• Show Date: 01/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

Pharaoh Hound Club

I was invited to judge this friendly well run show at short notice on the illness of the scheduled judge, who had drawn a fantastic entry; I wish her the speediest of recoveries, and would like to thank the exhibitors for accepting my decisions in such a sporting way. Thanks also to the committee for their hospitality and to my very efficient steward. A very good turnout and an interesting one with some differences in type.

VD (2, 1 abs) 1, Dawson’s Ch Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris, what a great start! This nearly 9 y/o male is in great shape, no concessions needed to his age. Beautifully balanced with a super forehand and strong well muscled rear, no exaggeration anywhere; masculine head with correct ears used all the time; really impressed on the move with his absolute soundness out and back and free stride in profile; just had to give way to his lovely daughter in the challenge. BD, BV & RBIS

PGD (1) 1, Cole’s Doucai’s Lampuki, 2 y/o, very good strength of jaw, ears of nice texture; rich tan coat, good height/length ratio, well ribbed up, moved quite well out and back. Feet not his fortune and a touch straight behind.

LD (1) 1, Cole’s Doucai’s Star Tal Rabat, rich tan, decent head with strong jaw, though not keen on using ears; good shoulder, level topline, balanced moderate angulation and good ribbing, moved nicely all round. Tail could be longer and carried some feather.

OD (4,2) 1, Reynolds & Hansen’s Bazinga I Want to Break Free (Imp Nor), 3 y/o with masculine head and strong jaw, used ears well, correct proportions, good flow from neck to topline courtesy of good shoulder placement, well ribbed up, good muscle tone. Clean going away but a bit loose in elbow which transfers to his front movement, rather untidy coming at me. RBD. 2, Cole’s Doucai’s Iben Zeijtan, a more compact 6 y/o male with a rich tan coat, head shape OK but not keen to use his ears, better front movement than 1 but hocking out going away and could carry a little more flesh for perfection, a little unsettled in the ring.

VB (1) 1, Davis’ Threemoons Shooting Star, venerable 13 y/o lady, still with a pleasing feminine head and expression, good length of neck, shoulder and forechest, good depth of chest. Still moves cleanly out and back, a little stately in profile.

PGB (2,1) 1, Ashby’s Regina Allesandra, elegant 2y/o rich tan, lovely head and outlook with a striking outline, lean, well chiselled head, good ear placement and use, balanced matching angles, starting to mature in body now. Moves quite nicely but tends to shorten and lose her topline, tail set rather high.

LB (2,1) 1, Svaldenyte’s Casita Hound Lunar Eclipse, very pleasing 19 month youngster with a really nice head, good length of neck into good shoulder and return of upper arm, clean elbows, well balanced with good height/length ratio, lean muscle, moved very well all round. Could tighten in feet and pastern. RBB

OB (4) 1, Svaldenyte’s Casita Hound Moon Love Story, what a lovely young bitch, also 19 months; beautiful head with good chiselling, used ears to perfection, good length and arch of neck, deep brisket with ribbing carried well back, so well-balanced, a picture of elegance. Moved really well out and back with a lovely free flowing action in profile, better feet than her sister. Not surprised to hear afterwards that she has 2 CCs already, hope the third isn’t too long in coming. BB & BIS; 2, Ashby, Cappelaere & Samways’ Kurriera Crystal Amethyst, 6 y/o, very elegant outline, feminine outlook, good topline and length of ribbing, lean muscle, tail set on well, soft in pastern and a bit loose in front, though clean going away and OK in profile; 3, Cole’s Doucai’s B’imhabba.

Lisa Tyler-Jackson