• Show Date: 02/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lionel Prouve Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 04/10/2023

North Devon Agricultural Society

Cavalier King Charles spaniel

P (2/1):

1. Liverton-Ovey – Chantismere Conchetta for Halosey (IKC) – 7m/o Blenheim girl with a lovely attitude, good skill and ear set, correct bite, good large dark round eye. Good body for age, level top line, good tail set & carriage.

J (3/0):

1. Bennett – Rishtte I’m Tanisha of Remmya – Ruby girl with a lovely feminine head, dark round eyes well placed and good nose , attractive cushioning, correct scissor bite. She is well constructed with a good lay of shoulders, level topline, good ribcage and walks with the correct tail carriage. BOB & G3

2. Long – Arroline Kryptonite – 8m/o tri-colour boy who is still quite raw, but he has an attractive head with lovely muzzle size & shape, correct bite, attractive eye shape & colour. Seems a little long at the moment but moves well & has a happy attitude. BP & PG4

PG (2/0)

1. Bennett – Rishtte I’m Tanisha of Remmya

2. Liverton-Ovey – Kinvaar Sunshine in Pocket for Halosey – 17m/o Blenheim girl, lovely attitude, good body proportins, correct skull, would prefer slightly more under jaw and a better lay of shoulders. Level topline & good tail carriage.

OB (2/1):

1. Liverton-Ovey – Bon Ray of Hope at Halosey – 3y/o tricolour, she is of lovely size, level topline, good spring of ribs, correct short loin. Skull is flat between the ears which are well set & of good size & shape, lovely muzzle, correct bite & good eye shape. Would prefer a better lay of shoulder & neck line. RBOB.

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

J (3/0):

1. Taylor – Chantaydan High Priestess – Small cream bitch, lovely skull shape, correct scissor bite, lovely eye shape & size, correct topline and good tail set & carriage. Liked her compact body, good front & shoulders. BOB & G4

2. Skinner – Muserosa Mr Chocolate Box – 9m/o boy with correct head proportions, good large ears which are well set, correct bite. He has a level topline, good tailset & typical breed carriage. Preferred shortness of loin of 1.

O (5/1):

1. Taylor – Chantaydan Veni vedi Vici – 9m/o fawn boy with a lovely clean head, good ears, correct bite, lovely muzzle length. He is well constructed with a good lay of shoulders & moves well carrying his sickle tail. BP, RBOB, PG3

2. Skinner – Tyssul Awel Y Mynydd – 4y/o male who is mature & in good coat. Correct skull shape, good eye shape & size, correct length of muzzle, ears are well set but could be larger. Like the fact he is compact, good topline, tailset & carriage.

English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

O (3/1):

1. Dicker – Neerodan thyme Bomb – Compact bitch, lovely elongated head & ears, lovely almond eyes, correct bite, correct muzzle shape & head proportions. Her front is straight, lovely topline & correct tail carriage and good loin. BOB

2. 2. Snell – Skin Deep’s Mint Condition (Imp NOR) – 13m/o boy with a fabulous attitude, lovely eye, correct mouth, masculine head with correct erect ears. Not quite the gentle curve in the topline of 1. RBOB

Japanese Chin:

O (1/0):

1. Radford – Yama Whisper - Dainty B&W girl with a lovely attitude, so attentive, lovely head markings, good skull shape, correct mouth with wide underjaw, good nose placement, lovely eye & expression. She has a good front construction, in lovely coat, level topline & lovely tailset & carriage. BOB

King Charles Spaniel:

O (2/0):

1. Baker – Cofton Part of Your World – 6m/o tricolour bitch, lovely head with good nose placement, correct eye, correct underjaw & tight lips, cushioning on muzzle, low set large ears. Good body for age, level topline & good shoulder placement. BP & BOB. PG2

2. Baker – Headra Ethel – 8m/o tricolour bitch with the sweetest of head, lovely muzzle & underjaw, large open nostrils, good nose placement, correct eye, good low earset. Good length of body but still needs more substance at this stage & was less settled on the move than her kennel mate. RBOB


O (2/0):

1. Borg -Elendil Crusader – 4y/o male who was very much on his toes. Lovely large large well placed & carried ears, good eye, correct muzzle shape 7 length, masculine, correct bite. He has good straight front legs, correct hare feet, in lovely coat, level topline & well carried tail. Easy mover. BOB & G1

2. Stanbury – Inixia Made by Design – Slightly smaller male with a lot to like, lovely eye, correct muzzle, deep stop, good head markings. Level topline, correct tailset & carriage. RBOB


J (1/0):

1. French – Norvanik Gold Smith at Bincombefarm – 6m/o Pomeranian boy, lovely body proportions, compact, nice tight cat feet, correct shoulders, lovely head with darkest of eye. Small triangular front facing ears, good muzzle tapering & lovely nose & mouth. Coat is developing but good harsh texture. Moved well. BP, BOB, G2 & PG1

G (1/0):

1. French – Norvanik Rumour Has It At Bincombefarm JW – 18m/o sable Pomeranian bitch, compact with good construction, good chest, correct muzzle length, good bite, lovely dark round eye, good small skull with small erect ears. Moves well, coat of good texture. RBOB

O (1/0):

1. French – Norvanik Hapy go Lucky at Bincombefarm – 5y/o fawn Pomeranian bitch, good shape although would prefer slightly longer ribcage & shorter loin. Small head with good round dark eye, correct bite but missing a few teeth at this stage, good earset. Correct topline, good coat texture. A little straight in shoulders but moved well.

AV Toy Veteran (4/2):

1. Dicker – CH Neerodan Naughty Nancy VW – 11y/o English Toy Terrier lady in lovely condition, feminine elongated head, lovely candle flame ears, correct bite with full dentition still! She has good topline, is well constructed and moved steadily. A credit to her breed!

2. Hawkins – Pendralier Melody – 9y/o Blenheim Cavalier King Charles girl with an attractive head, good eyes, correct earset, lovely ear size and shape, good length of muzzle and padding gives her a soft expression, missing a few teeth at this stage. Good body, leve; topline, a little sluggish on the move today.

AV Toy Minor Puppy (4/0):

1. French – Norvanik Gold Smith at Bincombefarm (see AVNSC Toy)

2. Liverton-Ovey – Chantismere Conchetta for Halosey (IKC) (see CKCS)

AV Toy Puppy (2/1):

1. Skinner – Muserosa Mr Chocolate Box (see Chihuahua Long Coat)

AV Toy Open (2/0):

1. Taylor – Chantaydan Praay for Poetry – Long Coat Chihuahua girl, lovely size and shape, good head with good ear set and carriage, correct bite. She is dainty & has nice tight feet, good body and moves well with a correct tail set & carriage.

2. Hawkins – Lexody Pandemonium – 1 y/o CKCS Blenheim boy with lots to like, good body, correct neck line, lovely dark round eyes, good length of muzzle, would prefer a better bite and his skull could be a little finer. In good coat & moved well.

Toy Group:

1. Borg -Elendil Crusader – Papillon

2. French – Norvanik Gold Smith at Bincombefarm – Pomeranian

3. Bennett – Rishtte I’m Tanisha of Remmya - CKCS

4. Taylor – Chantaydan High Priestess – Chihuahua (Long Coat)

Toy Puppy Group:

1. French – Norvanik Gold Smith at Bincombefarm – Pomeranian

2. Baker – Cofton Part of Your World – King Charles Spaniel

3. Taylor – Chantaydan Veni Vedi Vici – Chihuahua (Long Coat)

4. Long – Arroline Kryptonite – CKCS