• Show Date: 11/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 21/10/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Bournemouth open show report, 11th August 2023

Lisa Reid (Saadani), Hounds

Dachshund Miniature Long-Haired

Class 21 – no entries

Class 22 – PG (2)

1. Hanburydax Fleur Jac 18 month old bitch who won this class on her overall balance. Loved her clean lines, lovely proportions and strong rear. Pretty head with strong muzzle, good shoulders and legs well under her. She is well ribbed back and holds her topline at all times. Moved well.

2. Hanburydax Lord Oliver 3year old male with a handsome head, correct eye and good proportions throughout. He was a bit shy today which was a shame, and tended to drop his rear but when he cooperates has lovely balance and a correct outline. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

Class 23 – Open (1)

1. Hanburydax Phantom Lady, 3 year old bitch with a pretty head, good strong muzzle, correct ears and strong neck. Nicely balanced, she has a good front assembly and balanced rear angulation. Strong rear, she moved well holding her topline and driving from the rear. BOB.

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Class 24 - Junior (1,1)

Class 25 Post Grad (2,1)

1. Marshwick Hope and Glory, chocolate and tan bitch of 20 months, she has good balance and is not overdone. Lovely profile outline, typical head with correct almond eye and strong jaw. Excellent neck, good shoulder with plenty heart-room and balanced rear angles. Strong topline, well-muscled rear. Moved well.

Class 26 – no entries

Dachshund (Minature Smooth)

Class 27 – Junior (5)

1. Rosencrantz Ophelia 16 months bitch, loved her outline. Feminine yet strong with no exaggeration. Lovely head, clean neck into lovely front assembly with plenty heart-room. Long keel and ribbed well back, legs well under her and good bone. Strong topline, excellent width thigh and strong rear with excellent hocks. Moved well in all directions.

2. Normpug Apricot Beauty, 15 months bitch with lovely balance, not overdone. Good eye, nice head proportions, strong neck, nice shoulders and deep chest. Good ribbing, strong rear. Moved with drive.

3. Amaffrey Flo Rider - BPIB

Class 28 Post Grad (3,1)

1. Normpug Prairie Moon 15 months old bitch with feminie head, good ears and eye and strong jaws. Clean neck, lovely shoulders and well filled chest. Forelegs close to body and underneath, long keel, well ribbed and strong topline. Plump, rear with good width of thigh and strong hocks. Won this class on her movement which was good in all directions.

2. Siouxline Maisie Rayne, pretty puppy of just 6 months. Kind eye, good ears and lovely head proportions. Lovely profile, she is well balanced with nothing overdone. Good neck, lovely shoulder angulation, lovely bone and feet. Good length of body, and a rear to balance her front. Moved well when settled, well handled.

Class 29 Open (5) A lovely class.

1. Amaffrey Jessie James JW 2-year-old male with a classic head, correct dark almond eye and good earset. Strong, clean neck, excellent shoulders with legs well under him, and well-filled forechest. Long ribcage, keel extending well back and good top and underlines. Excellent rear, with strength and width throughout. He carries himself well, holding his outline at all times. Moved very well, pleasure to award him BOB.

2. Siouxline Elizabeth Very pretty 2 year old bitch with an elegant outline, she scores well in front assembly with a long clean neck, into lovely shoulders. Lovely long ribcage and strong loin. She is so well balanced with a lovely well angled rear. Just lost out to 1 on movement today.

3. Pennydach Mystique At Rosencrantz

Dachshund (Wire Haired)

Class 30 Junior (3,1)

1. Boloria Wild Spice - I loved this 16 month old bitch and could have easily taken her home! She has a wonderful outline, attractive head with all the right furnishings and correct proportions, correct dentition, eye and ears. Nothing exaggerated, she has a strong arched neck, beautiful shoulders with an excellent return of upper arm and ample heart-room. Good bone and feet, Well ribbed back with firm topline, long keel and good underline, strong loin and plum, well muscled rear. Excellent turn of stifle with low strong hock and good width of thigh. She moved well in all directions. Could not deny her BOB and later Group 3 in strong competition. Congratulations!

2. Betty Alecock -8 months old puppy bitch who is loving life which is great to see in the youngsters! She has a lovely front with deep chest and strong neck. Good bone and well placed elbows. Tailset a touch high, but the tail never stopped wagging. Low, strong hocks. Moved with enthusiasm, covering the ground.

Class 31 Post Grad - no entries

Class 32 Open (1)

1. Ch Tendrow Makes The Right Turn JW lovely 2 year old bitch who excels on the move. She has lovely balance and presents a nice outline, pretty head with correct eye, ears and good coat and furnishings throughout. Lovely neck, clean shoulders and good bone. Deep chest, long keel and good top and underlines, strong loin. Balanced rear angulation, with good width of thigh and strong low hock.

Dachshund (Miniature Wire Haired)

Class 33 Junior - no entries

Class 34 Post Grad – no entries

Class 32 Open (1)

1. Martinks Storm in a Teacup for Lonaza 5 year old male with lots to like about him. Handsome head, correct dark almond eye, good ears and strong jaws. Good harsh coat and furnishings. Strong neck, well sloped shoulders and filled forechest. Good bone and feet. Strong topline, good tailset and well muscled rear with good turn of stifle. Moves well in all directions, covering the ground. BOB

Basset Hound

Class 4 – Post Grad (2,1)

1. Clanwillow Ace High - Beautiful 7 month old male who really caught my eye. He is so well balanced, plenty of substance and exudes quality. Calm and confident, he has everything in the right place without exaggeration. Dark lozenge shaped eyes, powerful deep muzzle and excellent head proportions. Low set ears of good shape and length framing his face. Muscular neck into a well-constructed forehand, excellent bone and feet, well-filled deep forechest. Perfect length of body with correct ribbing giving strength to his topline and depth extending well back, strong loin. Muscular rear to compliment the front with excellent strength in his hocks and correct tailset. He moved with a smooth ground covering easy gait, driving from the rear. Loved him – delighted to award him Best Puppy and later, Hound Puppy Group 1 – Congratulations!

Class 5 – Open (1)

1. Clanwillow Back to the Future – a lovely male of 18 months who I see is sire to the previous class winner, and shares many of the same qualities. He presents a lovely outline and is full of breed type. Classic head, correct eye and ears, strong laws. Deep chest with plenty heartroom and excellent bone and feet. Lovely shoulder lay and excellent return of upper arm. Strong topline, good underline and well sprung ribs with strong loin. Well balanced rear which is well muscled and strong. Another who is fit for purpose and moved well in all directions, Best of Breed.


Class 12 – Junior (1)

1. Redcap The Loco Motion With Talbotrise – wow, what a mover this girl is at just 12 months. She is full of quality, and not overdone in any way. She has a beautiful outline, so clean and elegant through the neck and shoulders and good proportions throughout. Lovely head, dark eye and good ears. Powerful muzzle with good depth and width. Strong arched neck or good length, with a beautiful front assembly and good bone and feet. Compact body with good firm topline, correct elbow placement and deep chest. Good tailset and carriage, well turned stifle and strong hocks. One to watch, delighted to award her Best of Breed.

Class 13 – Post Grad (2)

1. Lanesend Redcap Bushranger – 1 year old male who is well up to size with lovely balance, masculine head with defined stop and good proportions, dark eye and long ears. Long arched neck, nice lay of shoulder with well-filled, deep forechest. Good round bone and well knuckled feet. Good length to height ratio, strong topline and tail set on high. Good turn of stifle and well muscled rear. Moved very well with a free stride.

2. Linkenlees Laurina Shcex 7 year old bitch who belies her years, shown in great condition. She has breed type and is well balanced. Lovely head, dark eye and well set ears. Good bone and feet, strong topline with good tailset and muscular rear – low hock. Moved with drive.

Class 14 Open (2)

1. Linklees Lyric Sh.CM – Well balanced 7 year old bitch who is sturdy and compact and not overdone. Good head proportions and deep muzzle, dark eye and well set ears. Strong neck, nice lay of shoulder and good bone and feet. Deep chest, good spring of rib and strong topline. Goot tailset and strong, muscular rear with low hocks. Moved well.

2. Redcap Doctor Strange – 2 year old male who is well up to size but has a lovely outline and is balanced. Nice head, deep muzzle and good long ears and hazel eyes. Nice bone, parallel forelegs – would benefit from a little more width to his chest. Clean arched neck, lovely shoulders and good elbow placement. Strong topline, good tailset and balanced rear. Moved with an easy stride.


Class 43 Junior (2)

1. Flytesfield Hyddwn Nice young male with balance and symmetry. Long, narrow head with good width of skull. Dark eye and strong muzzle with well set ears of good length with lovely silky covering. Long neck, sloping shoulders and nice bone for size with sloping pasterns. Nice shape to ribcage, well cut up and strong topline with strong arched loin. Good tailset, well developed thighs and low strong hocks. Moved very well.

2. Jarlettes Special Lover - a very pretty 6 month old bitch who had the best of days with her handler – always love seeing puppies who enjoy themselves and she certainly did! Loved her head, long and narrow with a kind, dark oval eye and well set ears. Lovely front and chest with correct bone and feet, parallel forelegs and filled chest. Supple neck, sloping shoulders and nice ribbing – chest still needs to drop. Strong rear with nice width of thigh and good tailset. Low strong hocks. Moved well when she settled. Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 44 Post Grad (1,1)

Class 45 Open (3,1)

1. Lux Ch Alishamar Roxane (Imp Bel) JW – Pretty 5 year old bitch who has an elegant, symmetrical outline and is both strong and graceful in stature. Lovely head, correct eye and good strength of muzzle and underjaw. Good earset and long feathered ears. Long, clean neck into sloping shoulders, adequate return of upper arm and filled forechest. Nice bone, sloping pasterns and good feet with long arched toes. Nicely shaped ribcage with arched loin and good tuck up. Moderate rear angulation, excellent width of thighs with low strong hocks. Shows in excellent condition, she moved with an effortless gait. Pleased to award her Best of Breed.

2. Imhotep Rears Natural Jasmine – 5 year old male with a handsome head and nice dark eye, long feathered ears that are set well. Long powerful muzzle and nice proportions. Parallel forelegs, good bone. Long supple neck, into sloping shoulders and good depth of chest. Nicely shaped ribcage with good length of loin and good tuck up. Good tailset, excellent width of thigh and low strong hocks. He moved well in all directions with an easy stride.

AV Hound Not Separately Classified

Class 52 Junior (3)

1. Ambertail’s Heels On New Shoes at Senjiba (Can Imp) lovely 6 months old Basenji puppy bitch who is well balanced and moderate throughout. Good head with clean cheeks, dark almond eye and pricked ears. Viewed from the front she has perfectly straight forelegs, elbows underneath her and nice fine bone matching her size with compact feet. Strong crested neck, sloping shoulders ad nice ribbing. A bit higher in the rear at this age which is to be expected. High set, tightly curled tail with good buttocks and long second thigh. Low strong hocks. Moved very well, just needs to tighten with age. Best Puppy AVNSC.

2. Houndseeker Dauntless 13 months old male Bloodhound presenting a well balanced profile. He is strong and powerful, plenty of bone and stands on well knuckled feet. Long noble head with parallel muzzle and skull planes. His eyes could be tighter but his head is still to finish at this age. Long, low set ears framing his face. Long neck, good shoulders and deep capacious chest. Moderately angled rear, low hock. Long thick tail carried well. He likes to pace but has a long easy stride when trotting.

3. Mawali Breaking New Ground

Class 53 Post Grad (1)

1. Houndseeker Dauntless as above 2nd in class 52

Class 54 Open (4)

1. Ch Tokaji Moon Over Miami With Mutoko JW - WOW what a showgirl this 4 year old Basenji is. Beautiful outline, she is so clean and poised at every angle. Excellent head with the darkest almond eyes which her tan eyebrows highlight perfectly. Clean cheeks, good strong muzzle with strong underjaw. Erect ears framing her face. She excels in front, with everything where it should be – well filled forechest and elbows underneath her. Lovely fine bone, perfectly straight forelegs, strong pasterns and compact feet. Strong crested neck, well laid shoulders and deep chest. Good top and underlines, high set curled tail and posterior curve of buttock completing her outline. Her quarters are well angulated with a long second thigh which also has width, and low strong hocks. She really comes into her own on the move, straight and true in all directions with a ground covering stride. Delighted to award her Best AVNSC and later Hound Group 2. Congratulations!

2. Gairside Special Edition - 3 year old male Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand) with a lovely outline, so well balanced with good length and proportions without exaggeration. Noble head with dark eye, strong muzzle and good long ears. Long arched neck, beautifully put together front assembly with legs well under him and deep brisket. Good ribbing giving excellent topline, strong loin and nicely balanced moderate rear angulation. Low hocks. Lovely rough coat and excellent condition, moved freely with drive.

3. Ch Mawali Going Four Gold

Any Variety Hound

Class 55 Puppy (10,3)

1. Clanwillow Ace High (see class 4 – Basset)

2. Sonham Twice As Nice – Wirehaired Dachshund bitch with a lovely profile outline – so well balanced. Pretty head, dark eye and good coat and furnishings. Correct ear and strong muzzle. Strong neck, sloping shoulders and good bone for size. Excellent length of body and good height ratio. Good ribbing and strong loin giving excellent top and underlines. Well angled, plump rear with strong hocks. Moved very well.

3. Priorpark Problem Solved

Class 57 Graduate (11,5)

1. Boloria Wild Spice (see class 30 – Dachs WH)

2. Diamondridge Kazembe Golden Age – pretty 14 month old Ridgeback bitch with lots to like. She is strong, yet feminine with plenty of bone and presents an elegant outline both standing and on the move. Good head planes and proportions, kind dark eye, strong deep muzzle and good ear shape, well set to frame her face. Long, clean arched neck into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Long, well sprung ribcage with good topline and strong loin. Nicely balanced rear angulation with good witch of thigh, strong hocks and good feet. She moves with a long, ground covering, easy stride.

3. Kierpark Moonlight Shadow Among Silkdance

Class 57 Post Graduate (6,4)

1. Hanburydax Phantom Lady – see class 23 Dachshund Miniature LH

2. Tigsisle Time After Time – 4 year old whippet male with clean outline. Classic head, dark eye and good rose shaped ears. Lovely straight parallel forelegs with nice bone and feet, well filled forechest. Long, strong neck, sloped shoulders and good top and underlines. Nicely balanced rear with low hocks and good width of second thigh.

Class 58 Open (6,2)

1. Erinnis Mignonette – 6 year old Whippet bitch with a graceful, well balanced outline. Classic head, dark oval eye and small rose ears. Long, muscular neck into sloped shoulders, straight forelegs and well knuckled feet. Nice shape to her ribcage with clean lines, and arched loin. Good turn of stifle with excellent width of second thigh and low strong hocks which she used on the move.

2. Wratthembray Mabel Normand – nicely balanced 3 year old Basset Fauve De Bretagne bitch. Moderate and not overdone. She has a pretty head, dark oval eye and lively expression, and is presented in good coat and condition. Muscular neck, moderately angled shoulders and rear. Good length and depth of body with strong loin. High set tail, carried on the move. She moved out well.

3. Clanwillow The Emerald King

Hound Group

Group 1 Whippet – Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair JW – this 2 year old male is fit for function, and build for speed. He is a combination of power and elegance and not exaggerated in any way. Handsome head, dark oval eyes, correct rose ears and powerful muzzle with good underjaw. Perfectly straight forelegs when viewed from the front and filled chest with good width and depth. Strong pasterns and feet, with lovely bone for size. Clean arched neck, well sloped shoulders with return of upper arm and elbows close to body. Good ribbing extending well back, and strong topline with graceful arch over loin. Excellent rear angulation which is well muscled and has width and strength across both first and second thighs. Good strong hocks, which are well let down. He is a powerful and accurate mover with a daisy cutting action, true in all directions. Delighted to award him Group 1 in stiff competition. Congratulations!

Group 2 AVNSC – Basenji Ch Tokaji Moon Over Miami With Mutoko JW – see class 54

Group 3 – Dachshund (Wire Haired) Boloria Wild Spice – see class 30

Group 4 – Afghan Hound – Krishan Rainbow Warrior mature 4 year old male who exudes power and strength and is built to work all day. Loved his head and expression, dark eye that looks through you with that typical aloofness of the breed. Long skull with strong powerful jaws and good ears, covered in long silky hair. Long muscular neck, carrying his head proudly. Long sloping shoulders, return of upper arm and filled forechest with width and depth to ribcage. Good bone and feet, which were covered in thick hair. Strong topline with good width and strength over loin. Well bent stifles with excellent width and length of second thigh. Strong hocks which are low to ground. Beautiful long coat and shown in tip top condition. He moves true with a smooth and springy gait, covering the ground effortlessly.

Puppy Group

Puppy Group 1 – Basset - Clanwillow Ace High – see class 4

Puppy Group 2 – Whippet – Silkridge Jean Genie For Petwalk – Beautiful 9 month old bitch who scores in front assembly. Loved her balance and clean lines, she is a perfect combination of grace and strength. Pretty head which is long and lean with powerful jaws and a dark oval eye, correct rose shaped small ears carried well. Long arched neck into the best of fronts, forelegs positioned underneath her, perfectly straight with good bone, slight spring to pasterns and well knuckled feet. Well filled forechest with prosternum visible in profile, good depth of chest for age and lovely underline with good tuck up. Excellent ribbing, extending well back and graceful arch over loin. Strong, well angulated rear with width and strength throughout. Low, strong hocks which she used to drive on the move. True in all directions, I shall watch her with interest.

Puppy Group 3 – Rhodesian Ridgeback Priorpark Poetry in Motion – Pretty 11-month-old bitch who is such a showgirl, she really gives her all! Well-proportioned head with good width of skull and strength of muzzle, kind round eye which harmonises perfectly with her coat and excellent ears framing her face. When viewed from the front she has a well-filled forechest, parallel forelegs, strong bone and well knuckled feet. Long, strong neck into well laid shoulders, good return of upper arm and elbows close to body. Deep chest and well sprung ribs with good underline. I’d prefer a shorter loin, but she holds her topline both standing and on the move. Well angulated rear with strength and width across both first and second thighs and low strong hocks. Expertly handled, she moves freely and at one with her handler.

Puppy Group 4 – Dachshund (Miniature Smooth) - Amaffrey Flo Rider – well balanced 11-month-old bitch who presents a beautiful outline. Pretty head with intelligent expression, kind dark almond eye, strong muzzle and good earset. Strong arched neck into lovely front assembly with legs underneath her. Ample heart-room, good length and depth of body, long keel with good underline, well sprung ribs extending well back and strong topline. Well-muscled rear with good strength in her hocks. She moves well, covering the ground. Well handled.

Lisa Reid (Saadani)