• Show Date: 31/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society

Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society

Wednesday, the 31st of May 2023, Judges report, Lisa Reid (Saadani)

Thank you for the kind invitation to judge and all entries, the weather was not kind to us on the day and many dogs didn’t show themselves as well as usual because of this which was a shame. I thoroughly enjoyed judging your hounds and a special thanks to my excellent steward who kept everything running smoothly.


Class 144 Minor Puppy (1)

1st - 281 Cobyco catch a glance at Saraquele, Seven months male of nice, make and shape. Lovely type, handsome head of good proportions, dark eye, correct ear, long strong neck into well laid shoulders good return of upper arm, and visible prosternum in profile. Good bone and feet, good depth of ribbing for age and ribs extending well back, gently curving topline, well angulated rear with excellent width of thigh and good turn of stifle. Hocks well let down. Moved with a ground covering stride.

Class 145, Puppy (2)

1st 292 - Sylleka Firebird at Riocife, 11 months old bitch, larger type with a good outline, well-balanced and won this class on movement today. Pretty head with dark eye, long crested neck into nicely sloping shoulders, straight forelegs. Good bone and feet, needs to develop in chest as she matures. Nice length of ribbing, correct topline. Nice low hocks, moved with a daisy cutting action and true in all directions. BPIB.

2nd 284 - Falconcrag Headover Heels with Snowleana, 11 months old female with pretty head, dark eye, strong neck, sloped shoulders, well-filled forechest smaller than 1, well balanced outline. Nice bone for size and good depth of body for age, good shape of ribbing, well angulated rear. She was really suffering today with the cold weather and I felt she was tucked up on the move and therefore difficult to assess. I'm sure they'll change places regularly.

Class 146 - Junior (2)

A lovely pair of youngsters!

1st 290 - Jothryn Beyond Blonde Avec Penwincoed, 13 months old female, so balanced with a clean outline, pretty head, kind dark eye and good proportions throughout. Correct rear assembly with strong musculature. Lovely angulation front and back good bone throughout, excellent feet. She scores in front assembly with a well-filled forechest, deep ribcage to elbow, ribcage extending well back, and correct, gently sloping top line, excellent well turned stifle, strong low hocks, excellent profile, movement and true coming towards.

2nd - 280 Penwincoed Major North of Hareghyll, Nice 14 month old male with clean outline, attractive head, correct eye and ear shape. Good parallel, forelegs with correct bone and feet. Strong neck, sloping shoulders, correct topline good turn of stifle and strong low hock. More moderate in front angulation than 1. Moved with drive.

Class 147 - Yearling (4,1)

1st - 289 Barnesmore Fairy Snow Via Penwincoed, Almost 2 year old female, loved her! So well balanced, with an attractive outline, nothing overdone but with quality bone and correct angulation throughout. Pretty head, dark eye and typical expression, strong muzzle and correct rose ears. She has an excellent front assembly, legs well underneath her, well-filled forechest, strong parallel forelegs, correct pasterns and excellent feet. Excellent return of upper arm putting her elbows close to her body, well sprung ribcage extending to elbow and well back. Correct top and underlines, well-angulated and balanced rear strong, low hock, excellent width of thigh she excelled on the move in all directions. Delighted to award her Best Of Breed.

2nd - 277 Emrunwick’s Zach - Almost 2-year-old male, more moderate than 1 and would benefit from more angles, particularly in the rear. Good depth of ribbing. Pleasing head correct dark eye and kind expression. Nice bone and feet, low hocks, moved true.

3rd - 297 Tudoritas Dream

Class 148 - Graduate (5)

1st 285 Snowleana Ray Of Light, Two-year-old female with lovely tape and balance, attractive head kind dark eye, correct ear shape and set, strong muzzle, long clean neck into excellent shoulders. Good return of upper arm, elbows close to body, forelegs well underneath her correct, bone pasterns and feet, good depth and spring of ribbing, strong loin, nicely tucked underline, excellent width of thigh, well turned stifles, low hock. She was the best mover in this class, true in all directions, covered the ground in profile.

2nd - 280 Penwincoed Major North of Hareghyll (see 2nd in junior)

3rd - 293 Sylleka Sashay Away at Riocife

Class 149 - Post Graduate (3)

1st - 295 Shirotae Paws For A Song, 3yo female with lovely balance and outline, pleasing head. Kind eye, correct earset, long, strong neck into well laid shoulders with return of upper arm, correct bone, parallel forelegs, slightly sprung pasterns, good depth and length of rib cage, strong loin, balanced rear angulation, strong, low hocks,moved with drive, covering the ground.

2nd - 286 Alysando’s Rainbow Skies, Five-year-old female, he scores in her front assembly. Lovely head, long, crested neck into well-laid shoulders. Good length of ribcage and tuck up. Finer in bone than 1, but well balanced with rear angulation to match the front. Low hock. Standing with pelvis tucked, but moved well.

3rd - 278 Jaxbybelle Hoppity Hop

Class 150 - Open Dog (1)

1st - 291 Sail on Sailor to Penwincoed, 4yo male with a lovely balance and outline, handsome head, correct eye, strong muscle of good length, correct ear, long clean strong neck, into well laid shoulders, and return of upper arm, elbow close to ribcage, correct bone and feet. Good top and underlines strong loin, well-angulated rear with good width of thigh and strong, low hock. Moved very well.

Class 151 - Open Bitch (6,1) A nice class with two lovely girls heading it up.

1st - 298 Citycroft Starfall JW, Five-year-old female of good size, with a lovely outline, well-balanced, correct eye, strong muzzle, correct ears, strong arched neck into well laid shoulders. Nice bone for size, slightly sloping pasterns and good feet, nice top and underlines, good turn of stifle and excellent width of thigh, strong low hock. Moved covering the ground with an easy stride. RBOB

2nd - 279 Silkridge in a Moment at Mazargo, Another lovely girl of similar type, close up to 1. Pretty head, correct eye and ear, strong neck. Well angled in both front and rear, lovely bone and feet. Good top and underlines, strong loin. Excellent width of thigh, low strong hock. Moved well.

3rd - 301 Shalfleet Simply Grace at Meandi


Class 100 (2)

1st - 215 Blunderhall Jack's The Lad, 7 months old, male, tricolour, handsome study, balanced, muscular hound, beautiful head, kind expression, good proportions, strong neck, good length To hate proportions. Nice shoulder good return of upper arm, correct elbow placement. Good born excellent feet nice strong top line good rubbing balanced rear good terms of stifle and low strong. Hawks moved very well in all directions. Best puppy in breed

2nd 216 - Serenaker Paloma, 9 mths female, tan/white. Another beautiful puppy who will change places with 1 many times, I'm sure. beautifully balanced with excellent front assembly. She has a pretty head lovely depth of muzzle, strong crested neck lovely shoulders, bone and feet. She is a little softer in topline at the moment but lovely ribbing, and balanced rear angulation, moved very well.

Class 101, Junior (1)

1st Morsefield Laura Ashley, Beautiful bitch, so well balanced throughout tricolour with a classic head, correct eye, strong neck, excellent front angulation correct elbow placement good bone and feet. Good depth of body for age lovely top and underlines. Well angulated, rear strong, low, hawk correct else it good length of body well muscled throughout, moved through and covered the ground and profile.

Class 102 Post Graduate (2,1)

1st - 211 Morsefield Tommy Holedigga, litter brother to previous class winner sharing a lot of the same qualities. handsome head with good proportions, correct earset, Strong neck nicely into sloping shoulders. Lovely bone standing on good feet, good length of body well ribbed, back good tailset ,balanced, read angulation with good strong hocks, moved with drive

Class 103, Open (2)

1st Morsefield Mudlark ShCEx Mature four-year-old male in his prime, classically handsome head with lovely depth of muzzle, correct earset and dark eye, strong neck into lovely front assembly and well filled forechest, excellent bone and feet, correct elbow placement, good length and depth of ribbing, strong topline. Good length to his body, correct tailset, well-balanced rear angulation with low, strong hock. He moved with drive, true coming and going, delighted to award him best of breed and watch him win the Hound Group later, congratulations!


Dachshund (Long Haired)

Class 217 Puppy (1)

1st - 217 Ranglewood Finlaggan at Donnadach, Handsome 9 month, old black and tan male with a beautiful silky, flat coat and shown in great condition. Handsome head, correct eye and strong muzzle, lovely earset. Strong neck into well constructed front with ample heart room and infill, legs well underneath him with good bone and feet. Excellent length of body and good depth of chest, strong topline, excellent rear angulation, he moved very well. best puppy and best of breed

Class 105 (1,1)

Class 106 (0)

Class 107 (1,1)

Dachshund (Min Long-Haired)

Class 108 Puppy (1)

1st 222 - Rivendell Osha, Beautiful 11 month old cream bitch, shown in excellent coat and condition. Pretty head with all the correct proportions, dark eye, correct earset, strong neck into sloping shoulders, good return of upper arm and a well-filled, deep forechest. Good length of body, strong ribcage and topline, well angled rear, low strong hock. She moved very well. BPIB & RBOB.

Class 110 (1) Junior

1st 222 - Rivendell Osha, as above 1st in class 108

Class 110 (2) Post Graduate, 1st 223 - Ralines McIntosh, Handsome 15 month old red male presenting a beautiful outline. Excellent front assembly, handsome head with good proportions, dark eye, good ears and strong muzzle, strong neck of good length. Lovely shoulder angulation, strong bone and feet excellent depth and length of ribcage, plump well muscled, well angled rear with strong hock and good tail set, lovely soft, flat coat shown in excellent condition and moved very well. Pleasure to award him BOB.

2nd 221 - Ralines Lemosas for Rivandell 2 year old cream bitch who I see is mother to puppy class winner, and she shares many of the same qualities. She is well balanced with a pretty head, and strong clean neck. Lovely flat coat with feathering in all the right places. Nice shoulder placement, legs well underneath her, excellent topline, good length of body and balanced rear angulation, moved with drive-true in all directions.

Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

Class 112 Puppy (0)

Class 113 Junior (0)

Class 114 Post Graduate

1st 225 - Longmel Cococabana, beautiful black and tan female 20 months old, who presets a lovely balanced outline. She has a pretty head with correct eye, good proportions and correct ear set and shape. Strong, long neck into lovely front assembly. Excellent shoulder placement and return of upper arm. Well filled forechest. Elbows close and well under her, excellent bone and feet. strong top line excellent ribbing extending well back. excellent depth of brisket, strong rear quarters well muscled throughout and shown in excellent condition. She was a little unsettled today but her quality was clear to see. RBOB.

Class 115 - Open (3,1)

1st 227 - Cwmdarhian The Mistress Elegant 19 month old black and tan bitch with beautiful balance and a clean outline. Pretty head of good proportions, strong muzzle, dark eye, good earset, long clean neck into excellent front assembly with clean musculature. Good elbow placement, strong bone and excellent feet which were placed well underneath supporting her frame. Excellent depth of body, strong, ribcage extending well back, strong topline, well muscled rear with excellent turn of stifle and strong low hock. Lovely of the croup. She moved well in all directions, covering the ground and holding her topline. Pleased to award her best of breed in lovely company and watch her place in the hound group, congratulations!

2nd - 224 Adnerb Sheer Nanagins at Longmel, Excellent two-year-old black/tan male who is handsome and upstanding and well balanced. Attractive head with lovely dark eye, excellent head planes and proportions with a strong deep muzzle. Strong, clean neck with excellent shoulder and good return of upper arm and a well-filled forechest, excellent depth of brisket and shape of ribcage. Excellent topline, strong loin. Plump well angled rear, low strong hock. Little wider behind when going away, but moved well in profile.

Dachshund (Min Smooth-Haired)

Class 116 Puppy (2)

1st 232 – Sonorra Dark Treacle at Winterfield, Black and tan male 9 mths old won this class on balance and outline, he has a handsome head of good proportions. Good dark eye, strong muzzle, with good underjaw. Long, clean neck into excellent shoulder assembly, legs well underneath him, excellent bone, good feet. He has good depth and length of body with excellent topline strong loin, good tailset, well muscled and well angled rear, strong low hoc. He moved well in all directions. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd 230 - Stargang Pink Floyd at Ryneco 10 mths old red male. Not as settled as 1 today he presents a balanced outline and has a lot to like about him. Long, strong muzzle correct eye and ears, strong neck. Plenty of heartroom, deep chest and well angled shoulder, long, ribbing, strong topline, plump rear, a tad higher on the hock. He moved well when he settled.

Class 117 Junior (3,1)

1st 239 - Venari Three of a Kind, 13 month old red bitch who won this class on overall balance and movement. She has a pretty head, good muzzle and correct eye. strong neck into good front assembly with ample chest, good depth and length of body, strong top line and loin. Well balanced rear, she moves very well with both reach and drive. Best puppy in breed.

2nd Venari Full House, red 13 month male, who is litter brother to 1 and of similar type. Nice bone for size, standing a little roached today and giving his handler a hard time, he moved well when settled. Nicely handled.

Class 118 Post Graduate (4,1) A lovely class!

1st 236 - Enzolpear Candy at Donnadach, 3 yr old Bitch, very shapely chocolate/tan and best mover in the class, once she settled. She has a pretty head, intelligent, expression, good, earset, Strong neck of good length into lovely shoulder and excellent return of upper arm and forechest, good bone and feet. Elbow close to body and legs supporting her frame. Excellent depth of chest. Good, ribbing, strong topline, balanced rear angulation, strong low hock, moved very well. RBOB.

2nd 233 - Stargang Zebra Finch at Winterfield, Almost 2-year-old brindle bitch who presents a beautiful profile shown in great coat and condition. Pretty head would prefer a cleaner eye shape. Strong neck, good shoulder angulation digest, excellent Top Lane, good depth and length of body, plump rare, just preferred rear movement in 1.

3rd 235 - Collidach Splish Splash

Class 119 Open (2)

1st 241 - Foxearth Tiger Roll, Impressive, two-year-old black and tan male who has clean lines balance and lovely proportions throughout. Handsome head, correct eye and expression good ears, strong crested neck. He scores in front assembly with lots of heart room and good bone. Strong bone, forelegs under and supporting his frame, beautifully shaped ribcage extending well back given good length to his body and excellent depth, strong plump well muscled rear. He moves very well in all directions. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd 231 - Montone Our Lady Faith at Winterfield, Lovely red bitch, four years old. She has a pretty head correct eye, strong muscle crested neck Anthony's shoulder and return of upper arm. Good morning feet excellent length of body and good depth of rub cage, strong top line, balanced. Rare was good. Turn of stifle and low hock, unlucky to meet one today.

Dachshund (Wire-Haired)

Class 124 Puppy (1)

1st 245 - Drakkina Wirenth, Beautifully elegant, nine month old chocolate bitch, with excellent balance and proportions throughout. She has an attractive head with good pigmentation and furnishings, correct eye, strong muzzle, good ears. Long muscular neck into a beautiful front assembly where she scores well, lovely bone and feet, excellent depth and length to her compact body, strong rear with good low hock. She moved well in all directions. Best Puppy in Breed and later watched her take a well deserved Puppy Group 2, congratulations!

Class 121 Junior (2)

1st 243 - Boloria Wild Spice, 13 months old bitch, loved her overall balance, and she won this class on her free movement, accurate fore and aft. Lovely head, correct eye, ears and furnishings. Lovely coat and condition. Excellent front and equal rear angles, excellent bone, neat forelegs and good feet. Ample forechest, excellent elbow placement and good length and depth of body. Strong topline, well muscled rear with a good low hock. Should have a bright future. RBOB.

2nd 250 - Collidach Russell Leeves , loved this 13 month old boy’s shape and outline, nothing is overdone. Classic head, good coat and condition, good through the neck and shoulder with good bone. Strong topline, plump rear. A bit higher in the hock which showed in his rear movement today.

Class 122 Post Graduate (3) A lovely class!

1st 242 - Bramalodge Bonfire Heart at Tatze, 2 year old bitch with a beautiful outline, compact and unexaggerated. Lovely head planes and proportions, with good harsh coat and appropriate furnishings. Good angles front with long shoulder, excellent return of upper arm. Ample heartroom and long, deep ribcage. Balanced rear angles with good low hock and muscled rear which she used to move very well and top this lovely class.

2nd 247 - Collidach Raynee Day, Beautiful 13 month old bitch with a lovely outline and excellent type. Classic head, dark eye, good ears, excellent front assembly with strong clean neck and good bone, legs well under her. Excellent topline, good length and depth of body. Plump rear with foot tailset and excellent width of thigh. Slightly higher in hock. She moved well all ways.

3rd 249 - Mike Tyson

Class 123 Open (3,1) A beautiful pair!

1st 248 - Cloudside Sebastian of Marnadee JW, 2 year old male who is beautifully balanced, with excellent type and outline. Shapely and not overdone in any respect. Classic head, correct dark eye, strong muzzle. Good harsh coat and furnishings. He scores in front assembly, strong arched neck into a long shoulder with equal return of upper arm, placing his beat forelegs well underneath him with great elbow placement. Good bone and feet. Ample forechest, excellent depth of ribbing and length of body, strong topline held also on the move. Good croup and tailset, excellent angulation in rear with well muscled thighs and strong hock. Moved very well with drive in all directions. Delighted to award him Best of Breed and later watch him win Hound Group 3 in stiff competition. Congratulations!

2nd 246 - Ch Collidach Brook Ling, Beautiful, elegant 3 year old bitch shown in excellent harsh coat and condition. So well balanced and not overdone. Classic head, dark eye, long strong, arched neck. Super shoulders and return of upper arm. Excellent bone and feet. Strong topline and good length and depth of body. Plump rear with good width and muscle. Moved very well.

Dachshund (Min Wire-Haired)

Class 124 - Puppy (1)

1st 251 - Bardot’s Brigitte TAF, just 6 months and judged at the end of a long day this compact puppy bitch is attractive and well balanced. Pretty head, dark eye, good ears. Strong neck, good angles front and rear and nice bone for size, good length of body. She moved well when settled. Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 125 Junior (0)

Class 126 Post Graduate (1)

1st 252 - Gulliagh Loganberry of Robinswood (IKC), 5 year old male with beautiful balance and a clean outline with nothing overdone. Handsome head, dark eye, good ears. Long, arched neck into a well constructed front, good bone, neat forelegs. Good length of body, firm topline and good depth of brisket. Plump rear with good angulation and muscle, low strong hock. He moved very well in all directions. Best of Breed.

Class 127 Open (0)

Lisa Reid (Saadani)