• Show Date: 18/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lloyd Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 22/08/2023

East Of England Ladies Kennel Society


Tuesday 18th July


Junior Dog (6,0)

1.    Ford’s Avaness Stars Shine Darkly over Setrique, almost 16 month B/W dog of correct size and balanced proportions. Good head and jaw, lovely neckline flowing into a level topline. Strong straight front. Good shoulder angulation & moved with drive and purpose to take the class and with a strong performance in the challenge BOB.

2.    Rudderham’s Dejaru Masquerade, 11 month dog of a nice size, correct all round construction, lovely outline in the stack but playing the handler up on the day. Moved beautifully when steady but threw his chances away on the day, BPIB.

3.    Dejaru Queen of the Night

Post Graduate (2,0)

1.    Rider’s Taxiki Rainbow of Hope, 3 year bitch. Again,  a well-proportioned exhibit with correct outline, good hind angulation. Could be a little more positive in front movement but won the class on balance, a strong outline and correct size. RBOB

2.    Fenton’s Layoli Island Treasure, 14 month male. Moved well & balanced but for me too big.

Open (2,0)

1.    Fenton’s Layoli Tropical Romance,  full coated 2 year bitch. A well presented exhibit of sound overall construction in super coat. Won the class on movement although would have preferred more reach of neck.

2.    Crawford’s Silgarhi O’de Chen at Nytechorus – 7 year old dog of good size & style just beaten on movement on the day. Don’t think he had his usual handler which didn’t help.


Puppy (2,1)

1.    Tofts Jarrowley Opal, 6 month bitch. Beautiful puppy of lovely proportions. Great front construction. Correct length to height ratio with lovely flowing lines. Lovely rear angulation at only her 2nd show but looked a picture. Didn’t want to perform for the handler in the puppy group. Must have a very bright future. BPIB, RBOB & PG3

Open (3,1)

1.    Hunts Dufosee Iyla at Bondlea JW. Lovely honest tri bitch of great size and very sound all through. Held a lovely outline on the move. Kind expression & nicely angulated. BOB

2.    Tofts Jarrowley Marlow, 18 month tri boy of good size but I felt a little longer cast. Great hound head. Preferred the shoulder placement of the winner.


Puppy (1,0)

1.    Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Chasing the Sun, almost 12 months brindle. Beautifully constructed dog of super-size and will mature into a top flight hound for sure. Super outline, correct shoulders, and classic outline on the stack and on the move. Correct action in front too. BPIB, RBOB & HPG2.

Junior (1,0)

1.    Wremalla A Wish Away. 17 month bitch of a good size, Had elegance and a nice reach of neck. Could be deeper in brisket and elbows a little out on the move but overall, a pretty exhibit.

Post Graduate (3,0)

1.    Reece’s Saleehah Stardancer, 2 yrs. old brindle bitch with sound movement and correct construction. Very feminine, lovely head and expression perhaps a little light in substance.

2.    Pye’s Blusteren Midnight Ink at Perromono, 6 year bitch again very elegant. Nicely constructed and moved well. Would prefer a little more depth of keel and a little fine all through but showed and handled very well.

Open (4,0)

1.    Rainsbury’s Shalfleet Sir Tom JW ShCM. 6 year old male who has retained his quality in maturity. My notes simply state that I would change nothing. A delight to go over and in the challenge stood out the winner. A beautiful hound and lovely to watch moving. Just did enough in the Group to best some quality exhibits. In the challenge for BIS was unfortunately a little less animated – had been a very long day. BOB, HG1

2.    Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Toy Story 4 year old male of commanding size, excellent shoulders sweep of underline and great rear drive. On the day just preferred the size and front of the winner.

AV Hound Import Breed Register

Open (1,0)

1.    Simm’s Stonemartin Anlon at Ezhar (Azawakh). Three and a half years male of great elegance. Beautiful long and fine head well defined occiput and of correct length with a slight stop. Super slightly arched neckline without dewlap. Neck flowing into well placed shoulders nice long upper arm and lovely flowing topline. Stood four square and moved with graceful ease. Really caught my eye on the move and delighted to award BOB & Hound Group 4 in a strong group.


Puppy (1,0)

1.    Melbourne & Murray’s Diheath Treacle Tart (Basset) Red/White bitch of 8 months, sound in front & nicely angulated hindquarters, moving with enthusiasm, topline needs to settle in maturiety.

Junior (3,1)

1.    Melbourne & Murrey’s Diheath Toffee Tart (Basset) Litter brother to puppy class winner. Very sound and forward for 8 months, good overall sound construction. Smart outline on the move which improved the more he moved. Used his hindquarters to advantage. Best Puppy & RBOB

2.    Bishop’s Jamar Miss Skylar (PBGV) 17 months female of elegant build possibly a little light in substance. Moved well and held a good outline at all times.

Post Graduate (5,1)

1.    Spring-Arnold’s Hyndsight Only In My Dreams (Deerhound). Beautiful 2.5 years female of stunning elegant proportions. Correct head and lovely dark eye with a soft expression strong jaw – lovely neck into well laid shoulders, nice broad forearm. Nice under line and topline with desired arching over the loin. Tail carried correctly. Lovely compact tight feet. Moved true for and aft with drive and elegance. Nice harsh coat. Please to award her BOB & HG3.

2.    Mullen’s El Roalito Keep Smiling Imp Deu (Afghan) Male of 4.5 years. Chocolate & tan of quality. Lovely outline. Well balanced head, good eye, nicely set ears. Good lay of shoulder strong straight front and strong feet. Lovely length of neck into strong correct topline into well angulated hindquarters. Well handled. Moved well - a close decision.

Open (3,2)

1.    Melbourne & Murray’s Diheath The Real Thing (Basset) 5 years dog of good proportions if a little loaded in shoulders on the day. Moved with drive and purpose free standing hocks could be a little stronger.

AV Hound

Puppy (3,1)

1.    Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Chilli Cracker (whippet), almost 12 months female. Litter sister to my BP in the breed classes. Beautifully constructed and similar in many respects to her brother although perhaps a little longer cast. Moved well. An easy winner here.

2.    Fell’s Lamsbella Lyra (Basenji) A nice 7 month puppy bitch who was a bit overwhelmed by the environment on the day. Moved out well.

Junior (3,1)

1.    Webb & Sheppard’s Killoughery Mission Two for Inkleyboys, 13 month Irish Wolfhound, very eye catching male of great stature and substance. Holds a fabulous outline and has a very well-constructed frame. Sure to do well as he matures.

2.    Graham’s Marvale Chancellor at Ravold S/H Dachshund of just over 12 months, a good shape and outline, well-constructed all through and moved soundly just a little unsure on the table and hindquarters need to strengthen.

Post Graduate (4,0)

1.    El Roalito Keep Smiling (imp Deu)

2.    Foley’s Beauty Long at Clavennae, S/L Dachshund smart Silver Dapple female of nearly 2 years. Of good proportions and well balanced if a little heavy on the day. Moved with verve & well handled.

Open (1,1)

Av Hound Veteran – absent

Adult Hound Group

1.    Rainsbury’s Shalfleet Sir Tom JW ShCM (Whippet)

2.    Cox’s Ch. Carlincox First Class JW ShCEx OSW (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

3.    Spring-Arnold’s Hyndsight Only In My Dreams (Deerhound)

4.    Simm’s Stonemartin Anlon at Ezhar (Azawakh)

Puppy Hound Group

1.    Gaskins Hampdach I am The One and Only at Dovestream (S/H Dachshund)

2.    Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Chasing the Sun (Whippet)

3.    Tofts Jarrowley Opal (Beagle)

4.    Parsons Priorpark Proud as Punch (Rhodesian Ridgeback)

AV Good Citizen Dog Scheme Stakes (26,11)

1.    Lee & Ratcliffe’s Arrodare Rebel With a Cause (Border Collie), stunning bitch of super proportions and excellent balance. Stood four square, lovely head eye & neck, super shoulders and good substance, excellent feet and correct front and really liked her classic lines and hind angulation. Moved with drive and purpose holding a beautiful outline at all times.

2.    Offer’s Ch. Woolytop The Viking (Bedlington Terrier)  – 4 years male. Immaculately presented dog of super breed type. Lovely head and eye, super shoulders, and lovely sweep of keel. Super top and underline used his correctly constructed hindquarters to good purpose moving with drive and style.

Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)