• Show Date: 21/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/12/2023

Three Counties Pekingese & Cavalier Society

Three Counties Pekingese & Cavalier Society


It was an honour and pleasure to judge BIS at this well organised show. Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to all the intrepid exhibitors who battled through the unbelievable flooding to support the show. Although the entry was somewhat impacted by the horrendous weather conditions, I had several outstanding exhibits present who will no doubt change places in the future. My two fabulously efficient stewards were great company and ensured the ring was flowing and well organised throughout the day.

It is not very often I comment on an individual breed but I had six Pekingese present on the day and without exception all beautiful type, temperament, and quality I expect all will have very successful show careers thanks to the exhibitors for the opportunity to judge such a quality entry.

Pekingese PD 1st Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Nevinson what a fabulous start to the day masculine head of good size dark expressive eyes broad nose open nostrils firm strong underjaw heavily boned forelegs chest deep short back definite waist level topline tail well set moved soundly and at the correct pace

Pekingese JD 1st BD & BP Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Declaration picks up heavy super bone large flat feet masculine head flat skull beautiful dark eyes giving a confident lustrous expression good pigment broad nose open nostrils soundly constructed shoulder well laid hindquarters well-muscled with enough angulation and low set hocks sound on the move with a typical rolling gait

Pekingese OD 1st & RBD Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor King Of Hearts top quality masculine throughout with a classic outline so well-proportioned and balanced he is a small ultra compact package with substantial bone for his size firm well developed body short thick neck super ribcage and width and depth of chest definite waist broad flat skull ears well set dark eyes super muzzle correct width of underjaw large nose open nostrils excellent coat texture beautifully presented dignified sound mover

Pekingese PB 1st BOB BB BP & BPIS Thomas Ralshams Sunset Lady By Jonsville 11-month-old with beautiful open features feminine envelope shaped head lustrous dark eyes defined stop super cushioning and pigmentation correct nose placement shortish neck level topline high tail set sound and stylish on the move excellent coat texture and presentation 2nd & RBB Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Essence Of Pearl 6month-old compact and stylish beautiful feminine head dark eyes good ear placement large well placed nose open nostrils firm underjaw body still developing but chest already broad and deep ribs well sprung level back high set tail moved soundly

Pekingese J 1st Morley & Hitchcock Lizlanmor Queen Of The Night delightful 9-month-old full of quality and confidence small, short and shapely with desired strong bone she picks up heavy for her size level back high set tail super muzzle well-padded good pigment expressive dark eyes correct nose placement open nostrils firm chin moved soundly

King Charles Spaniel P 1st BP & RBPIS Kendall Headra Edith a sweet tri bitch with a super outgoing temperament her head is feminine skull domed stop well defined dark expressive eyes well placed nose, open nostrils, strong underjaw, and well-padded muzzle arched neck cobby body short coupled throughout harmonious angulation confident and sound on the move

King Charles Spaniel J 1st & RBOB Smith Justacharma Just Magical blenheim soundly constructed youngster with a large masculine head adequate dome and cushioning pleasing expression moderate length of neck well sprung rib excellent bone, feet and substance cobby well developed body moved soundly 2nd Hardiman Tovarich Take Me As I Am bitch feminine tri sweet expression well placed nose open nostrils long profusely feathered ears moderate bone and substance well laid shoulder firm body silky coat texture on the move she was unsettled

King Charles Spaniel PG 1st Hardiman Tovarich Take Me Higher bitch rather overwhelmed on the day but she eventually relaxed and moved well attractive and typical outline sweet expression skull domed low set long ears dark eyes firm well developed body 2nd McFarlane Gracie Maradeco King bitch moved erratically intent on scratching herself which made judging her on the move and on the table a challenge I am sure when this is addressed, she will have better days

King Charles Spaniel OD 1st BOB & BIS Smith Ch Justacharma So Magic JW young tri with a classic outline excellent dome long well feathered low set ears square muzzle good cushioning dark eyes gentle expression moderate neck cobby body good width and depth of chest short back super bone and feet animated, purposeful and sound on the move in excellent coat and condition

King Charles Spaniel V 1st Pearce Downsbank Troubadour Over Ozzymoon heavily marked tri of good type and size pleasing head typical expression well laid shoulder good spring of rib level topline moved adequately

Chinese Crested P 1st & BP McFarlane & Routeledge Pufflepaws Phools Prophecy promising 6-month-old male lovely type and size rounded skull slight stop low set ears dark almond shaped eyes correct dentition well sprung rib good depth of chest level topline well rounded rump high set tail sound and steady on the move 2nd McFarlane Pufflepaws Phools Phantasy male chiselled cheeks moderate stop dark expressive eyes super large ears correctly set graceful neck level topline and rounded rump fine bone hare feet enthusiastic and sound on the move

Chinese Crested PG 1st & RBOB McFarlane Penemunde Asia nicely proportioned male good chiselling dark wide set eyes large low set ears super neck and crest balanced angulation strong pasterns and hare feet well bodied deep brisket level topline moved soundly with pleasing reach and drive

Chinese Crested O 1st & BOB McFarlane Zeracheil Exotic Dancer ShCM VW 12yr-old bitch outgoing temperament balanced head well chiselled cheeks tapering muzzle enough stop alert sweet expression adequate length of neck level topline moderate tuck up moved extremely soundly excellent reach and drive

ETT J 1st & RBOB Warren Lasagesse Angel Of Harlem With Rhymswell feminine, elegant, and compact with well-balanced angulation fine bone neat cat like feet wedge shaped head flat skull dark eyes ears well set and carried moved steadily 2nd Whitehouse Amalric Coco Chanel With Dalmonde JW (exhibitor declined a critique)

ETT O 1st BOB & RBIS Francis, Blatchford & Leonard Witchstone Trouble Brewing At Peopleton I have judged this beautiful bitch recently and awarded her BOB my opinion has not changed I am sure her title must be just around the corner 2nd Warren Pedara The World Is Mine not cooperating fully with his handler on the day masculine long narrow head high set ears small dark eyes arched neck body well balanced deep chest good thumbprints and markings well presented in super glossy coat and hard muscular condition 3rd Whitehouse Twowayshouse Tudor King For Dalmonde

AVNSC P D or B 1st & BP AVNSC Orchard Panspayon Pennyroyale Papillion attractive outline large mobile well rounded ears fine muzzle dark eye alert expression correct dentition soundly constructed well ribbed good depth of chest fine bone hare feet level topline correct tail set confident and stylish on the move 2nd Lodwich Pocoperro Chihuahua LC bitch rounded skull large flaring ears definite stop lean cheeks large dark expressive eyes typical saucy expression correct dentition soundly constructed with a moderate length of neck well laid shoulder level topline high set tail moved soundly

AVNSC J D or B 1st Baker Daisy Bukovynian Star (IMP UKR) Chihuahua SC bitch typical throughout excellent saucy expression short muzzle flaring ears nicely arched neck firm topline sickle tail good depth of brisket and adequate spring of rib confident and animated on the move 2nd Lovell Pawsamy’s Sweet William Pomeranian male typical throughout with a pleasing head well-proportioned head and typical expression dark almond shaped eyes correct muzzle and dentition short neck compact well ribbed body high set tail beautifully presented correct coat texture confident accurate mover

AVNSC PG D or B 1st & Res AVNSC Lovell Pawsamy’s Rose JW Pomeranian bitch wedge-shaped head dark oval eyes sweet expression compact well developed body short back high set tail super plume well presented double coat sound mover

AVNSC O D or B 1st & Best AVNSC Orchard Panspayon Natasha JW Papillion bitch excellent type feminine throughout with a gently rounded skull deep stop tapering muzzle dark expressive eyes ears well-set super fringing good reach of neck body well developed level topline silky coat moved with drive 2nd McFarlane Kerryken Keir Rob Lowchen male head well-proportioned good breath of skull large dark expressive eyes good pigmentation and correct dentition sturdy cobby body ribs well sprung rounded quarters moved freely 3rd Orchard Ch Nightfire’s Be Unique In Style At Panspayon JW (IMP DEU) Papillion

AV Imported Breed Register OD 1st & Best AV IBR Lovell & Britton Russiadream Frodo Strudel Russian Toy male B/T masculine but refined squarely built and soundly constructed rounded skull defined stop large high set ears intelligent expression correct length of leg fine bone small feet level back slight rise over loin enthusiastic mover

AV Toy P D or B 1st Hoare & Phelps Bilohka Kittiwake Into Aquitaine Pug attractive soundly constructed bitch puppy short and cobby with a level topline and high set tail enough bone, well sprung ribs and a broad chest her head is round correct wrinkle on forehead soft expression dark eyes square muzzle good width of underjaw ears need to settle sound mover 2nd Earl Earlrae Black Pearl CKCS b/t bitch good size and bone pleasing head flattish skull dark eyes gentle soft expression enough neck firm topline short loin correct tail carriage sound and confident on the move 3rd 2nd McFarlane Pufflepaws Phools Phantasy CC

AV Toy J D or B 1st Whateley Lyckalotte Holly At Arkadian Bolognese bitch flat skull large dark eyes intelligent expression good pigmentation firm body correct slighty arched loin coat of correct texture sound energetic mover 2nd Williams Granasil Tea House Moon On Sancana CKCS bitch attractive and typical outline balanced head gentle expression well set ears good neck and topline body well developed correct width and depth of chest short coupled throughout super bone and feet unfortunately she was unsettled on the move 3rd Lovell Pawsamy’s Sweet William Pomeranian

AV Toy O D or B 1st Whateley Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari At Arkadian Bolognese male balanced outline masculine head wide skull dark eyes moderate neck firm well-proportioned body excellent topline hindquarters well-muscled hocks well let down abundant coat of correct texture stylish and sound on the move 2nd Smith Ch Justacharma Magic Goes On KCS mature male correct domed skull defined stop large dark expressive eyes low set profusely feathered ears square well-padded muzzle strong underjaw enough neck short back well ribbed with good width and depth of chest excellent temperament happy showman silky coat in excellent condition 3rd Hawkins Lexody Pandemonian CKCS

Av Toy V D or B 1st & BVIS Francis & Blatchford Ch Witchstone Not Apache On Me For Peopleton ETT beautifully balanced elegant male typical long narrow wedge-shaped head flat skull small dark eyes confident keen expression strong jaw scissor bite well sprung ribs rounded loin correct turn of stifle sound easy mover beautifully conditioned

L Ratter (Judge)