• Show Date: 19/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Cleveland Dog Society



CKCS P 1ST BP & PGP1 INGLIS VERHEYEN REACHER AT CRAIGOWL male flat skull ears high set gentle expression good pigment nice reach of neck well sprung ribs level topline short loin excellent reach and drive on the move super markings 2ND LEACH MELROSE STAR KATNISS (IMP DEUT) bitch sweet expression round lustrous dark eyes shallow stop well laid shoulder short coupled firm level top line sound mover 3RD RICHARDSON KRINGLEHOLME KRAFTWERK

CKCS G 1ST LEACH OUZLEWELL’S SYMPHONY male a promising balanced youngster super for size appealing expression flat skull large dark expressive eyes harmonious angulation good spring of rib excellent topline and tail set happy confident and stylish on the move 2ND BARRACLOUGH BOWFORT TRI TO IMPRESS WITH JUETTE male with good bone and feet well set ears dense pigment typical soft expression correct dentition moderate neck happy showman but carrying a little extra weight which impacted his movement

CKCS O 1ST BOB & GP2 KYNASTON GRANASIL GOLDEN NUGGET SHCEX VW male sprightly veteran in full bloom and hard muscular condition whom I have judged previous typical profile balanced head flat skull long ears correct dentition lovely crest to neck harmonious angulation level topline gleaming silky coat a credit to his owner 2ND LEACH MELROSE DALTON (IMP GER) male soundly constructed masculine head with typical expression well set large ears good pigment sound free mover nicely marked correct silky coat texture 3RD RICHARDSON KRINGLEHOLME SARDONYZ

MINIATURE PINSCHER P 1ST & BP REDDINGTON & HARRISON KAYPIN HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE Red bitch with a balanced elegant outline pretty feminine head with good length of muzzle and strong underjaw dark eyes well set ears super neck compact body moderate angulation good turn of stifle tight cat like feet moved well with plenty of lift in front 2ND MITCHELL ALCUM SWEENT TOD B/T male less mature than first place and needs to settle on the move sturdy and compact throughout alert expression well set ears strong muzzle correct dentition arched neck well developed forechest elbows close to chest level topline excellent high set tail cat like feet

MINIATURE PINSCHER PG 1ST HIND DIAMONEO INDIAN WISHES B/T bitch typical outline feminine head dark oval eyes good muzzle and underjaw neat high set ears correct dentition strong slightly arched neck well sprung ribs adequate tuck-up animated on the move well handled

MINIATURE PINSCHER PIN O Excellent class 1ST & BOB WESTERMAN CHARPIN OTTOMATIC JW B&T male really promising young dog full of quality lovely size and type balanced head dark expressive eyes correct muzzle and underjaw super reach of neck good depth of chest excellent lift in front well-muscled and conditioned gleaming coat excellent showman 2ND REDDINGTON & HARRISON KAYPIN VOULEZ VOUS Red male masculine well-proportioned head flat skull strong muzzle and jaw arched neck well-constructed compact body excellent topline and tail-set well-muscled hindquarters 3RD HIND VICKSTOCK ONE TO CHILL WITH JW SHCM

CHIHUAHUA SC PG 1ST & BOB CORBETT SARAS PLEASURE IN BLUE LIGHT bitch with well set flaring ears fine muzzle large eye typical expression good dentition straight limbs small neat feet on the table and move she was not completely happy today

ENGLISH TOY TERRIER G 1ST BP & BOB REEVE GALVIZACH ROYAL EMERALD 6-month-old male puppy super profile attractive head with well set candleflame ears almond shaped dark eyes correct dentition soundly constructed with a well laid shoulder and correct rear angulation positive and sound on the move

ENGLISH TOY TERRIER O 1ST REEVE GILLINGS SYLOETTE bitch sweet head and expression good ear placement and size correct tuck-up and topline well angulated hindquarters a little hesitant on the move

KING CHARLES SPANIEL G 1ST BP & BOB GOODWIN BALDRAGON TAILOR MADE FOR DIGGLE male a super extrovert free moving youngster classic outline standing and on the move masculine well domed head large dark eyes stop well defined wide open nostrils correct ears set super bone and substance well laid shoulder compact body deep brisket ribs well rounded free positive mover flat silky coat must have an exciting future 2ND BAILEY ALDORICKA SWEET VICTORIA bitch well domed head low set ears dark eyes sweet appealing expression well cushioned muzzle good bone correct topline and tail set just needs to gain a little more confidence on the move

KING CHARLES SPANIEL O 1ST MADDISON JUSTACHARMA NORTHERN MAGIC male pleasing outline well balanced throughout with a typical head and expression well laid shoulder nice width of chest cobby body good bone, substance and feet 2ND BAILEY ALDORICKA THE HUSTLER young male with excellent bone and substance soft melting expression good width of muzzle super reach of neck well sprung ribs when he settled moved positively

PAPILLON O 1ST & BOB COLLINS HOUM TET A TET ARIETTE AT COLLNESS (RUS IMP) dainty bitch attractive head and expression rounded skull correct stop dark eyes large well fringed ears fine bone and hare feet level topline profuse tail plume strong hindquarters stylish sound mover silky coat 2ND THORNTON JAYBERRY WINTER SOLSTICE COLLNESS male nicely balanced outline dark eyes well defined stop super sweet expression large mobile ears correct dentition soundly constructed with a deep chest strong loin long tail super plume in excellent coat and condition moves freely

HAVANESE G 1ST & BOB HOLLIDAY PANDAPRINT CASANOVA balanced throughout with a typical outline broad skull moderate stop large dark eyes soft expression correct dentition good length of muzzle excellent bone level topline high set tail confidence free mover beautifully presented soft silky coat

COTON DE TULEAR G 1ST SCOTT CUKOTON DON’T CRY DADDY bitch ideal for size balanced profile feminine throughout good width of skull correct stop soft expression dense pigment arched neck good spring of rib correct rise over loin well-muscled hindquarters confident sound mover excellent coat texture

COTON DE TULEAR O 1ST & BOB SCOTT CUKOTON SKY’S THE LIMIT SHCM bitch classic outline skull proportion to muzzle length excellent well-spaced round dark eyes strong underjaw muscular neck shoulder well laid correct topline and tail set strong loin well presented coat of correct texture purposeful and sound on the move

ITALIAN GREYHOUND O 1ST & BOB REEVE RUBY BEYOND PRICE AVEC GILLINGS bitch puppy a little apprehensive on the move attractive head sweet expression good stop neat ears graceful neck deep brisket slight rise over loin low set tail hare feet fine skin

AVNSC TOY O 1ST HOLLIDAY BELSTOWN MERLAU BLACKBIRD (Bolognese) well-proportioned mature male with a masculine head dark eyes excellent pigmentation moderate neck square compact body firm level topline typical coat texture moved with drive



AV TOY P 1ST GOODWIN BALDRAGON TAILOR MADE FOR DIGGLE (KING CHARLES SPANIEL) SEE KCS GRAD 2ND WALKER AFTERGLOW ABLE MABEL OF SUNLEA (PUG) nice size with good bone dark eyes soft expression fine wrinkle neat ears wide padded muzzle open nostrils strong neck deep body level topline high set tail soft fine coat 3RD REDDINGTON & HARRISON KAYPIN HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE (MINIATURE PINSCHER)



AV TOY O 1ST HARBRON JASCHIN STOP AND PAWS (JAPANESE CHIN) male square outline large rounded skull correct stop and nose placement dark eye showing enough white to give a most typical expression firm cobby body sound and stylish on the move 2ND SCOTT CUKOTON SKY’S THE LIMIT SHCM (COTON DE TULEAR) SEE CDT OPEN 3RD MADDISON JUSTACHARMA NORTHERN MAGIC (KING CHARLES SPANIEL)

AV TOY V Such a super class full of quality 1ST KYNASTON GRANASIL GOLDER NUGGET SHCEX VW (CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL) SEE CKCS OPEN 2ND CHAPMAN CH CARIVE BLACK IS BACK AT VICKSTOCK JW SHCM (MINIATURE PINSCHER) black and tan bitch a real favourite of mine who still has so much quality and style so compact still retaining an excellent topline I love her confidence and showmanship on the move 3RD HARRISON & REDDINGTON CH TRENSON FLUMMADIDDLE SHCM (MINIATURE PINSCHER)