• Show Date: 28/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/10/2023

Leicester City Canine Society

Leicester City Canine Society


Chihuahua LC 1st & BOB Martin Leathea’s Rockstar JW masculine soundly constructed youngster typical expression large eyes well placed ears good stop and length of muzzle correct dentition enough length of neck firm level topline tail well set well presented moved with drive

Chihuahua SC P 1st & BP Slavinec Slavinchi Ready Freddie Go typical head with a broad rounded skull keen expression well placed ears correct dentition large dark expressive eyes moderate neck well laid shoulder positive sound mover

Chihuahua J 1st Slavinec Charonchi Ignatius male masculine head good ear set and carriage with a straight front good depth of brisket level topline sickle tail harmonious angulation brisk sound action on the move

Chihuahua O 1st & BOB Stangoe Stanghurst Time To Shine dainty compact bitch with a most typical apple dome head saucy expression large flaring well set ears good reach of neck firm well developed body well sprung rib deep brisket and a level topline confident and sound on the move

ETT J 1st BOB & GP3 Francis, Blatchford & Leonard Witchstone Trouble Brewing At Peopleton beautiful feminine junior bitch loved her balance and elegance long narrow wedge-shaped head dark almond shaped eyes perfectly set candle flame ears correct dentition excellent neck and topline low set tail confident, sound and animated on the move top quality exhibit 2nd Whitehouse Amalric Coco Chanel With Dalmonde JW feminine elegant and well-constructed typical profile rich tan good thumbprints and markings dark almond shaped eyes ears well set and carried correct depth of chest and spring of rib nice tuck up excellent coat condition and well-muscled good extension on the move

ETT O 1st Love Witchstone Follow The Dream With Tettoy masculine head could have a slightly darker eye but this did not detract from his excellent expression strong underjaw and correct dentition arched neck good spring of rib and depth to chest moves soundly with super extension and obvious drive 2nd Whitehouse Twowayshouse Tudor King For Dalmonde male lovely type good wedge small dark eyes good muzzle and underjaw good topline rib and loin covered plenty of ground on the move 3rd Love Tettoy A Whole New World

Italian Greyhound P 1st BP & BOB Mack & Risica Minitopo Mila delightful youngster long flat head neat ears typical gentle expression good depth to chest balanced angulation front and rear high stepping action, sound and stylish on the move lovely fine coat delightful temperament

Italian Greyhound O 1st Righton Zephyrelli Florence shapely, balanced, and unexaggerated outline good length of head large eye enough length of neck narrow front correct topline gentle arch over loin fine coat free stylish mover just lacking a little confidence on the day

Pomeranian P 1st & BP Campbell Bella Jean flat skull good pigment dark eye correct stop and ear set dentition could be better short neck straight front in excellent coat which was well presented moved adequately 2nd Moody Poupon Cocotte Clicquot correct bone compact feet good ribcage and topline tail well set and carried handler needs to relax well presented double coat

Pomeranian J 1st Gooch Paavali’s Private Dancer At Cassibawn super outline bright dark eye correct dentition short neck firm topline correct tail set sound and purposeful movement 2nd Berrington Altina’s Broadway Baby fine and dainty dark expressive eye well sprung ribcage excellent topline and tail set harsh well-presented coat confident mover 3rd Campbell Bella Jean

Pomeranian PG 1st BOB & GP4 Berrington Altina’s The Bronx At Sarasate appealing eye-catching profile well balanced deep chest well laid shoulder short compact body high set tail small compact feet masculine head fine muzzle dark expressive eye neat well set ears beautiful presented free sound mover 2nd Gooch Lireva’s Well Fancy That For Cassibaqwn JW typical head foxy expression dark sparkling eye short neck well laid shoulder well ribbed high set tail positive, confident and sound on the move correct harsh coat

Pomeranian O no entries

Judge: L Ratter (Seafar)