• Show Date: 08/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North Of Scotland Sheepdog Club

The North of Scotland Sheepdog Club


Rough Collie P 1st & BP Brodie Starlenga All For It promising tri bitch typical head with a flat skull and correct stop kind eye and well-set ears adequate reach of neck good spring of rib and length of back hindquarters already well developed stylish and confident puppy good reach and drive on the move

Rough Collie SY 1st BB & BOB Mitchell Avonfair A Million Lovesong young sable bitch with a super outline balanced throughout beautiful feminine head flat skull well filled foreface good underjaw correct stop, eye shape and ear placement ample reach of neck well laid shoulder oval well arched feet ample depth to chest good croup, tail set and carriage not completely settled on the move today dense coat of correct harsh texture which was immaculately presented 2nd Shorten Thistlewing Andromeda male good size pleasing head and expression rounded muzzle enough neck good bone oval feet moved adequately dense well-presented coat of excellent texture 3rd Brodie Shanaburn Country Road

Rough Collie N 1st Brodie Starlenga All For It (see puppy) 2nd Thistlewings Andromeda (see special yearling)

Rough Collie GD 1st & BD Shorten Thistlewings Andromeda (see special yearling) 2nd Brodie Shanaburn Country Road carrying a little extra condition today which affected his movement masculine wedge-shaped head dark almond shaped eye typical soft expression neat ears ample bone muscular neck adequate of depth of chest well laid shoulder short hocks dense well-presented coat 3rd Taylor Thistlewing Fire Dancer At Bryany

Rough Collie GB 1st Mitchell Avonfair A Million Lovesong (as special yearling)

Rough Collie LB 1st Brodie Quintessa Sofia My Golden Love And Victory For Shanaburn (IMP BEL) bitch feminine clean well balanced head good ear carriage and a pleasing expression deep chest well ribbed correct topline and tail carriage well-muscled quarters nice turn of stifle short hocks ample bone neat feet moved soundly

Rough Collie OB 1st Brodie Egnigma Blue Della Buca Della Fate Via Shanaburn bitch with a well-balanced outline sweet feminine expression flat skull well placed neat ears good reach of neck good depth of brisket and well sprung ribs well-muscled hindquarters confident and sound on the move

Smooth Collie O 1st BOB & RBIS Kennedy Shandlmain Serene beautiful tri bitch of excellent breed type, size and balance her construction is harmonious throughout feminine wedge head dark eyes sweetest expression correct dentition excellent topline with graceful rise over the loin presented in hard muscular condition she moved effortlessly round the large ring

BIS & BVIS Main Shenachie Lyric Of Light (Shetland Sheepdog) RBIS Kennedy Shandlmain Serene (Smooth Collie)

BPIS Costello Bradibas Devil In a Bush For Calkylona (Bearded Collie) RBPIS Brodie Starlenga All For It (Rough Collie)

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