• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Livingston Canine Society

Livingston Canine Club


Chihuahua LC O 1st & BOB Hunter Jotolemar Ellie’s Time super bitch full of breed type and balanced throughout correct skull and stop large expressive eyes large flaring ears correct tapered muzzle soundly constructed throughout with a well laid shoulder super feet and pasterns level top-line sickle tail moved soundly demonstrating good reach and drive shown in super coat and condition 2nd Symon Bramerita Here’s Trouble At Charabri typical outline he is masculine and full of confidence rounded skull appealing expression large ears and eyes good depth of brisket firm level topline well set tail strong well-muscled hindquarters easy sound action on the move

Samoyed 1st BOB & GP4 Dodd Bondsmoor Kiss Me Kate bitch soundly constructed youngster attractive broad wedge-shaped head thick well furred ears excellent pigment good bone and feet nicely arched neck well sprung ribs level topline strong loin well set tail super harsh texture to coat which was beautifully presented she persisted in pacing in this class however in the group she moved freely

Bearded Collie G 1st Ryan Dychix Invictus For Razal masculine and workmanlike broad flat skull strong foreface super outline and balance long ribcage free steady mover presented in excellent coat and hard muscular condition 2nd Gamble Capelaw Celeste ultra feminine shapely young bitch impressive outline beautiful expression ideal length to height proportions unfortunately not completely settled today especially on the move 3rd Walker Allachoy Dances With Wolves

Bearded Collie O 1st BOB & GP2 Gamble Talraz Look To The Future At Capelaw SHCm quality male a wonderful 10yr old veteran presented today in super coat and condition balanced and unexaggerated type with a classic beardie head flat skull moderate stop strong muzzle soft expression super pigment muscular neck deep chest long ribcage correct top-line short loin 2nd Gibb Snikkles Bluebeard At Pirateer JW SHCm SHCEX spritely veteran in super coat and condition soundly constructed throughout with good length of rib masculine head broad skull strong under jaw typical expression balanced angulation correct topline and tail-set sound positive mover

Shetland Sheepdog J 1st Procotor Stisan Skye’s Legacy beautifully balanced profile feminine head flat skull sweet expression good underjaw neat ears enough bone and substance for her size level topline good reach and drive on the move 2nd Robertson Afterglow Goldberg At Vidlinvoe flat skull level head planes almond shaped eye obliquely set well used nicely set ears super pigment level topline correct sweep over loin round bone adequate substance 3rd White Dajarls Glittering Prize

Shetland Sheepdog G 1st Procotor Cuilshelties Lochan Tar blue merle male nice outline well arched neck shoulder well laid level top-line balanced masculine head with smooth cheeks and flat skull neat ears excellent eye shape and set good coat texture moved well 2nd Babiak Donallin Running Bear tri colour male attractive head with dark expressive eyes, defined stop, flat skull and strong underjaw soundly constructed good depth of chest level topline well angulated and muscled hindquarters presented in super coat and condition 3rd Shaw Bluequarry The One and Only

Shetland Sheepdog O 1st BOB & GP3 Babiak Donallin Ultimate Magic flowing outline arched neck correct bone and feet deep chest level top-line balanced angulation well-muscled quarters feminine head flat skull long blunt wedge well rounded muzzle carrying a wealth of coat that was beautifully presented moved very soundly 2nd Procotor Stiosan Still Game balanced head obliquely set dark almond shaped eye sweet expression firm underjaw correct dentition level topline graceful sweep over croup stifle well bent hocks well let down unfortunately not in his best coat today covered the ground well on the move 3rd Shaw Bramblecroft Reeba At Bluequarry

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) O 1st BOB, GP1, BIS & BPIS Miller Monarchcor Lady Luck At Meitza glamourous young bitch foxy head correct ear shape and carriage deep broad chest strong level topline super bone and feet animated sound mover alert and engaged with her handler she never stopped showing 2nd Miller Meitza Andante Andante tri coloured bitch balanced profile well-proportioned head feminine expression correctly shaped ears excellent neck and top-line short hocks well-handled and in excellent coat and hard muscular condition sound positive mover

AV Past NSC G 1st & BNSC Brown Rochelles Hawk Warrior GSD masculine head alert expression correct length of muzzle and dentition flowing top-line and croup purposeful on the move with a decent side gate

AV Past SMP 1st Barr Roughrigg Ragnfrid RC bitch beautiful head and expression flat skull well filled foreface correct ear placement soft expression correct stop crested neck deep chest well sprung rib shoulders well laid strong neat hocks coat beautifully presented effortless, positive, and confident on the move 2nd Leslie Windwalker Show Biz Bug BC bitch keen confident expression good eye shape and colour firm level top-line low set tail animated and positive on the move

AV Past SP 1st BPIS Miller Monarchcor Lady Luck at Meitza (see WCPO) 2nd Procotor Stisan Skye’s Legacy (see SS J)

AV Past SV 1st Rettie Borderquest Blawin A Hoolie With Glenfound male a real favourite of mine whom I have placed highly throughout his show career despite his age he is still a fabulous showman and in superb coat and condition his purposeful movement is a joy to watch 2nd Gamble Talraz Look To The Future At Capelaw SHCm (see BC open) 3rd Babiak Donallin Ultimate Magic

GP I Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) GP2 Bearded Collie GP3 Shetland Sheepdog