• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 03/02/2024

South West Durham Canine Society

Thank you to the society for the invitation and to my fabulous Steward, Bob who did a fine job keeping everything running smoothly. Thank you to all exhibitors for their entries, for turning out just before Christmas, and for and taking my decisions sportingly. I really enjoyed judging your lovely dogs.

Class 182 – AV Hound Import Open (1)

1st 237 – Rasteau De La Foret Daurix Avec Caelestibleu (Basset Bleu De Gascogne) – 3 yr male who is balanced and mature. Lovely head, good long ears, nicely laid shoulder, good bone and feet. Nice depth and length of body, good topline and underline, well muscled rear with good width and strong hocks. Moved very well.

Class 183 Basenji open – no entries

Class 184 Beagle Post Graduate (3,1)

1st 240 Bayard Bee Good - 8mths compact male who is so well balanced with lovely bone and proportions throughout. Lovely head, correct eye and long ears. Nicely laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Good depth and length of body. Excellent bone and feet. Balanced rear to compliment front and has a good tailset. Moved true with a free stride. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd 239 Saltcliffe Skylark - 15 mths female different type to 1, shapely and balanced with nice proportions. Long neck, nice shoulder well filled chest, strong topline. Well off for rear angulation with strong hocks. Very active on the move with plenty of drive.

Class 185 Beagle Open (3,2)

1st Saltcliffe Ophelia - 6yrs female compact and balanced with an excellent front assembly, pretty head, good eye and ears. Nice bone and feet. Strong topline, good depth and infill of chest. Well angled rear, good width and strong hocks. Good stern which she carried on the move. Moved very well in all directions, Best of Breed.

Class 186 – Ibizan Hund open – no entries

Class 187 – Min L/H Dachs PG – no entries

Class 188 – Min L/H Dachs Open (1)

1st 244 Crownlake’s Queen Bee JW – lovely 3yrs blk/tan female, beautifully balanced and shown in lovely coat and condition. Good conical shaped head of correct proportions, correct eye and ear set, strong jaws. Good neck into lovely front assembly, well filled chest and deep keel. Good bone and feet. Nicely shaped ribcage, strong topline, well-muscled rear with good width to second thigh and strong parallel hocks. Moved very well, holding topline and driving from rear. Best of Breed & Hound Group 2.

Class 189 – Min S/H Dachs PG (3)

1st 246 Teckletown Elton John 7mths male who won this class on his front assembly and overall proportions. Very well presented with a handsome head, dark eye, correct ears and strong jaws. Lovely bone and feet, and legs well underneath him. Strong arched neck, lovely shoulder and return of upper arm, good depth of body. Good topline. Plump, well angled rear with strong hocks. Moved very well.

2nd 245 Teckletown The Show Girl litter sister to 1 and sharing many of the same qualities. Pretty head, more moderate in front angulation than her brother, nice bone and feet, good length of body, strong topline, well-muscled rear with good turn of stifle and strong hocks. Moved well.

3rd 247 Bronia Chevalier

Class 190 – Min S/H Dachs Open (3)

1st 248 Teckletown Lady in Red 3yrs female, lovely balance and proportions throughout. Pretty head, good ears and eyes, long arched neck into lovely shoulders, deep chest with plenty heartroom and infill. Good bone, legs close to body and exc feet. Good ribbing, plump rear, strong hocks. Moved well. Best Of Breed.

2nd 249 Teckletown Suspicious Mind - beautiful 7mth male, son to 1 I see. He needs to tighten and mature, giving a lot away in age, but I very nearly awarded him Best of Breed as he has so much to offer. Lovely head, dark eye and good ears, strong muzzle. Excellent proportions all through, he excels in front assembly. Legs well under him, ideal depth and length of ribcage. Nice bone and strong hocks – rear angles complimenting his front to balance him. Will watch him with interest. Best Puppy In Breed.

3rd 250 D’Arsica Desires a Porche at Klondyke

Class 191 – Min W/H Dachs PG (1.1)

Class 192 – Min W/H Dachs Open (1,1)

Class 193 – Whippet Puppy – no entries

Class 194 – Whippet PG (3)

1st 255 – Demerlay In Your Eyes at Klondyke - attractive and elegant 15 mth old bitch who scores on her shapely outline and excellent front assembly. Pretty head of correct proportions, dark eye and good ears. Long arched neck, lovely shoulder placement and lay with equal return of upper arm, filled forechest and perfectly parallel forelegs with lovely bone for size and good feet. Good shape and depth of ribbing, extending well back. Firm, well-muscled back, arched loin, defined tuckup. Powerful rear with angles to compliment her front, excellent width of second thigh and strong, low hocks. Accurate on the move in all directions, with a low daisy cutting action. Pleasure to award her Best of Breed and later, Hound Group 1 – Congratulations!

2nd 253 Pursenet New Dreams – attractive 17 mth female with lots to like. Good head with dark eye, good reach of neck into lovely front assembly, lovely bone and feet. Nice length and depth of body with good top and underlines, nicely angled rear. Moved well.

3rd 254 Jubrancy Spring Vacation

Class 195 – Whippet Open (4,1)

1st 256 Pursenet My Joy – lovely 2 year old female who won this nice class on her beautiful front assembly and overall balance. Smaller type than most, and compact but with lots to appreciate. Pretty head of good proportions, strong neck into well laid sloping shoulders, with excellent return of upper arm and filled in forechest. Well placed elbows with nice bone. Well-shaped, deep ribcage extending well back. Nicely constructed and well-muscled rear, with good turn of stifle and low strong hocks. Moved well.

2nd 257 Aarminias Dance Like a Dafty – male of 4 years who immediately caught my eye for his balance, outline and lovely proportions. He has everything in the right place with a handsome head, correct eye and ears and and lovely bone and feet. Lovely angles front and rear, lovely body shown in well muscled condition. He just didn’t move well in the hall today, and was very reluctant – would love to see him outdoor in a big ring.

3rd 258 Crosscop Born to Move for Jubrancy

Hound Group

1st 255 Whippet – see class 194

2nd 244 Crownlake’s Queen Bee JW - Min L/H Dachs – see class 188

3rd 224 Merlin Do Casal Dos Choupos (Imp Por) - Basset Fauve – 6 year old male in his prime. Lovely outline, compact with dense harsh coat, and lovely body proportions. Loved his head and expression. Scores in front, with a well balanced rear. Good length and depth of body, high set tail carried well. Moved out well.

4th 232 Msingi All About Me at Cynami JW - Rhodesian Ridgeback – 5 year old red wheaten female with lovely balance, and nice size and proportions. Good head, nice round eye, lovely shoulder placement, showing forechest in profile, with return of upper arm and infilled chest of good depth. Strong topline and balanced rear with a low hock. Moved well.

Hound Puppy Group

1st 249 Min S/H Dachs – see class 190

2nd 228 US Airforce at Jascarah of King Howard Legends - Irish Wolfhound – 7 month old male with lots of promise. Loved his balance and outline, he has lots of maturing still to do but has good structure and proportions. Lovely size, coat and angulations. Handsome head, strong long neck and well placed shoulders. Well bent stifles, excellent width of second thigh and low hocks. Moved as well as he could in a small indoor ring.

3rd 240 Beagle – see class 184

4th 223 Blevwil House of Mirrors Avec Kitesprite - Basset Fauve – 7mths moderate female with pretty head with dark eyes, well set ears and strong jaws. Nicely angulated front and rear, with nice bone. Still needs to tighten in pastern. Moved with a quick stride.

Class 196 - AV Hound Puppy (4,2)

1st 245 – Teckletown The Show Girl - see class 189

2nd 223 Blevwil House of Mirrors (see PG4)

Class 197 – AV Hound Junior (3,1)

1st 231 Penholda Sweet Lady – pretty 1 year old female Rhodesian Ridgeback , wheaten in colour and presenting a shapely outline. She is well balanced with a lovely head of good proportions, kind dark, round eyes and strong muzzle. Good ears framing her face. Long, strong neck inserted smoothly into sloping shoulder blades, she is well boned with knuckled feet. Good depth of ribbing and length of body. Balanced rear angulations with low strong hocks. Moved with drive.

2nd 239 Saltcliffe Skylark - Beagle - see class 184

Class 198 – AV Hound PG (4,1)

1st 237 – Rasteau De La Foret Daurix Avec Caelestibleu (Basset Bleu De Gascogne) – see class 182

2nd 231 Penholda Sweet Lady – see class 197

Class 199 AV Hound Open (2,1)

1st 237 – Rasteau De La Foret Daurix Avec Caelestibleu (Basset Bleu De Gascogne) – see class 182

Class 200 – AV Hound Veteran (1)

1st 260 – Mabelle D’An Naoned Avec Caelestibleu (Imp Fra) – 7 year old female Basset Bleu De Gascogne. Lovely head with classic gentle expression, kind dark eyes and long well set ears. She has a beautiful profile outline, so well balanced with excellent angulation both front and rear. Good proportions throughout, loved her length and depth of body, with plenty of ground clearance and strong limbs. Excellent tailset and carriage, and strong topline which she maintained on the move, which she did with drive.