• Show Date: 02/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Chippenham & District Canine Society

Chippenham & District Canine Society


Many thanks to the committee for inviting me and my efficient steward for her assistance and support. A very enjoyable appointment most of the dogs were new to me it was a strong, quality and competitive group. I was delighted my adult group winner the outstanding Finnish Lapphund went on to BIS and the very promising Shetland Sheepdog puppy group winner BPIS. My thanks to the exhibitors for the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions.

Bearded Collie P 1st & BP Pickup Kiltondale Heat Of The Night male promising youngster flat skull dark eyes and pigment typical expression excellent dentition correct length and spring of rib firm level topline moved well with good reach and drive 2nd Steele Rocpen Juro Twill feminine bitch with a typical head dark expressive eyes arched neck deep chest enough bone topline needs to settle correct coat texture a little unsettled and apprehensive on the move 3rd Patterson Eltimaris Jubilee Hoorah

Bearded Collie PG 1st & BOB Rivers Orora’s French Silk At Merrimak JW junior bitch typical profile feminine, balanced and well-proportioned head dark eyes she is beautifully constructed throughout with harmonious angulation front and rear deep chest level topline short strong loin sound and positive on the move demonstrating excellent reach and drive beautifully presented well-muscled 2nd Steele Rocpen Juro Twill (see BC puppy)

Bearded Collie O 1st & RBOB Patterson Corimist Over The Rainbow At Eltimaris bitch feminine head dark eye soft expression workmanlike throughout well-constructed with a good forechest and balanced angulation front and rear moved soundly harsh coat texture 2nd Steele Rocpen Juro Twill (see BC puppy)

Beauceron PG 1st& BOB Harrell Titan Des Ramparts Castels With Beaukita (IMP Fra) male black and tan although still a youngster he presents an impressive picture of strength and power masculine well-proportioned head small neat ears dark eyes intelligent assured expression moderate muscular neck well laid shoulder level topline strong croup correct tail set and carriage impressive on the move sound with excellent reach and drive 2nd Dandridge Beaukitas Hyde Park black and tan bitch feminine throughout with a balanced outline dark eye typical expression strong muscular neck level topline slight slope to croup enough width and depth of chest ribs well sprung purposeful sound mover 3rd Theodorou Overhills Touch Of Class

Beauceron O 1st & RBOB Branchflower & Harrell Beaukita’s MC Crory Park bitch head feminine and well-balanced tan could be brighter balanced angulation front and rear good width and depth to chest correct spring of ribs good reach and extension on the move correct coat

Briard PG 1st & BOB Trimnell Kastobri Magical Dreamer black bitch outgoing youngster feminine head dark eyes gentle expression excellent dentition dark pigmented mouth moderate neck firm level topline correct croup and tail set well angulated hindquarters well set hocks moved steadily

GSD PG 1st & RBOB Pniewski Cywil Borawska Zagroda Of Severnwolf male clearly not happy and in need of training and grooming unsure of his surroundings today I was unable to fully assess him masculine and up to size correct oval bone firm pasterns’ good feet his movement was erratic

GSD O 1st & BOB Jones Dakamar Amazing Journey (IMP USA) male scored heavily on masculinity and outline typical head firm high set ears dark eye intelligent expression muscular neck deep chest correct length of foreleg firm backline well moulded croup good tail set moved soundly with excellent reach and drive well-handled and beautifully conditioned 2nd Pniewski Cywil Borawska Zagroda Of Severnwolf (see GSD PG)

Norwegian Buhund PG 1st & RBOB Frost, Frost-Treadwell & Walmsley Frostisen Blakk Zeta (IKC) black bitch a little hesitant initially abut quickly gained confidence and was able to settle and show herself to advantage typical throughout with a square profile flat skull dark eye lively expression good length of neck super bone and small tight feet firm level top-line well set tail excellent coat texture

Norwegian Buhund O 1st & BOB Frost, Frost-Treadwell & Walmsley Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen bitch balanced profile typical head eye and expression well-constructed with adequate shoulder angulation moderate length of neck well sprung ribcage strong firm loin correct tail-set and carriage sound purposeful mover

PMD PG 1st & BOB Downes Belshanmish Ocean Soul bitch beautifully presented elegant youngster feminine throughout super head correct blunt wedge well boned limbs flexible pasterns balanced angulation forechest needs time to develop fully level backline excellent profile on the move

PMD O 1st & RBOB Shepherd Vis’kali’s Haruki Del Avantgarde (IMP SWE) (AI) male of wonderful size, construction and superb type masculine head strong muzzle super pigmentation moderate strong neck balanced angulation front and rear good width of chest correct ribcage level broad back he is carrying to much condition at the moment however his movement was sound 2nd Williams & Hall Belshanmish Dark Star tall young male good size and well boned with correct pasterns and compact feet rather uncoordinated on the move today and giving his handler a hard time well-presented coat

Swedish Vallhund O 1st & BOB Ch Ohanaway Having A Blast At Mackjama sturdy workmanlike male balanced masculine head correct ear set dark eye watchful expression excellent dentition soundly constructed with a well laid shoulder good spring of rib level back strong well angulated hindquarters sound active mover well-presented and in hard muscular condition

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) L 1st & BOB Siviter Faywaidd Spice bitch well balanced profile standing and, on the move, feminine head good width of skull ears well set dark eye excellent pigment strong muscular neck level top-line short loin good bone and feet in excellent coat and condition moved freely with reach and drive 2nd Apperley Nracigroc Charlotte Jayne bitch feminine head sufficient bone and substance good reach of neck well developed forechest well-muscled hindquarters out of coat on the day

Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) O 1st & RBOB Siviter Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM male beautifully balanced with good bone and substance masculine head nice length of body correct reach of neck well angulated shoulders prominent sternum good depth of chest super topline correct tail carriage free easy mover in excellent coat and condition 2nd Apperley Wildcard Ace At Nansimo male with a balanced outline typical head correct eye shape pleasing expression large well placed ears good bone and adequate length of body well developed forechest moved soundly

AVNSC Pastoral J 1st & BAVNSC Jones Quemerford Magic Wish OES super young bitch with obvious ring presence square and compact with good bone and substance typical head good pigment and dentition correct top-line and croup strong well-muscled hindquarters short strong hocks well presented and handled

AV Pastoral P 1st Pickup Kiltondale Heat Of The Night (see Bearded Collie P) 2nd Patterson Eltimaris Platinum Pudding Bearded Collie bitch well-constructed good bone appealing head dark eye typical expression excellent pigment nice reach of neck good length of rib level topline moved soundly

AV Pastoral J 1st Harrell Titan Des Ramparts Castels With Beaukita (IMP Fra) (see Beauceron PG) 2nd Dandridge Beaukitas Hyde Park (see Beauceron PG)

AV Pastoral O 1st Dandridge Beaukitas Hyde Park (see Beauceron PG) 2nd Apperley Wildcard Ace At Nansimo (see Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) O)

AV Pastoral V This was an outstanding class and a pleasure to judge 1st Jones Kintaro Hot Of The Press GSD so fit, active and engaged with her handler and in outstanding condition for her age a credit to her owner feminine head correct ear set and eye shape typical expression harmonious angulation super neck and depth of chest firm top-line on the move balanced and sound she was a joy to watch 2nd Siviter Rubegud Takin The Mick ShCM (see Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) O) 3rd Patterson Corimist Musical Soul At Eltimaris

GP1 Finnish Lapphund GP2 Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) GP3 OES GP4 Beauceron

PG1 Shetland Sheepdog PG2 Bearded Collie PG3 Australian Shepherd PG4 Finnish Lapphund

Judge: L Ratter