive to owner at all times showing to advantage 2nd Clarke IR CH Lestatt Frida Kayla CPW22, Centenary Junior Winner 22, Centenary Champion, Junior Champion apple domed head well placed ears correct stop and dentition arched neck level topline well laid shoulder on the move covered the ground with ease demonstrating good reach and drive 3rd Part Fairywings Sugar Plum Fairy

Coton De Tulear OD or B 1st & BOB Horner Cotonbrie Perfect Tulipano square outline balanced head super pigmentation solid well-developed body correct shoulder angulation lovely balance of height to length level topline excellent tail set sound free movement

Chinese Crested OD 1st & BOB Cadan Beuchunde’s Pumpkin Shinepagne upstanding youngster typical outline well balanced head large low set ears dark almond shaped eye correct dentition reachy neck shoulder well-laid deep chest and tight elbows level topline which he held on the move good tail carriage excellent skin and presentation sound on the move with enough reach and drive

Chinese Crested OB 1st Caden Japeri Modern Family (ATC RAF) powderpuff typical head enough stop tapering muzzle correct bone and hare feet body well developed level top-line excellent veiled coat well presented

Pomeranian OD or B 1st Davison Silver Iria super expression short and compact body well set straight tail moved well full of personality and attitude beautifully presented 2nd Davison Black Beauty super type such a sweet kind expression excellent dentition compact body fine bone super coat moved well

CKCS OD or B 1st & BOB O’Shaughnessy Chantismere Chase The Ace To Michazelwood male mature blen balanced outline short-coupled throughout well-proportioned head large lustrous dark eyes tapered muzzle moderate neck well-laid shoulder excellent rib good bone super feet well angulated hindquarters beautifully presented straight silky coat happy showman stylish and sound on the move

AVNSC Toy OD or B 1st Blevins Star Griff Bladkfire Mystery For Blevwil (Affenpinscher) 6 months bitch a little over whelmed on the day but settled with reassurance typical head and expression dark sparkling eyes good turn up of chin short neck ribs well sprung well-proportioned body topline needs to settle shown confidently by her younger handler

GP1 Pug GP2 Pomeranian GP3 Japanese Chin GP4 CKCS