• Show Date: 28/01/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Parker Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield Canine Society 2023

Miniature Schnauzer

Puppy (2,2a)

Junior (4,2a)

1st Copper’s Mary Wells P/S Bitch. Good head, well used ears, dark eye with a lovely expression. Adequate fore chest, good spring of rib with good depth, good layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Lovely flow from neck in to topline, with good tail set and carriage. Nicely muscled throughout and low hocks used well, matching angulation front and rear. Good coat colour and texture presented very well. Moved with reach and drive looking especially good in profile and accurate on the out and back, handled beautifully. BOB. Nice to hear she was shortlisted in the group too.

2nd Moorcroft’s Tammux Elementary Watson B/S Dog. An up to size dog without being too course or heavy set. Masculine head with good proportions, dark eye and typical schnauzer look. Has some fore chest and ok in upper arm. Not quite the depth or spring of rib as 1. Good tail set. Good coat texture and colour, could be shorter to enhance his look. Looked nice in profile holding himself well just had a tendency to move a little close behind on the away.

Post Grad (4,2a)

1st McDermott’s Lichstone Born To Dream P/S Bitch. Good head with neat ears and dark eye. Well laid back shoulder, with some fore chest. Well sprung ribs with good depth, short in loin giving a cobby appearance. Lovely flow through neck to topline to a good tail set and carriage. Good coat texture and colour. Moved well out and back when settled but could not match BOB in the challenge in profile. RBOB.

2nd Barton’s Beanara Sweet Secret P/S Bitch. Ok head with dark eye and used ears well. Ok shoulder and upper arm with some fore chest. Not as well sprung in rib as 1st. Slightly longer cast but still giving a nice overall shape. Good muscle and moved ok. Coat was of good colour and texture presented well.

Open (0)


Puppy (0)

Junior (0)

Post Grad (1)

1st Bradshaw’s Kaiteriteri Hijinx P/S Bitch. Ok in head, good eye and ears. Nice neck, good lay of shoulder with deep well sprung ribs and good fore chest. Short in loin in to good rear matching front angulation. Well muscled throughout to give nice strong movement in all directions. Ok in coat with good colour. RBOB

Open (2, 1a)

1st Bawden & Brown’s Amigris Ain’t Misbehavin At Khanate P/S Bitch. Lovely balanced head, with dark eye, good ears and expression. Strong neck, well laid back shoulders, strong topline in to well set tail with good carriage. Well sprung rib, depth below elbow and good return of upper arm. Short loin. Well made rear with good hocks. Muscled throughout. Moved beautifully in all directions with a good strong steady action. Darker in colour but still harsh and presented well. BOB.

Giant Schnauzer

Puppy (1,1a)

Junior (0)

Post Grad (1)

1st Clay’s Philoma Lucia Black Bitch. Very cheeky girl who loved to try and show her owner up with her exuberance. Lovely strong but feminine head, with dark eye and good ears. Well laid back shoulder and return of upper arm, good fore chest, spring of rib and depth to body. Good loin and muscle. Slight slope to croup and well set on tail. Coat texture ok, good bone. When settled moved well in all directions in a ring slightly small to get her really going. BOB

Open (3,2a)

1st Repeat of Post Grad

Lisa Parker (Violis)