• Show Date: 22/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Marley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Kirkcaldy & District Canine Club

Kirkcaldy & District Canine Club – 22nd April 2023

What a wonderful show, thank you to the committee for the invitation and fantastic hospitality throughout the day along with a personalised gift, a lovely memento. A show I would like to be an exhibitor at in the future. 


Special Yearling (1,0)

1st Mrs J Christie Sophtspot Perfect Storm – Well schooled 17-month-old black male, very kind expression with dark pigmentation and well broken ears. Elegant in outline and kept a lovely rhythm when moving. Good balance throughout, tight feet with well-manicured nails. Correct tail set and carriage, and he kept moving well throughout the classes making the most of the ring with his smooth movement. RBOB

Post Graduate (6,2)

1st Emma Knight Buzzbrook Pussywillow – 2-year-old black spotted bitch, beautiful dark eyes giving her a sweet expression, her ears are well broken and held well, clean around the mouth and correct dentition. Fair length of neck fitting well into good shoulder placement. She has lovely depth to her body and elbows held close, with ribs carried well back. Balanced angulation and well let down hocks, and correct tail set. Made a lovely picture when moving in all directions, presented in lovely clean condition, pleased to award her BOB and later see her be placed Group 3 still showing well after a long day.

2nd – Repeat 1st in Special Yearling. Just in that teenage phase and had been a bit distracted by the ladies recently.  

Open (4,1)

1st Repeat 1st Special Yearling & 2nd PG – Stepped up his movement in this class to clinch the top spot.

2nd Mrs W & Mrs E Pratt Gatfulls Honey Bee Of Lyndalla – 4-year-old bitch took my eye on entering the class for overall balance completed by well distributed black spotting of good size on a white coat. Lovely head with correct proportions and well-set ears. Good return of upper arm and shoulder placement, correct round bone and plenty lung and heart room. Strong loin, nicely muscled hindquarters leading to nice tail set. With some more ringcraft should do well. 

Junior Handling

6 – 11 Years (6,0)

What a wonderful class all very polite, with some very hard decisions. You all made me smile with how much you encouraged your dogs, talking to them and making sure they knew exactly what you were asking of them, lovely partnerships developing, just keep practicing! My little tip for this class, make sure to leave room for the judge to see all of your dog easily when completing your pattern work. 

1st – Evie Bryson with a Scottish Terrier. Delightful handling, very nice table presentation especially with showing teeth and followed instructions well using all the very large ring, I think the dog was feeling a little tired by the end of the day and she worked very hard to keep them going, nice encouragement and didn’t rush. 

2nd – Karson Maver handling a delightful Cocker Spaniel, lovely shadowing with no fuss, tidy lead work and moved his puppy at the correct pace with nice corners. Set off with nice straight lines from my feet.

12 – 17 Years (7,3)

Fabulous class who all worked hard, came down to some fine details in the end, 4 lovely handlers who were getting the best from their dogs. Lovely congratulating of the placings by all the class, really nice to see! 

1st Ellie Darling-Steele making the most of our extra-large ring with her Rhodesian Ridgeback. Clean showing of the teeth using correct technique. Won this class on her straight lines, taking time to make sure her dog was ready to go. Smooth lead work and lovely corners whilst keeping the rhythm in her movement. Always stacked her dog to advantage and pattern work was correct. Lovely handling, took Best Junior Handler overall. 

2nd Alexis Kirkwood-Emery with a Chinese Crested, stood to perfection throughout the class. Lovely rapport with her dog, a lovely calm performance and moved at the correct pace especially on the go around with the bigger dogs finishing their go around, Alexis didn’t rush to catch up. Even with a smaller dog, remember to leave some space when presenting back to the judge

Judge - Lisa Marley (Bellili)