• Show Date: 27/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 07/09/2023

Horley & District Show Society

Afghan Hounds

P (1) 1, BP, Rhodes’ Alaqadar Ariodante of Shadowfax (Imp), what a good start, delightful 8 month pup with a lovely feminine head with plenty of work in it, dark eye and arrogant expression, superb front with excellent shoulder placement and good fill for age, good fallaway and nicely ringed tail, really clean out and back with springy profile movement, obviously immature but out of the top drawer and strongly considered for RBOB.

J (1) Hills’ Way Up Radio Waves (Imp Ita), b/m gold, pleasing masculine head, good front and fill, tail set and carried well, good angulation behind. Just changing to a pleasing adult coat pattern. A bit of an exuberant handful but did enough to show that he could move well.

PG (5,1 abs) 1, Hills & Thornton’s Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnak JW(Imp Nor), 2 y/o b/m gold with excellent overall conformation, balanced all through with good angles both ends, moved much better today than the last time I went over him, plenty of spring and power. Strong masculine head and jaw. Tail carried a touch high; 2, Parson’s Ayoubkhan Honeysuckle to Shukriya JW, very different type, petite self cream, very feminine, again well balanced all through, used herself very well on the move, good fallaway and tail which she was a little reluctant to carry correctly; 3, Turner, Boydell & Hutton’s Nightwind You’re My Kind of Crazy.

O (3) 1, BOB Gunn & Cannon’s Int/Lux Ch Amal Hey I’m the Star at Zushkhan (Imp), black 8y/o who is chock full of type, not a grey hair on her feminine head with arrogant Eastern expression; she goes round the ring as if she owned it, absolutely full of Afghan attitude; clean out and back and athletic in profile. Would just like a better ring on her tail but no dog is perfect and this one has so much going for her. 2, RBOB, Parson’s Joneca Fire Cracker by Shukriya JW, upstanding b/m gold, shapely masculine head with good eye shape and placement, strong sweeping rear used to good effect, plenty of scope and power on the move, well placed croup and tail carried correctly with pleasing ring; would just like a touch smoother transition from neck to topline; 3, N You’re My Kind of Crazy.


P (3,1) 1, BP & BOB, Whitton’s Haggatty Callisto, another cracking youngster, neat blanket tri with a most pleasing soft expression, excellent front and feet, well ribbed up, good stern carriage and level topline, really shone on the move with ample drive from strong quarters and free extension, quality pup; 2, Whitton’s Haggatty Bonafide, another nice pup of similar very nice type and closely related; not quite the expression of 1 and though he moved well enough he lacked the poise of 1, needs to settle in his work but much to like.

J (2, 1) H Bonafide

PG (3) 1, Simkin’s Simeldaka Marfa Ridge, l/w bitch out of a slightly finer mould, sweet feminine head, well balanced with good shoulder, clean bone, good feet and firm topline, stern carried well, front and profile movement good, not the drive behind of the puppy; 2, Whitton’s Jalhar New Lease of Life with Haggatty, tri, one I have judged and liked before, compact and feminine and with excellent free sidegait which she has passed on to her lovely daughter. Having a wee bit too much fun today! 3, Ferguson’s Lillipaw Douglas.

O (4,2) 1, RBOB, Simkin’s Simeldaka Senglea Squire, masculine with dark eye and soft expression, well balanced with good muscle tone, moving well in all directions and presented a pleasing overall picture ; 2, Ferguson’s Nedlaw Queen of Hearts, tri, nice enough head and she moved OK once she settled, clean out and back. Little bit short in upper arm and a tendency to post when stacked.

Dachshunds (MLH)

The rather long grass was an issue for many of the miniatures especially.

P (1) 1, BP, McCarthy’s Nagshall the Odd Excuse 8 month self cream, well-balanced head with dark eye, strong jaw and pleasing expression, nice strong rear moved well, good front and feet, rising slightly in topline at the moment.

J (1) 1, McCarthy’s Nagshall Dyce the Ice, self cream with good front and tight feet, masculine head, moved nicely, clean out and back, keeping topline well.

PG (1) 1, BOB, McCarthy’s Nagshall I’m So Dizzy, self cream, pleasing head with plenty of work in it, very good front and feet, well-rounded rear used to good effect, topline firm on the move, quality bitch.

O (1) 1, RBOB, McCarthy’s Nagshall Dutch Odyssey, mature 4yo red, very nice head, masculine but not coarse; good front, decent rear, moved pretty well in the long grass. Not as good in topline today as his kennelmate.

Dachshunds (LH)

O (2) 1, BOB, Clarke’s Teckelhaus the Excelsior, red, in beautiful coat, head is masculine but still with ample chiselling and refinement, really good front with tight feet and short nails, strong well rounded rear, quite the showman who really powers round the ring, 2, RBOB, Sutton’s Kindeace Texas Tornado at Damai, slightly stronger in head but well shaped and no coarseness, he also has an excellent front, well balanced front to rear and in fit condition with well-fitted jacket. Not as happy in the long grass as 1 and not putting his best foot forward in profile.

Dachshunds (MSH)

P (2,1) Fairchild’s Lokmadi Sandman Restinim. 8 months red with nice houndy head, level topline, good strong rear end, moved well, would like depth of ribbing carried back a little further.

J (1) 1, BP, Oakley’s Ardenrun Hark the Lark, 11 months shaded sable, good front and tight feet, feminine head, balanced angulation, well-ribbed up, being rather naughty but she did show that she could move well.

PG (3) 1, Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Ella Fitzgerald, shaded red 2 y/o, liked the houndy type of this girl, nothing toyish about her, well balanced with enough leg, moved with plenty of enthusiasm despite the grass; 2, Fairchild & Oakley’s Ardenrun Waltzing Matilda, b/t, nice head and outlook, in gleaming show condition, kept topline well, not quite the front of 1 and didn’t like the grass; 3, Sommers’ Judy Rainbow.

O (5, 1) 1, BOB, Pearmain & Sherwood’s Delandmar Katharine Hepburn, well-balanced shaded red, again of excellent type with a lovely head, really good front with correct depth and keel, rounded rump used well on the move, which she did freely and well, the long grass held no terrors for her; 2, RBOB West’s Archidax Betty Boop, 7 y/o red of a slightly different type, preferred 1’s head type but this lady is a well constructed, correctly balanced hound who is the consummate showgirl, really enjoying herself on the move, handled the conditions much better than 3, Pearmain’s Delandmar Hattie McDaniel.

Dachshunds (SH)

P (1) Chapman-Reith’s BP & BOB, Hayvenhund Hissy Fit, 10 mths b/t, what a super young hound, really beautiful head and expression with powerful jaw and good chiselling, excellent flow from poll to tail, super front and keel, well-ribbed up and moved extremely well with plenty of drive, in gleaming coat, loved her.

J (1) Chapman-Reith’s RBOB, Hayvenhund Hunky Dory, also 10 months, again a very pleasing head, masculine version. Well constructed all through with an excellent front and shoulder and strong rear, moving really well, very nice young hound.

O (1) Chapman-Reith’s Wanderhund Let’s Celebrate for Hayvenhund, 5 y/o dam of the pups, again a really nice head and very good front with excellent clean shoulders mature in body and well ribbed up, level topline held well, good in profile, not quite as positive behind as the pups.

Dachshunds (MWH)

P (1) 1, BP, Stewart-Brown’s Griffindax Gin Spritz, excellent harsh furnishings, good front and feet, correct height/length ratio, nice houndy head. Couldn’t get her to show off her movement in the long grass.

J (1) 1, Sexton & DaSilva’s Molloney Woody or Won’t He at Ertekes, decent masculine head with strong brows and jaw, good topline, rounded rump, moving well behind and in profile.

PG (4,1) 1, RBOB, West’s Archidax Hocus Pocus, cream 2 y/o. Not especially keen on her head type, would prefer a stronger foreface and more almond eye, but from the neck back she is really pleasing with her well-balanced construction, excellent front, good ground clearance and very good positive free movement; 2, M Woody or Won’t He at E; 3, Piper’s Macushia Michael Mosley at Avvoltoio.

O (2) 1, BOB, West’s Archidax Dark Phoenix, red that I have always admired, now pretty much fully mature and what a lovely little bitch she is, better head than her kennelmate with almond eye and strong jaw, excellent front, good clearance, well ribbed-up and with a super strong rear giving lots of drive, free flowing in profile, little cracker; 2, Stewart-Brown’s Pennywave Pink Gin, pleasing head and outlook, good front, level topline, strong rear, moved pretty well, perhaps carrying a touch too much condition.

Dachshunds (WH) 

J (1) 1, Shalka’s Kenzduo Blackhole, 17 mths youngster with a strong masculine head, very good harsh furnishings, well-laid shoulder, strong rear with good tail carriage, moved pretty well, not quite fully bodied up as yet.

PG (1) 1, K Blackhole

O (2) 1, BOB, Howlett & Phillips’ Ch Tendrow Makes the Right Turn JW, and she does! 2 y/o with a super head, excellent front and feet, good height/length ratio, powerful steady driving action and lots of reach in front, top class bitch; 2, RBOB, Apps’ Calicoe Just Me, 3 yo red with dark eye and arch of muzzle, very well-laid shoulder and return, good depth and forechest, rounded rear used to good effect. Would like tighter feet.

Irish Wolfhounds

O (1) 1, BOB, Heather’s Ch Whiteorchard Ad Astra JW, alone but a very worthy winner, beautifully balanced and constructed, absolutely sound all through, athletic and clean on the move, feminine in outlook with strong jaw and dark eye, no exaggerations, everything flows harmoniously, pleasure to go over.

Pharaoh Hounds

O (1) 1, BOB, Panayiotis’ Ynchreenoo Gold Edition, lovely outline on the 4yo bitch, showed herself off to perfection and she has a good front and feet with matching, unexaggerated rear angulation, moved very nicely all round, used mobile ears very well, would like a touch less stop. A very nice type.


PG (1) 1, BOB, Chippendale’s Flytesfield Hyddwn, pleasing well chiselled head on this young hound, well-balanced angulation, hocks well let down, good muscle tone in his quarters and moved with a light, effortless action in profile, slightly high tail carriage and not quite fully mature yet but shows much promise.

O (2,1) 1, BOB, Chippendale’s Imhotep Rears Natural Jasmine (Imp Bel), cream 4 y/o, nice head with good veining, ample depth with sufficient spring of rib, firm topline and good muscle tone, moved pretty well all round but preferred front of his kennelmate.


O (1) 1, BOB, Woodgate, Boggia & De Souza’s Xandu Khan Schuru-Esch-Schams (Imp), this hound is achingly typy with his aristocratic air and proud carriage of head, which is full of detail; breed typical conformation, correct proportions and lean muscle, moves very nicely, a great ambassador for the breed.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson