• Show Date: 22/07/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

South Yorkshire Hound Society

South Yorkshire Hound Society 

22 July 2022

Many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge at what was a wonderful show despite the weather, hound folk are at their best in adversity! So many beautiful hounds to go over and some really good ones didn’t even make the cut.

From an excellent line up, Best in Show was the Borzoi, Dawson’s Steppdance Pintel at Stubbylee (imp Nor), fully mature, elegant 6 y/o male full of breed type and with quite beautiful movement, floated around this big ring with such effortless free strides and precise footfall; has taken a while to come to hand but just about at his peak now and what a high peak it is. RBIS the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rhodes’ Ch Priorpark You Coda Be Mine of Metalrock JW, balanced outline with excellent running gear, typy head with masculine outlook, free elastic strides in profile with plenty of drive and reach, looks very much as if he could do a day’s hunting; G3 the GBGV, Milton’s Ch Wilmit Jugeote, loved the stylish outlook and balanced proportions of this girl, noble head, enough leg length for her height, really active and clean on the move, definitely fit for function; and G4 the Greyhound, Cutter & Lubin’s Ina’s Fashion Finest of Chosovi (imp Deu), most attractive red brindle with lean feminine head and textbook conformation with no exaggeration, light athletic movement in profile and clean out and back. Only 22 months and more to come from her.

Lovely line-up of puppies at varying stages of maturity. Best Puppy in Show was the Whippet, Tyson’s Starceylon Dancing Master, striking 6 months black who shows a great deal of promise, pleasing head, curvy outline, excellent front and plenty of scope, moved really well with daisy-cutting action despite this not being Whippet weather, hope he has a big future; RBPIS the Ibizan Hound, Hamilton’s Camabaros La Revoltosa with Harrisclub (imp Swe), 9 month w/r smooth, lovely breed typical outline without exaggeration; used her ears and showed herself off well, very nice profile action with hover, exciting prospect; PG3 the Basenji, Dunsdon’s Mawali New York New York, 6 months, pretty, compact short backed red, mature for her age and coped well with the decidedly damp conditions; good tailset and curl, strode out well in profile; and PG 4 the PBGV, Reid’s Maudaxi Fonzi Foxtrot, masculine true Petit head, with dark eye and good earset, excellent front, strong rear, harsh furnishings, strode out very well keeping his topline all the time.

Afghan Hounds

P (6,3 abs) Nice pups. 1, Griffin’s Istani Creed, b/m gold, masculine head with strong jaw, excellent forehand with very good return of upper arm and springy pasterns, sweeping rear with good length of thigh, tail carried well. Carried himself very well on the move, just needs to tighten a bit behind. BP; 2, Harwood’s Altside Too Hot to Handle, cream domino, again a very nice youngster, pleasing head, good shoulder placement, correct fallaway and tailset. Tidier behind than 1, but not as well-filled in front as yet; 3, Kirk & Williams’ Istani Davidoff The Game.

J ( 4,2) 1, Smith’s Katanga Jessica Jones, 12 months b/t, good strong jaw in shapely head, good length of neck into sloping shoulder, clean front, good fallaway and tail carriage, well defined saddle, moves very nicely; 2, Walsh’s Khawari You Got The Look, b/t with clean cheeked refined head, pleasing overall outline, good turn of stifle, moved pretty well, not especially happy in the rain and wind.

PG (6,3) Littermates both of high quality.1, Mitchell, Thornton & Smithson’s Absolute Afghan’s India at Karnak (Imp Nor), b/m gold, loved the expression on this one, real arrogant look to her. Really good front with excellent fill and clean shoulder, good topline and fallaway, carried tail well on the move and has a nice spring to her movement, RBOB; 2. Hills & Thornton’s Absolute Afghan’s Djibouti at Karnak JW (Imp Nor), similar head type but with masculine outlook, good front and neck to shoulder transition, strong sweeping quarters used well, correct ring to tail which could with advantage be carried a touch lower; 3, Newton’s Shimalma Jagermeister.

O (4,1) 1, Walsh’s Calamus Devil in Disguise (Imp Pol), striking red brindle male, with expressive dark eye, good length of neck into well laid shoulder, well ribbed up mature body of good depth, moved cleanly out and back and with good extension in profile, sloping croup and tail carried well, plenty of sweep to hindquarters. BOB, by the end of the day he had had enough of the wind and rain, and did not perform as well as he had in the breed. 2, Kirk & Williams’ Calamus Dirty Dancing at Istani (Imp Pol), more petite with a pleasing head, good front and forechest, correct saddle, movement sound and clean, much more settled than 3, Mitchell & Smithson’s Zandahar Xplosive Storm.

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)

Fantastic entry, thank you!

P (5,1) 1, Reid’s Maudaxi Johnny Loves Chacha, very nice feminine head, good front with enough fill, well ribbed up, harsh coat, decent feet, tail of correct length and well-carried, plenty of drive on the move; 2, Bartley’s Erylan Poseidon de la Mer, really nice masculine head and outlook, excellent front with clean limbs, level topline kept on the move. Would like a touch more turn of stifle; 3, Townsend’s Overbecks Esme Shelby at Roxastan.

J (3) 1, Cooper & Cadmore’s Soletrader Missy Elliott, another lovely head with dark eye and good length and set of ear. Excellent front with correct transition from neck to shoulder, well balanced proportions, good turn of stifle, tight feet, moved with drive and enthusiasm, pushed hard for the top spot. RBOB and runner-up in the RBOB Stakes. 2, Reid’s Maudaxi Fonzie Foxtrot, litter brother to 1 in Puppy and of similar excellent type, just a bit more together in the challenge. BP & PG4; 3, Fairhurst’s Valefell Savannah Journey.

PG (1) 1, Fairhurst’s Valefell Moonlight Tides, quite a nice head on this l/w girl though nose and pigment on the light side. Good angles both ends, carried tail well, moved quite well all round; feet not her fortune.

O (9) Superb class. 1, Allenby’s Ch Soletrader Fun Times for Rangali JW, this girl is definitely ‘compact and lively’! Beautifully balanced with really good front and feet, dark eye in a typy head with good furnishings, rock steady topline, good turn of stifle with correct length and set of tail, clean out and back and with free and reachy profile movement. BOB. 2, Foote & Macaulay’s Ch/Ir/Int Ch Erylan Phoebe La Fille Jeune Ir Jun Ch, mature bitch with short muzzle, good earset, excellent overall shape with balanced proportions, moving really well in all directions; 3, Foote & Macaulay’s Ir Ch Clonallan Just Beginning avec Erylan ShCM.

Bavarian Mountain Hounds

O (2) 1, Clymer & Newton’s Cornistor Woody, plenty of bone, nice head and dark eye, excellent front with good, depth and fill, moved very well coming and going and free stride in profile, a bit overangulated behind. BOB; 2, Borsuk’s Boartracker Bill, slightly lighter in build, nice level topline, good turn of stifle, moved OK going away and in profile, but he is rather wide in front and front movement was consequently untidy. RBOB.


Nice entry for my first time judging this spectacular breed, thank you.

Y (2) Littermates just out of puppy. Both of very nice type with pleasing heads, well off for bone and with excellent fronts and feet. 1, Burnside & Manley’s Houndseeker Dragonfly, quite a handful stacked but once moving she settled nicely and moved with plenty of athleticism. RBOB; 2, Prior’s Houndseeker Dauntless, perhaps has the greater scope but he was unruly on the move, very difficult to assess his movement.

L (1) 1, Burnside & Manley’s Blistatelnaya Xenia Iz Doma Markovyh at Houndseeker (Imp Rus) still a youngster with well balanced head, dark eye, good front and feet, strong bone and good topline. Much too keen on the move, and unable to properly settle and get into her stride.

O (2) 1, Burnside & Manley’s Houndseeker Bewitched, b/t with a lovely head and outlook, plenty of bone and substance, good feet, stands over a lot of ground and with mature depth and breadth of body, took a moment to settle but moved cleanly and well once she did. BOB; 2, Burnside & Manley’s Houndseeker Amber, red 6 y/o, dam of the juniors, of excellent type and moved in a more settled fashion than the others, plenty of substance and good clean front and feet. Not quite back in form after her litter.

AVNSC Hound 

O (2,1) 1, Drake-Brockman’s Podengo, Farlaundbear Hot Toddy, cracking little Podengo, very smart outlook with dark eye, and ears set and used well, harsh coat, clean front, level topline, good turn of stifle. Handler not able to move him to advantage but he was nice and sound out and back. Best NSC.

Stakes classes

AV Puppy Stakes (17,13) 

1, Whippet, S Dancing Master; 2, PBGV, E Poseidon de la Mer; 3, Dalton’s MLH Dachshund, Zilcan Creme Caramel.

AV Junior Warrant Stakes (10,4) 

1, Taylor’s Ibizan Hound, Ch Abbotsoak Carousel JW, this elegant lady has had 2 CCs from me so it’s no secret that I admire her classical outline, breed typical conformation and light profile movement with distinct hover; 2, Jolly’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Negasi Elberith for Clanbruachan JW, lovely and feminine in head and outlook, not sacrificing strength or substance. Matching front and rear angles, excellent feet and pasterns, moved very well, just out of junior and both these littermates should make further progress. 3, Shaw’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Negasi Radagast JW.

AV Show Certificate of Merit Stakes (2)

1, Foote & Macaulay’s Ir Ch Clonallan Just Beginning avec Erylan ShCM, PBGV, third in the strong open breed class, couldn’t believe she is 10; feminine typical head, balanced outline, good front with well laid shoulder, level topline, clean free mover; 2, Arden’s Beagle, Madika Spot On Jw ShCM VW, 8 y/o, petite t/w with soft expression, good pigment, well constructed and moved accordingly with plenty of activity..

AV Open Stakes (13,12)

1, Arden’s Beagle, Annavah Star Above Madika, pleasing 3y/o tri, soft expression, ample bone, well-laid shoulder, good stern carriage and well-muscled rear; moved cleanly and with true merry attitude.

AV Brace (6,2)

1, Hall’s Ibizan Hounds; I was looking for quality, similarity and co-ordination, and this beautifully matched pair of high class sisters met all three criteria. Very alike and working really well together. 2, Reid’s PBGVs, Also of high quality and very well matched but at 10 months they haven’t yet quite got the hang of working in unison; 3, Bartley’s PBGVs.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson (Shernazar)