• Show Date: 14/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Plymouth & District Canine Society

Class 18 - Hamiltonstovare Post Graduate (1)

1st The Huntress From Sufayre

Six month old female with a beautiful outline, good head planes lovely earset and good colour and markings throughout. Lovely long crested neck, well laid back shoulder and good return of upper arm, well-filled forechest excellent bone and feet. Good length of body, and good depth of chest for age. Very nicely angulated rear quarters with low hock. She is excellent off the croup strong short loin, strong and level topline. She moved very well and should have a promising future. BP & RBOB.

Class 19 - Hamiltonstovare Open (2,1)

1st Abon Sfora Nordowskiej Knieji at Rusebay (IMP POL)

Two-year-old male of lovely, balanced, type and handsome, upstanding outline. He has a beautiful head with correct planes a deep, strong muzzle, lovely ears and correct eye, good pigmentation throughout. Long crested neck, into a well laid back shoulder, with visible prosternum and well-filled forechest with equal return of upper arm. Elbows close to the body, strong parallel forelegs, excellent bone and feet. Lovely long ribcage with excellent depth, giving good length to his body. He has well angulated hindquarters, correct tailset, low, strong, hock. He moved true in all directions and covered the ground with ease. I'd love to take this boy home with me. A well deserved best of breed and later, watched him take Hound Group 1. Congratulations!

Class 22 - Irish Wolfhound open (1)

1st Cairnstorm Resolution

Two-year-old female of great size and shape with a lovely temperament. She has a typical head. Kind, oval eye with good head proportions and strong muzzle and correct rose shaped ears. Strong, long neck and well set shoulders nicely returned upper arm, broad, well-filled forechest, deep rib cage extending well back and giving good length to her body. Good harsh coat and furnishings. Good bone and feet. Strong loin and topline. Excellent, rear angulation with good width of thigh, and low hock. Good tailset and carriage. She moved with an easy stride. Best of breed.

Class 23 - Whippet Special yearling (3)

1st Freehamlet Saint Matilda

13 month old cream coloured female, of nice type. She has a lovely clean outline and won the class on her movement and overall balance. She has a typical head correct dark oval eye, good strong muzzle, strong long neck. Sloping well laid back shoulders, good return of upper arm and filled forechest, elbows close to body, correct bone, parallel forelegs, sprung pasterns with good feet. Deep capacious rib cage, elbow at brisket, ribs well sprung. Strong short loin, graceful curved topline. Broad hindquarters with excellent width of thigh, low strong hock. She moved true in all directions with an easy stride.

2nd Crosscop Save it for Me

Close up to one she is also of nice type, red fawn coloured female 13 months old. She has a nice balanced outline, good head with correct proportions, strong muzzle, clean neck, nicely sloped shoulders with balanced rear angulation, good bone, parallel forelegs, good feet. Deep ribcage, strong topline, good width of thigh, strong low hock. Today, she moved a little tucked up behind, lacking drive.

3rd Viscar Viking Arghansek

Class 24- Whippet Post Graduate (2)

1st Freehamlet Saint Cecilia

Beautiful cream coloured brindle, bitch of 13 months. She won this class on her front assembly. Nice head dark eye, good pigmentation, correct ear. Nice clean neck, sloping shoulders, correct bone, parallel forelegs well underneath her. Elbows close to body. Capacious chest extending well back, gently curved top-line, strong rear, low hock. She moved very well in all directions.

2nd Galemira’s Pandora of Duranridge

Another lovely red fawn coloured Brindle bitch of two years, nice head, good proportions, strong muzzle, correct ear, clean strong neck into sloping shoulders. Nice bone and feet, nicely shaped rib cage. Gently curved topline, strong loin, good width of thigh, strong rear quarters. She moved well in profile.

Class 25 - Whippet Limit (3,1)

1st Palmik Ace Of Spades

Five-year-old brindle and white male, carrying a little more condition than I would like, he won this class on profile movement and front assembly. Nice head with kind, dark eye and good proportions. Strong muzzle, nice ears. Strong, crested neck into beautiful shoulders well-filled forechest. Good return of upper arm, elbow at brisket. Good bone, excellent feet. Deep, capacious ribcage, extending well back and giving good length of body, gentle curve over topline. Nicely angulated rear with excellent width of thigh, strong, low, hock. He moved well, covering the ground.

2nd - Iscaglades Goldilocks

Pretty fawn coloured female of two years, a sweet girl with a pretty head. She was a little unsure in the ring today which showed in her ear carriage, and I think she was struggling in the cold. She has a lighter frame and presents a nice outline. Kind eye, with good pigmentation, clean neck, nicely sloping shoulders, deep rib cage, strong topline, good width of thigh. Well angled rear, she moved true.

Class 26 - Whippet Open Dog (1)

1st - Bryntreia Sea Of Love

Loved this four year old male, grey and white brindle, he has such a beautiful outline and especially scored in front assembly. He has good length to his body stands well over the ground. He has good angulation front and back. Nice head with correct dark eye, strong muzzle, good width of skull, correct rose shaped ears. Strong neck. Well-filled forechest. The best of fronts, strong parallel forelegs, excellent feet. Elbows to brisket, deep rib cage extending well back to a strong short loin. Gently curved topline. Well muscled rear with excellent width of thigh, good strong low hocks, he moved very well in all directions. RBOB

Class 27 - Whippet Open Bitch (4) A lovely class.

1st Bryntreia Whispered Love at Palmik JW

So much to like about this four year, old cream and white female. She is so well balanced, presents a clean outline of strength and power while remaining feminine. Beautiful head, kind dark eye, correct ear, strong muzzle. Long, clean neck into the best of fronts. Long sloping shoulder with equal return of upper arm. Plenty of heartroom, well-filled forechest, correct bone, sloping, pasterns, good feet. Elbows close to body reaching brisket and directly under withers. Well-sprung, deep ribcage extending well back, giving good length to body, strong muscular loin, good top and underlines. Muscular, well angulated rear with excellent width of thigh, strong low hock. She moved well in all directions with a long, low daisy cutting stride. I was delighted to award her best of breed and watch her take Hound Group 2. Congratulations!

2nd Crosscop Walk With Me

This two-year-old cream female has lovely overall balance and outline, more moderate than 1, she is feminine and athletic. Pretty head, kind dark eye, nice head proportions. Long clean neck, sloping shoulders, nice bone and feet. Good length of body, nice top and underlines, well muscled rear, with a good width of thigh. Moved well in profile, would prefer more width behind when moving away.

3rd Crosscop One Step Closer to Freehamlet

Lisa Reid (Saadani)