• Show Date: 30/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 24/10/2023

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society

West Bromwich & Wednesbury Canine Society – Saturday 30th September 2023

Thank you to the society for inviting me to judge Dalmatians at their show, hospitality was excellent, and I was made to feel very welcome with two efficient lovely stewards. Sadly, the ring was insufficient in size for our moving breed. Thank you to all the exhibitors for accepting my decisions and making the most of the space we had available.


Puppy (6,0)

1st Tingey’s Dallyador White Magnolia – 9-month-old nicely decorated liver spotted bitch, really liked her size and substance. Amber eyes nicely marked face with well carried ears, powerful muzzle and broad skull but retaining her femininity. Neck flows into a good layback of shoulder with defined withers. Nice neat feet with good spring of pastern. Well sprung ribs, excellent thigh, gives a nice rounded rear. Moved out well, showing good reach and her schooling really helped her in the small ring make the most of the space. Carried her tail well on the move and showed a great outgoing personality. Reserve Best of Breed + Best Puppy In Breed

2nd Robbins & Hensman’s Salvadorada Honolulu Honey At Palouse – Slightly older liver bitch at 10 months, but much more forward in her development. Feminine face with bright expression, uses her ears well and very attentive to her handler. Larger frame over 1, as she has a little more leg length. Good round bone, strong feet and well-defined hocks. Strong over the loin and presented in excellent condition for coat and appropriate muscle for her age.

Post Graduate (4,2)

1st Townson & Pardoe’s Sophtspot Phantasia For Daymadals – Strikingly black spotted 2-year-old bitch, you couldn’t get darker spotting than this girl. Handy size, feminine all through. Alert expression. Nicely arched neck, elbows fitting well to her body, which was in fantastic muscular condition. Strong topline, level back and her spotted tail is set and carried well. Lovely rapport with her handler and moved accurately to take the class showing a long easy stride, clean movement in all directions.

2nd Graham-Weall’s Steyndal Moon Stone Among Phidity – Well schooled black spotted 2-year-old male, classic spotting very nicely evenly decorated, another that was in excellent condition, you can tell these dogs are exercised. Liked his head, broad across the skull, well broken ears but could use them better to show his expression. Moved round well, just felt 1 was more accurate out and back, would have benefited from more space.

Open (2,0)

1st Green & Sears Alphadal Ain’t Misbehaving At Judally JW – Classy outline on this rich liver spotted 5 year old male, ideal for size and substance. Correct length to his muzzle and a broad skull, moderate stop, correct bite and clean all through, soft expression but alert always. Well set ears, finished off with broken markings made for a beautiful head. Scored well for width of chest and his forehand with matching rear angulation, excellent thigh and strong well let down hocks, this enabled him to demonstrate plenty of drive even in the small space, he moved with confidence and accuracy, straight movement out and back. Compact feet, with well-manicured nailed finished off his tip top condition, coat was clean, and his colouring is so rich and well defined, he presented a calm happy temperament, showing so well earned him Best of Breed.

2nd Penn’s Dalfellin Agape At Dalarisa – Rising two evenly decorated black spotted bitch, liked her strong muzzle matching her skull, nice balance to ensure she retained her feminine expression with dark oval eyes, nice head. Moderate neck length, nicely arched, good lay back of shoulder, straight forelegs and round bone. Presents a moderate outline, would like a touch more length to her body just to balance her a little more. Well developed second thigh, as she has a good turn of stifle. On the move uses her hocks well and displayed powerful straight movement. Coat was short and clean, another presented in fantastic condition, well-schooled and showing all the time for her handler.

Lisa Marley (Bellili)