• Show Date: 16/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ross & Cromarty Canine Club

Ross And Cromarty Canine Club


Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge in such a beautiful part of the country I had a most enjoyable day with two wonderful efficient stewards Mary and Chris. The brisk wind was a challenge at times but the rain stayed away. Thank you to the exhibitors for the sportsmanlike clapping for all the class winners.

Pug O 1st & BOB Johnston Riajae On The Brink JW male large head with defined markings and good pigmentation open nostrils cobby body excellent spring of rib high set tail well-muscled hindquarters confident and sound on the move 2nd Ritchie Abukadra Bedazzled At Cheolview bitch feminine head and expression small ears large dark eyes padded muzzle good width of jaw super neck level topline correct coat moved soundly

Papillion O 1st & BOB MacKenzie Klibreck Little Diva dainty tri bitch nicely balanced throughout with well sprung ribs level topline correct tail-set feminine head well shaped heavily fringed ears dark eyes sweet expression free flowing movement 2nd Sinclair Amicae Bless My Soul In Gothikland elegant male with dark eyes and well-rounded ears good reach of neck soundly constructed with a level top-line hare feet correct silky coat which was well presented a little erratic on the move today 3rd MacKenzie Papmar Moonlight Serenade To Klibreck

CKCS PG 1st & BOB Pettigrew Poundroll Charles Of Damaron well-marked blenheim male classic head gentle expression large dark eyes ears well set enough reach of neck short coupled body good spring of rib and depth of chest well balance on the move 2nd Swan Laygib It’s Only Love ruby bitch feminine head dense pigment round dark eyes well developed body moderate bone in full coat moved adequately

CKCS O 1st Pettigrew Poundroll Charles Of Damaron (see CKCS PG) 2nd Swan Laygib It’s Only Love (see CKCS PG)

AV Toy NSC O 1st Hardie Rivertoy Red October At Albalevriero Italian Greyhound up to size bitch of good overall type and shape long head flat skull expressive eyes small neat ears deep chest low set tail sound with a typical action on the move well-muscled and conditioned 2nd Curwood Omegaville Cover Girl a dainty Japanese Chin bitch of obvious quality and super type feminine head correct expression I would prefer a better mouth square and compact body with an excellent spring of rib fine strong bone super hare feet high set tail and a silky fine coat which was beautifully presented stylish and sound on the move 3rd Mackenzie Hollmar Lucky Me At Kilbreck Chihuahua LC

AV Toy Special Veteran 1st Mackenzie Hollmar Lucky Me At Kilbreck 10yr old male LC Chihuahua typical throughout with a lovely apple domed head correct stop large ears and expressive eyes level topline tail well set moved soundly

AV Toy PG 1st Hardie Albalevriero Corrieburn (Italian Greyhound) junior bitch feminine and elegant correct size I liked her curvy outline standing and, on the move, large dark eyes fine muzzle arched neck good bone and feet deep brisket fine glossy coat moved well 2nd Pettigrew Poundroll Charles Of Damaron (see CKCS PG) 3rd MacKenzie Klibreck Little Diva

AV Toy O 1st Pettigrew Poundroll Charles Of Damaron (see CKCS PG) 2nd Swan Laygib It’s Only Love (see CKCS PG) 3rd Sinclair Amicae Bless My Soul In Gothikland

GP1 Italian Greyhound GP2 CKCS GP3 Pug GP4 Papillion

Tibetan Spaniel PG 1st & BOB Wilson & Bailey Roseley Phoenix At Lymehills an alert veteran male good for size and type masculine head with a slight dome to skull dark oval eyes level top-line correct high tail-set strong bone hare feet excellent double coat and in super condition for his age moved steadily 2nd Llewellyn Balgay Dodgrogs bitch small head slight dome to skull sweet expression correct ear set well-developed body top-line let her down on this occasion strong well-muscled hindquarters purposeful and sound on the move coat of excellent texture

Tibetan Spaniel O 1st Wilson & Bailey Roseley Phoenix At Lymehills see Tibetan Spaniel PG)

Miniature Schnauzer O 1st & BOB Woodsford Karebal Sweet Dreamer bitch puppy dark oval eyes neat ears short coupled nice spring of rib and good depth to chest super harsh coat lovely outline on the move

Akita O 1st & BOB Hunter, Allen & Cunningham Casakura Highland Dream impressive young bitch of real quality and excellent type super bone and substance throughout but retaining femininity sweet expression neat thick ears dark eyes well laid shoulders muscular neck deep chest level top-line well-set tail powerful, sound purposeful mover 2nd Hunter & Allen Casakura Aurora Borealis male masculine head dark eyes well-set ears muscular neck with obvious crest marvellous bone and substance throughout correct moderate angulation strong hocks first-rate coat texture in hard-muscular condition

Keeshond O 1st & BOB Murray Flatmeer Flightberry mature male with a well-proportioned masculine wedge shaped head good pigment ears neat and well set dark eyes short back compact throughout well plumed tailed pleasing outline confident sound mover excellent coat texture and presentation 2nd Searle & Saunders Liefkees Anneke bitch dark eye small ears dark muzzle good spring of rib well-muscled hindquarters needs a little more ringcraft training to get the best from her 3rd Marfleet Flatmeer Fleurting

Dalmatian O 1st & BOB Bryder Diocletian Amoret appealing bitch feminine head dark eyes well-set ears elegant neck ribs well sprung level topline correct tail carriage good length of stride strong round bone and cat-like feet in excellent coat and condition 2nd Bryder Diocletian Stravinsky male not settled today which affected his movement typical expression dark eyes bold spotting decent substance throughout I just preferred the overall balance of the bitch

Tibetan Terrier O A competitive class 1st & BOB Sinclair Araki Shanastra male masculine head typical square profile super expression dark eyes and pigment correct dentition strong underjaw sturdy neck well laid shoulder excellent spring of rib level top-line short loin correct tail-set large flat feet moved soundly with obvious reach and drive beautifully presented 2nd Thain Gentle Sweet Shadow male promising young dog with a balanced square profile correctly proportioned head large dark eyes excellent pigment strong muzzle harmonious angulation double coat fit and in hard muscular condition stylish and sound on the move 3rd Sinclair Araki Tha Midas Touch

Lhasa Apso O 1st & BOB Ritchie & Hughes Muirfauld Fully Charged At Cheolview male of super type and quality attractive head and expression dark eyes good underjaw strong arched neck firm level top-line strong loin sound free mover well-presented and conditioned 2nd Hughes Mitchella Saphire Spice bitch feminine and well balanced typical head and expression strong well arched neck level topline high set tail coordinated and sound on the move in excellent coat and condition 3rd Hughes Mitchella Midnight Mover

AV Utility NSC PG 1st Gianntti Aftershine Bianca Del Rio (Toy Poodle) bitch super outline pretty head fine muzzle nice reach of neck cobby body strong loin well-presented moved soundly 2nd Clement & Clement Inmaglove Tulip At Fiorghlan (Standard Poodle) elegant veteran bitch typical throughout with a pretty feminine head dark eye and pleasing expression short back good reach of neck balanced angulation free easy mover in hard muscular condition 3rd Lees Almoona Hell’s Angel

AV Utility NSC O 1st & BAV NSC Clement & Clement Fiorghlan’s Magic Swan (Standard Poodle) upstanding male who is well-balanced, confident and self-assured on the move refined head dark eye super expression short-coupled and soundly constructed with a well laid shoulder good spring of rib level topline moved with reach and drive beautifully presented profuse coat 2nd Scott Aprika Buffalo Bill At Rudino ShCM SHCEX (Boston Terrier) a real showman typical square head good ear set well-padded muzzle dark eyes enough length of neck good depth and width to chest excellent topline strong pastern neat feet good bone presented in excellent condition 3rd MacKenzie Hakumichi kei Yukikaze Of Klibreck

GP1 Standard Poodle GP2 Tibetan Terrier GP3 Akita GP4 Lhasa Apso

AV Utility SMP 1st Scott Aprika Fargo At Rudino (Boston Terrier) bitch ultra smart and compact I thought her delightful and most promising typical outline balanced profile flat skull round dark eyes super gentle expression correct ear set well laid shoulder short loin low set tail hocks short and vertical active stylish mover 2nd Woodsford Karebal Sweet Dreamer (Miniature Schnauzer) (see Miniature Schnauzer Open) 3rd Wilson Izlou Everday I’M Truffling

AV Utility P 1st Woodsford Karebal Sweet Dreamer (Miniature Schnauzer) (see Miniature Schnauzer Open)

AV Utility SV 1st Clement & Clement Inmaglove Tulip At Fiorghlan Standard Poodle (see AV Utility NSC PG)2nd Hakumichi Kei Yukikaze Of Klibreck Japanese Spitz male typical spitz head small dark eyes neat ears short back firm topline moved soundly profuse harsh coat 3rd Marfleet Flatmeet Fleurette

AV Utility PG 1st Thain Gentle Sweet Shadow Tibetan Terrier (see Tibetan Terrier open) 2nd Diocletian Amoret Dalmatian (see Dalmatian Open) 3rd Taylor Rurie Sparkling Jazz

AV Utility O 1st Thain Gentle Sweet Shadow Tibetan Terrier (see Tibetan Terrier Open)2nd Taylor Routenburn Rosaleen Tibetan Terrier bitch res in TT Open balanced with a good head and expression dark eye correct dentition well laid shoulder firm level topline high set tail moved adequately

L Ratter (Judge)