• Show Date: 11/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 23/10/2023

Livingston Canine Society

Livingston Canine Society

Open Show

11th June 2023

Heat of the Scottish Junior Handler

Class 134 – JH 6-11 years (5,1) – an excellent class!

1st A2 Rhys Duncan handling an Italian Spinone. Lovely handler who kept his eye on me at all times. Kind and patient with his dog, which I always like to see and this helped him get the best from his exhibit. He presented the dog to best advantage in a breed specific way, and moved at the correct speed to show the dog off correctly, using the whole ring. Very smartly turned out too! Well done.

2nd A1 Layla Duncan handling a Tibetan Spaniel – this couple made a very sweet pairing. A very attentive handler who was always looking up and thinking ahead and talking to her dog which is great to see. The dog was presented beautifully, using the whole ring and moving at the correct speed. Very smartly turned out too! Well done.

3rd A5 Konan Maver

Res A3 Delphine Storey

Class 135 – JH 12-16 years (2)

1st B2 Gemma Mackenzie handling a German Spitz. Very professionally shown, these two make a perfect picture. Immaculately turned out, Gemma was kind to her dog at all times and they had a lovely connection that was evident. She kept an eye on me at all times, while appearing relaxed and confident with everything asked of her. She used the whole ring, moved in straight patterns at the correct pace and kept talking to her dog with encouraging kind words. Congratulations - also awarded the (Unofficial) Best Handler award today at the exhibitors request for a match.

2nd B1 Amelia-Jayne Dyer handling a Newfoundland. A lovely handler who shows her dog off really well, which is extra difficult with Giant Breed Dog! The dog was presented beautifully at all times, and Amelia-Jayne kept her eye on me at all times, and was very smartly presented herself. The ring size made her job more difficult given the size of the dog, it was just too small for him to remain inside the tape despite her best efforts. He did move beautifully, and Amelia-Jayne definitely showed him off to his best. Well done.

Lisa Reid (Saadani)