• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 09/08/2023

Livingston Canine Society

Thank you to all who entered and to my efficient steward


Class 80 – Junior (3,3)

Class 81 – Graduate (2,1)

1st 151 – Cornstalk Naomi Aftonlee – Pretty 19 month old cream/white bitch who scores in front assembly . Long skull with good proportions, good ears, dark eye and good underjaw. Perfectly parallel and straight forelegs with excellent bone, strong pasterns and well arched feet. Long, clean neck into lovely sloping shoulders with a good return of upper arm. Elbow at brisket and nicely curved top and underlines. Balanced rear angulation with a low hock. She didn’t like the surface, which was a shame as it made her difficult to assess. Moved well when settled.

Class 82 – Open (4,3)

1st 155 – Crosscop Shadow Dancing – Handsome 4 year old brindle/white male with good balance and a clean outline. He has a good head, correct oval dark eye, strong muzzle and powerful jaws. Good ear shape and carriage. Strong, long neck into sloping shoulders with nice bone and good feet. Well filled chest, nicely shaped ribbing, extending well back, strong loin and good top/underlines. Nicely off at the croup with a well turned stifle, good width of thigh and strong powerful hocks. Moved with drive covering the ground, would prefer more width when moving away. Best of Breed.


Class 83 – Graduate (2,1)

1st 157 – Kelcardi Claudia, pretty 1 year old bitch with lots to like about her. Compact and full of life, she has an attractive head of classic proportions, dark eye and lovely expression. Good long ears, set low and a strong muzzle and black nose. Clean, arched neck of good length, into well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Well-filled chest, parallel forelegs of good bone and tight feet. Nice length of body, strong topline and good depth of chest. Short, strong loin, good tail set and carriage, good rear angulation, excellent width of thigh with a low strong hock. Shown in lovely coat and condition, she moved with enthusiasm carrying her tail and true in all directions. Best of Breed.

Class 84 – Open (4,2)

1st 157 – Kelcardi Claudia – see class 83

2nd – Davricard Honey Flower, 8.5 year old female lovely type she is still clearly enjoying being in the ring. Classic head, dark eye, good long ears, set low. Strong round bone. Strong neck with a little too much dewlap, long shoulder and well-filled chest. Good length of body in relation to her height, good tailset and balanced rear angles, good width thigh and low hock. She moved well, straight and covered the ground.

Lisa Reid (Saadani)