• Show Date: 01/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Pettitt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Wessex Border Collie Club

Wessex Border Collie Club 1st June 2023  -  BORDER COLLIES 

My sincere thanks to the Wessex BCC for the invitation to judge here today, and for your entries which were very much appreciated. I have been following (and judging) Borders since 1998, and think they have come on significantly over the years, they are such an impressive breed. Probably due to low numbers, I did find the entry rather diverse in type. Size varied, but temperaments and presentation were exceptionally good. I personally prefer a Border to stand and show naturally, as stacking can affect their natural shape and outline. There are obviously pros and cons of holding a breed show within a general championship show. It certainly saves the committee a lot of work in costs and sourcing venues, but some might question how it effects entries?

MPD (0)

PD (1)

1st: HYSTEPS IRISH DANNY BOY (Poguntke) 11 months on the day this boy shows a lot of promise for the future. His head is balanced with well set eye, and ear placement. A strong neck and well made front with good length of upper arm. He sports a lovely outline although he appears a bit narrow in body at present, as he needs to fill out in rib/chest, which will of course develop with age. He has strong bone and plenty of substance, and was a decent mover. I wouldn’t want him any larger in size. BPD.

JD (2-1)

1st: H. Irish Danny Boy

YD (2-1)

1st: GERMAL MOET ICE IMPERIAL at DARKQUEST (Morgan) B/W male of 23 months. Up to size with a masculine head. Broad skull with distinct stop. Eyes of moderate size, set well apart. Good length of neck and deepness of chest. I would prefer more angulation especially the hindquarters, which would aid better drive in rear movement. His was also a bit proud of his tail.

ND (1)

1st: DARIAN END GAME (Taylor)

This class was held up due to the exhibitor entering an adult handling class in the main show. It was a shame they clashed, but priority in my opinion must be given to exhibiting in a ‘breed’ class. At 2 years this boy still has some maturing to do. His size is good, and he has a decent head, well balanced with a good length of neck. He is sufficiently angulated at the rear, but moves a little wide in front. Another who’s tail was carried high.

GD (1)

1st: G. Moet Ice Imperial at D

PGD (3-1)

1st: ALTRICIA LUCKY BOY (Ay1) (Moran)

B/W 2 year old who appealed for his construction in frame size and shape. He is slightly leaner in body than his contender, and still needs to develop in rib and chest. He has a level back, and a well set on long tail. His head is balanced with a nicely shaped eye, distinct stop, and fairly broad skull. I preferred his movement to second.

2nd: KANAMARAN ACE of WANDS (Henwood)

Another B/W of 3 years, who’s body is more developed and mature than one. His head is a little heavier to handle, his expression very masculine with a broad skull, and deep stop. He has good bone and substance with a deep chest, well sprung ribcage, and correct length of tail. His movement was not quite as steady as one today.

LD (2-1) 1st: PENCOPPEN GOOD TIMIN (Lampier)

Free standing 4 year old who is soundly constructed. He has a sufficient length of neck with well laid back shoulders, good length of upper arm, and close elbows. A level back with strong loins, good turn of stifles, and well let down strong hocks. His movement was well co-ordinated with a smooth free gait. I would prefer more distinct head features with more moulding and definition - his full white muzzle detracting a little from his expression.

OD (2) - Two mature adult males, varied in type, and a challenging task to separate them as they are both lovely representatives of the breed. Both very athletic in appearance, giving the impression of tenacious, hard-working dogs.

1st: CH. WYNNLAKE A DROP IN THE OCEAN (Aus Ch – Imp Aus) (Angier, Stacey & Seghezzi)

Just over 4 years, I felt this boy had the frame size and head properties I was looking for today. It is well balanced in length with smooth cheeks, distinct stop, and rounded muzzle. His tipped ears are well positioned and he has a lovely oval shaped eye producing a mild, keen, but alert expression. His forequarters are well angulated with his elbows placed under his withers. He has a deep chest, good spring of rib, and sufficient turn of stifle. To change anything about him, I would prefer a little more slope to his croup. However, he moved out well, covering the ground with good stealth and speed. BD & RBIS

2nd: THWAITELAKE BUZZMAN (Akester & Wiltshire)

Rising 3 years old, this mature male is very impressive especially on the move. His construction is sound, and he sports a lovely outline when standing. Head wise, I would prefer a little more refinement along the cheek line, but that does not deter from his masculine expression, and is probably not so noticeable when he is in with a larger class of comparable males. He has a good reach of neck, strong body, matching angulations fore and aft with a slope over the croup, and long tail. He moves out well showing good reach and drive in his tireless gait. A quality dog who I am sure has all the attributes worthy of gaining him a title. Res BD.

VD (2-1)


10 year old in very good condition for his age. Very alert in expression. A nice outline showing long neck and well laid back shoulders, with well made front, and a lovely level back and topline which he kept on the move. His hindquarters are sufficiently angulated in bend of stifle with short well let down hocks allowing him to express good rear drive in movement. Res BVIB.

SAOC-B&W: (2-1)


Brown/White male of 3.5 years, who carries a long straight coat with flashy markings. Not a big boy by height, but a well balanced head (if a little strong) and eye blending with coat colour. Good spring of rib and deep chest. Sound in movement going away, but a little out at elbow coming towards. Un-apposed for BSAOCIS.

SWD (1)

1st: G. Moet Ice Imperial at D.

MPB (0)

PB (2) – Two nice puppy bitches. Only one day different in age!

1st: HYSTEPS MY IRISH COLEEN (Austin & Zolakova)

What a lovely puppy bitch, who is the litter sister to the BPD. (11 months today). She has a lovely outline to her frame in profile. Her body is developing well, and she has plenty of fore-chest with parallel legs when viewed from the front, with strong but flexible pasterns. Her body is ideal in length with deep loins and correctly set on tail. Her movement was exceptionally sound for her age. Pure quality and one to watch for the future of the breed. BPB & BPIS.


Another nice puppy but smaller and finer in construction than one. She still has a lot of maturing to do - slow but sure is good thing for some. Her head is feminine, she has a nice eye, foreface, and muzzle. Her neck is of good length. Movement was not quite as stealthy as one, but given time I’m sure she will come on okay.

JB (3) A rather mixed type in this class. Either could have taken first place for different reasons.


Just approaching 13 months this bitch has nice overall body ratio’s being balanced in length to height. She did tend to tuck under a little at the back, but she was one who was stacked, and maybe it had an effect on this. Her shoulder could also be a little more laid back, but her movement was satisfactory, and she is in good fit condition.

2nd: E. THIS MUST BE LOVE. (As per notes from previous class)


This youngster at 12.5 months lacked the body and maturity of the others placed ahead of her. She has a pretty head, but going into her junior stage, and just needs time to mature on and coat up.

YB (2-1)


B/W of 20 months. Lovely head, nicely balanced with well filled foreface, oval eye, and medium sized ears. Good length of neck merging into well laid back and ideally angulated shoulder. Good legs and feet. Her body is small in frame but well covered, and her movement was okay, but lacked a little in stealth when going around in the challenge.

NB (0)

GB (2-2)

PGB (2-1)


This 3 year old is a nice size, but she is rather narrow through in body at present, and lacks a little condition. I would prefer more length of neck, and angulation to her forequarters which would aid better reach on the move. However, her rear angulation is satisfactory and she proved this with good rear drive. Her coat is not in the best bloom, but then this has to be expected with bitches at various times of the year.

LB (3-1) Two different types again!


I loved the head of this bitch… So feminine, clean and well balanced with a beautiful expression. Lovely eye, and ears set correctly with semi-errect tips. Smooth cheeks with rounded muzzle, and correct bite. She is well developed in body with deep chest, and firm loins with sufficient bone and substance for her size. I would perhaps like a little more front angulation, but despite this she did express good reach in front movement. Another in good fit condition.

2nd: TAMBUZI OVER THE TOP (Butterworth)

B/W bitch of 4 years, a size larger than one. She has a super neck, and topline, with decent angulations and good muscle tone. In head features, she has a keen expression although I felt her lighter eye detracted slightly from this. She has deep muscular thighs but slightly long in hock. She moved out well, and was responsive to her owner/handler.

OB: (2-1)


I was so pleased to have the opportunity to assess this lovely bitch today. I have seen her from the ringside at shows in E.Anglia, and have thought what a lovely example of the breed she is. Full of quality and breed type, she is well proportioned showing gracefulness and balance. Ideal in size, she has a lovely head of equal length, an oval shaped dark eye, flat skull, good mouth and underjaw, and a lovely feminine but keen expression. She sports a graceful outline, good length to height ratios and her angulations are well matched with sloping shoulders and good return of upper arm. Straight front with flexible pasterns, good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. She portrayed free tireless, effortless movement showing excellent front extension and compelling drive from the rear. A real picture of endurance and strength with the minimum lift of feet. Good luck to her owners for her future show career. BB & BIS.

VB (4)

1st: BIRKCROSS GRACIE at LEFEVRE (Sh. CH) (Hoskins) RBB & BVIS - 2nd: TONKORY MARK TIME (AI) (Lampier)


A lovely class of young veteran ladies – all of similar age. (7-8yrs).

I had the pleasure of judging ‘Gracie’ a few years ago in an open show group, and thought what a lovely example of the breed she was then. She obviously went on to do well, and gain her title which other judges thought she was worthy of. The girl in second place I found similar in type to first. They both have typical heads, and show a good length of neck, typical outlines, and good bone and substance without being too heavy or course. Third was also not looking her age, and was in just as good coat and condition as the others she was up against. Fourth was a very stylish bitch, although a little heavier in build than the others, and is the dam of the BIS winner. However, they all moved remarkably well, and it was quite a challenge to separate them in my placings.

SAOC-B&W (0)

SWB (2)


Approaching 7 years this blue is nicely constructed although she was stacked and tended to stand stretched in profile. However, she moved well showing good speed and ground cover. Her head is well proportioned, and balanced, although I would prefer a tighter ear set and carriage. BSWB.

 2nd: ZEABO YANKIE GIRL (It Imp) (Allison)

B/M of 5.5 years, who has a lovely coat of ideal colour and markings. She stands taller than one and shows a good length of neck, long back, muscular hindquarters and good bone. Her head is in proportion with her size, and she is a very alert and keen showgirl. She also moved well.

JUDGE: Lisa Pettitt