• Show Date: 07/10/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Aitken Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 26/11/2023

Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club

The Birmingham & District Gundog & Terrier Club, 7th October 2023

Thank you to the club for the kind invitation, and to my efficient and helpful stewards on the day. I had some lovely exhibits to judge, thank you to all who entered and supported the show.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Class 19 – Puppy (2)

1. Tequesta Poldark attractive 7 month old male, I liked his overall balance and outline. He has a good head, with correct eye and powerful muzzle of good depth and length with a strong underjaw. Still to grow into his ears at this age, they framed his face nicely. Long, arched neck blending into a beautiful shoulder placement with good length and return of upper arm. Lovely forechest with infill which was not overdone and elbows underneath him. Excellent bone in his straight parallel forelegs, pasterns and feet. Nice body proportions with good ribbing and short back and loin, high set tail which was carried well. Well-muscled rear with enough turn of stifle and width of thigh, strong low hocks which he used on the move to cover the ground with a smooth stride. Pleased to award him Best Puppy in Breed.

2. Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood 9 months male, more moderate than 1 but still well balanced – he looks to be a slower maturing type. Attractive head with nice proportions and good ears. Muscular neck into well laid shoulders with equal return of upper arm. Nice bone and good pasterns and feet. Nice length of body, chest still needs to drop as he matures. Nice topline, strong loin and good croup and tailset. Well-muscled rear with angulation complimenting his front and nice low hocks, moved well.

Class 20 – Junior (3,1)

1. Tequesta Poldark 7 as above

2. Sarscottah Easy Ryder at Rollenwood as above

Class 21 – Post Graduate (2)

1. Keigame Hvitserk of Sparkenhoe shapely 22 month old male of lovely balance, he is mature and coming into his own with excellent proportions throughout. Clean cut head with correct eye and soft expression. Powerful jaws and nice ears. Long muscular neck, set well into a beautiful front assembly. Shoulders sloping and muscular, long upper arm with equal return and elbows under him. Lovely bone, parallel forelegs and good pasterns and feet. Nicely filled chest with plenty of heart and lung room without being overdone. Ideal depth of chest and good ribbing, short back and strong loin. Lovely, well angulated and well-muscled rear to balance his front and complete the picture. Excellent width of first and second thigh and low strong hocks with short upright rear pasterns. He moved very well with reach and drive. Pleasure to award him Best of Breed.

2. Coldoak Athos 2 year old female, more moderate than 1. She has a lovely balanced profile outline. Pretty head with lovely soft expression, good muzzle and ears. When viewed from the front she has lovely parallel forelegs and good bone and slightly sloped pasterns, well-padded feet. Muscular neck into sloping shoulders. Nicely shaped ribcage, chest still needs to drop as she matures. Good length of body and short loin. Nicely angled rear with good musculature. She moved well, and was very well handled!

Class 22 – Open – no entries


Class 135 – Puppy (1)

1. Kalimor Tinker 7 months old female. Loved this puppy for her overall balance and proportions. Aristocratic head with correct round eyes and excellent strength in muzzle. Long, lobular ears with correct fold. Clean neck of good length, blending into her beautiful front assembly where she excels with well-laid sloping shoulders and excellent return of upper arm, putting her legs well under her and allowing for ample well filled forechest. Excellent bone and ideal elbow placement with equal body depth and she is obviously longer that tall with excellent ribbing extending well back, good short loin. Good topline and tailset, tail reaching her hocks. Nicely angled rear with well-turned stifles and strong hocks. She moved very well, with an effortless stride, covering the ground. Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 136 – Junior (4,1)

1. Gunalt Curtain Call JW – another beautiful female of just 14 months who caught my eye with her lovely balance and outstanding front assembly. Beautiful head of clean lines, round blue-grey eyes harmonising with her grey coat. Long, lobular, folded ears carried well. Strong muzzle with good underjaw. Clean, muscular neck set into well-laid sloping shouders, good return of upper arm and excellent forechest which is well filled but not overdone. Elbows close to her body, excellent bone and compact feet. She is longer than tall, with good ribbing extending well back into a short strong loin. Good croup and tailset, nicely angled, well-muscled rear with well-turned stifles and good width of second thigh. Strong, low hocks which she used to her advantage on the move, moving with a lovely reach covering the ground and true coming and going. Pleasure to award her Best of Breed.

2. Kalimor Tinker – as above

3. Silberliss Bombardier

Class 137 – Post Graduate (1,1)

Class 138 – Open (1,1)

Junior Handling Classes

Class 265 – Junior Handling Association 6-11 years (3) - the toughest class of the day to judge, all worthy winners which made for close decisions!

1. Martha Hickman-Wright, age 10 handling a German Shorthaired Pointer - very smartly presented, this handler kept her eye on me at all times while ensuring she also watched her dogs every move. I liked the attention to detail when moving her dog, she moved her at the right pace and kept to straight lines, using the whole ring. I felt this dog was the best presented on the day which won the class for Martha. Well done!

2. Emily Windler, age 9 handling an Irish Red and White Setter – a very attentive and kind handler, always keeping an eye on the judge while presenting the dog. Smartly turned out, nicely done.

3. Daisy Bray, age 9 handling a Labrador (Retriever) – kind handler who’s dog was not as co-operative today making Daisy’s job harder. She kept her eye on the judge, was smartly turned out and did well.

Class 266 - Junior Handling Association 12-16 years (2,1)

1. Lucy Grindey, age 15 handling a Golden Retriever – this dog was anxious and unsettled today due to the noise around, and Lucy handled her sympathetically to get the best from her. She always keeps an eye on the judge and presenter her dog well on the stack, and moved her at the right speed to show her off to best advantage. Best Junior Handler, well done!

Adult Handling Classes

Class 267 – 17-30 years – no entries

Class 268 – 31 to 59 years (4)

1. Aukse Drozdova handling a Brittney, very smart and professional handler – well turned out and attentive, she always keeps an eye on the judge and adjusted accordingly to ensure the dog was always on show. She ensured the dog was moved at the correct pace, using all the available space. Well done.

2. Debra Kay handling a Jack Russell Terrier – well presented at all times, she kept an eye on me to ensure her dog was always in full view. Moved correctly and at a good pace for the dog, well done.

3. Lisa Powell handling a Norfolk Terrier who didn’t make Lisa’s life easy at all today, but she never lost her cool and kept an eye on me at all times. She did her best to calm her dog and present it well at all times, nicely done.

Class 269 – 60 and over (5,2) A class of 3 lovely handlers!

1. Nicola Curtis handling a Sealyham Terrier – beautifully presented these two made an elegant picture. Smartly turned out, always keeping an eye on the judge and moving accordingly if I got in the way. Moving the dog at the ideal pace and being attentive to make sure he always looked his best. Pleasure to award Best Adult Handler, Well done!

2. Heather Chaplin handling a Border Terrier – kind handler, presented the dog well in the line up and moved at the correct pace for the dog, just a little error when moving which had to be considered today.

3. Mrs Julie Marsden showing a Cocker Spaniel – lovely kind handler who always showed the dog at his best when standing. Be sure to keep an eye on the judge when moving to make sure you don’t get between the dog and the judge.

Lisa Reid (Saadani)