• Show Date: 17/12/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lionel Prouve Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 08/01/2024

Boston & District Canine Society

Many thanks to the committee & officers for inviting me to judge at what turned out to be a well-attended show with good entries. I was warned to dress warm and I was glad I listened to the advice although after a few classes, the temperature seemed to rise. I would like to also thank my stewards for keeping us going during what was a long day but packed with quality dogs. I really appreciate the support of the exhibitors too and hopefully the below will clearly explain my decisions on the day, some of which were quite close.

Chihuahua (Long Coat)


1. Rushton & Chang’s Yensha’s Renegade – 10m/o mature fawn male, good head, correct bite, lovely skull shape, level top line, good tail set & carriage, in good coat. BP

2. Fothergill & Hunt’s Caballie Madame Barbie – 8m/o cream bitch, Lovely attitude. Good eye & ear. Muzzle could be slightly longer. Good body. Lovely, tight, compact feet.

J (2/0):

1. Jones’ Pepeetolynn Skylight – Good sized male with a correct head, Good ear size and set. Good round eye. Correct bite Level, top line, good tail set and carriage. Would prefer slightly better from angulation.

2. Taylor’s Oskola’s White Angel NAF - Small bitch with lovely shape. Good large ears and correct skull shape. Good lay of shoulders. Correct tail set and carriage. Not quite the finish in muzzle of 1.

PG (5/0):

1. Entwistle’s Dorentys Fancy That JW – 3y/o bitch, Lovely heads and large ears. Good length of muzzle. Level top line, good tail set and lovely carriage on the move. Compact Body. BOB

2. Smith’s Zena Warrior Princess of Hulawawas – 9y/o red sable bitch, Lovely skull shape. Good ruby coloured large eye. Good lay of Shoulder and front. Lovely level top line. Good tail set, moved well. Great attitude.

O (3/1):

1. Thornton’s Sable Diamond – Cream bitch who wasn’t feeling it today, she has a lovely head, earset & size, good eye shape & a lovely compact body.

2. Thornton’s Peacock Princess - Slightly taller. Lovely markings. Good tail set and carries it well. Would prefer chest more let down and slightly shorter body.

Chihuahua (Long Coat)

P(2/0): 2 lovely bitches with lovely heads

1. Turnbull’s Sunlea Bouncing Back from Prinleigh - Cream bitch with lovely ear set and size. Lovely body. Good feet. Tail set could be a little higher. BP

2. Entwistle’s Stadmeyer Jasmine Dorenty - Blue Fawn bitch with good head. Lovely eye and bite. Good front. Level topline, a little close behind.

J (3/1):

1. Entwistle’s Dorenty’s Arfa Sixpence – 12m/o boy with a good skull shape, lovely eye shape, well set & carried large ears, tight scissor mouth. Lovely front construction, good topline, lovely compact body & good size.

2. Jones’ Pepeetolynn Rich Tea – Another one with a good head & eye, good earset, lovely muzzle. Good tailset, would prefer slightly shorter in body.

PG (3/2):

1. Entwistle’s Cazants The Geisha Luvs Dorenty – Cream bitch with a lovely overall balance 7 size, perfect tail carriage, lovely construction, good skull shape, lovely well set large ears.

O (5/1):

1. Holmes & Entwistle’s CH Cazants The Gaffer Luvs Dorenty JW – Chestnut & white boy, stunning shape, lovely level topline ending up in a perfect tailset & carriage. Lovely attractive eye, large erect ears, good bite, well constructed throughout & moved with poise. A little star. BOB

2. Jones’ Tinasjoy Pretty Damn good by Pepeetolynn – lovely 4y/o compact boy, good large round eyes, good muzzle shape & length, correct bite but would prefer full dentition. Level topline, good tail carriage, not quite the lay of shoulders of 1.

Japanese Chin

P (1/0):

1. Pearce & Hann’s Somergemz Tanjobi Rakuchin – 6m/o B&W male who has a lovely shape, good large head with good markings, correct eye, well constructed, lovely feet. Moves well and in lovely condition. BP

J (3/2):

1. Pearce & Hann’s Rakuchin Born In The USA (IMP USA) – 9m/o B&W male with good skull shape & size, correct foreface, not quite the head markings of the puppy winner. Lovely silky coat, correct hare feet, level topline & correct square body.

O (3/2):

1. Pearce & Hann’s Holmchin Secret Affair with Rakuchin – 10t/o B&W male, lovely shape, in good coat, tail is well set & carried, nice hare feet. Large attractive head, lost some teeth at his age but he has such a lovely eye showing just the right amount of white. BOB

Japanese Spitz

PG (3/1):

1. Jones’ Masami Skye O Llwyni – 11y/o bitch, good height to length proportions, level topline, good tailset & carriage. Head shape is OK, would like better pigment on nose, correct bite, good earset but ears could be smaller, well constructed, in good coat of good colour.

2. Jones’ Llwyni Keep Watching Pumbaa – 8y/o male with correctly set ears which could however be smaller, would like better pigment, good bite, correct skull shape. Would prefer better front angulation & width behind, tailset is a little low. Correct coat texture & colour.

O (6/4):

1. Jones’ CH Llwyni Sky’s The Limit JW – 6y/o bitch, good size, substance & shape, correct tailset, lovely head shape, good pigment, correct bite, eye could be a tad tighter to complete the picture. Well angulated in front, good round feet, firm pasterns. Correct coat texture. BOB

2. Chapman’s Bangle Kilnhall – Slightly shorter on legs than 1, a well-constructed bitch, good eye shape but could be stronger in colour & would prefer better pigmentation. Level topline, good ribcage, moves well. Coat is a little soft.

Lhasa Apso

P (3/1):

1. Barnett & Carter’s Skylax Best Part Of Me Into Alamiks – Gold with a lovcely head & pigment, small skull, good eye shape, correct bite, well-constructed in front with a lovely return of upper arm, correct spring of ribs, moves well, in good coat for age. BP

2. Branch-Peard’s Branchetta Blue Moon – Red bitch, a little longer in body, would prefer her ribcage to extend a little further back, good head with correct eye & pigment, lovely tailset, good rear movement.

J (3/0):

1. Hattrell’s Ithera In Your Dreams at Khinjan – Grey & white dog with a good lay of shoulders, level topline, good ribcage extending well back, correct high set tail which is well carried. Good head proportions, lovely pigment good eye shape, undershot. In good coat. BOB

2. Barnett & Carter’s Skylax Best Part Of Me Into Alamiks (repeat)

Tibetan Terrier

P (6/1):

A mixed class, some of them are already pushing the limits on size

1. Wilson’s Djankay Blackberry Silk - B&W bitch with a lovely square shape and of correct size, good neck, correct shoulders, lovely flat large foot, producing a very breed typical movement and with enough rear drive, correct tailset & carriage. Correct bite, good head proportions & good eye shape & colour. BP

2. Moore’s Silgarhi Bhotiya – A black bitch with a lovely square shape & size, good body & ribcage for age, correct shoulder placements, level topline & good high tailset. She has an attractive head with good proportions & good pigment.

J (5/2):

1. Wilson’s Djankay Blackberry Silk

2. Moore’s Silgarhi Any Dream Will Do – 11m/o B&W, good size, correct topline & tailset, good spring of ribs but still needs chest to come down a bit lower. Correct pigment, correct bite & good eye. Moves well but not quite the front of 1.

PG (3/1):

1. Green’s Verony Like A Charm JW – I liked the size of substance of this 2y/o bitch, good lay of shoulders, level topline & good high tailset. Reverse scissor bite, correctly pigmented, correct head proportions & good expression. Her chest is well let down, she has large flat feet & a typical movement.

2. Thomas’s Kelmorespitz Smoking Storm – slightly taller black girl than 1 with still a lot to like. Good shape, correct skull shape, good tailset, neck could be a little stronger. Good pigment & nice eye shape, size & colour.

O (7/2):

1. Green’s Verony Mystic Charm – mature black bitch of lovely size & shape, good body, in lovely coat. Correct head proportions & pigment, good bite, eye could be slightly larger but of lovely dark colour & correct shape. Lovely large flat foot, good shoulders, very typical in movement with correct rear drive. BOB & later G2

2. Armstrong’s Rigaze Dalai Gartok at Tizzycharm – liked the substance & shape of this grey & white 4y/o, correct topline, good high tailset, correct front construction, good pigment, correct bite. He moved well and was presented in good coat.

AVNSC Utility:

P (12/3):

1. Gunther’s Marann’s Indiana at Chrissiguns – lovely square brindle boston terrier, good size, elegant, correct square head, good earset & carriage, correct eye, good bite, moves well and nicely angulated in rear.

2. Osborne & Janes’ Komodori Bonneka Hime go – 6m/o Japanese akita inu, she has a lovely shape, good tailset, correct coat texture, lovely head with a dark eye, good pigment, correct scissor bite, well shaped & set ears.

J (3/1):

1. Webb’s Chifido Follow The Dream – 11 m/o black Chow Chow who has a lovely shape, good tailset, great coat texture. Good muzzle & lovely dark medium eye, correct pigmentation in mouth, good earset 7 carriage, typical rear movement for breed. BP

2. Butterfield’s Chequerpei Jive Talkin – 12m/o Shar Pei in the middle of a moult, lovely head with the right amount of wrinkle and clean skin, correct eye shape & colour, good angulation. Would prefer slightly more compact to finish the picture

PG (4/3):

1. Hladkyj’s Tempete Albert du Royaume des Terres Gelées – 17m/o Eurasier, good front, correct rear angulation, eye is medium, ovale & oblique, good bite, triangular ears , correct coat, good reach in front & good tailset. Needs a little more training.

O (5/1):

1. Fletcher’s Fivepits The Companion Set – Salt & pepper schnauzer, lovely shape, compact & good body, correct topline, good tailset. Correct head proportions, good ear set & carriage, eye could be a slight darker. Well balanced & in lovely harsh coat, well angulated & moved well. BOB

2. Fisher’s Shulian San Angelo Star at Poppykins JW – Very close up to 1, this Chow Chow is in fabulous condition, nice head with dark eye, correct earset, shape & size, good pigment. Would prefer slightly more lay of shoulders to complete the picture. Lovely coat texture.

AV Imported Breed Register Utility

O (1/0):

1. Williams’ INT/Multi CH Morningcalm Cool As ICE EUW22 WW23 – 4y/o Korean Jindo, longer than high and with good ribcage & brisket. Correct straight front. Goo triangulare shaped head, scissor bite, good eye shape, correct muzzle length, fully erect triangular ears facing forward.

Utility Group:

This was a group full of quality exhibits and testament to the level of entry this society had managed to pull. The star of the day for me though was the Miniature schnauzer, CH Violis Storm Tracker JW, a young male with dark eyes, lovely head proportions, a near perfect body shape with great angulation and topline ending in a perfectly set & carried tail. He s a picture both standing and on the move.

Second was the Tibetan Terrier I had judged earlier, Verony Mystic Charm, for her sheer breed type.

Third was another dog on top form, the red Japanese Shiba Inu, Vormund Satoru Gojo, he has great conformation with a good coat texture, lovely ears and eye shape.

Completing this group the black Miniature Poodle, Michandy Love of The Game, she has a great body & substance, square with a good tailset & carriage, but where she excels even more is in the sheer refinement of her head with a fabulous eye.

Utility Puppy Group:

First was the Red Sesame Japanese Shiba Inu, Vormund Java Home Brew, with a lovely head with great eye shape, placement, colour and size, good bite, lovely small ears. She still needs to mature in body and firm up in rear, but she has lovely lay of shoulders and good angulation and moves so well in profile. I see she was born on my birthday, so it obviously was a good omen for her!!

Second went to the young Dalmatian bitch, Sophtspot Sparkler at Nospar, a pretty girl with good topline, straight front, well placed spots and an attractive head.

Third was the lovely black Chow Chow I had judged earlier, Chifido Follow The Dream, and taking the fourth spot was the French bulldog, Leyenda’s careless Whisper at Bankholt, a bitch of lovely substance with a good head and eye.

AV Utility

P (14/10):

1. Armstrong & Cherry’s Araki Fantasy Funtime at Tizzycharm – 7m/o Tibetan Terrier, a little unsettled, head is correct with good pigment, good body for age, would prefer shorter loin.

2. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz’s Bad Habits – 7m/o bitch of smaller format than 1, square outline, correct flat foot, good high tailset, has a lot of developing in body to do still and need more spring of ribs.

J (9/5):

1. Thomas’ Kelmorespitz’s Afire Love – small black Tibetan Terrier, lovely shape, good level topline, correct high tailset, correct round flat feet, well pigmented and good head proportions. Like his litter sister in the previous class, needs more substance in body at this stage.

2. Wallis Baga’s Velrok Rafina – 17m/o Tibetan Spaniel girl, small head, good eye shape & colour, correct level topline. Would prefer more depth of underjaw and slightly more undershot. Moved well with moderate front & rear angulation.

O (13/9):

1. Jones’ CH Llwyni Simba stop N’Stare JW ShCM VW – 8y/o Japanese Spitz, who presents a lovely overall shape, level topline & good tailset, great body & ribcage, good front with good return of upperarm, straight forelegs & strong pasterns. Attractive head with good eye shape & colour, small ears well carried, correct bite, although a few teeth missing at this stage, which is the only thing betraying his age. Moves well and in lovely coat.

2. Armstrong’s Rigaze Dalai Gartok at Tizzycharm – see 2nd in TT Open class

V (16/4):

1. Jones’ CH Llwyni Simba stop N’Stare JW ShCM VW

2. Armstrong’s Lynces Love of My Life at Tizzycharm – 8y/o B&W Tibetan Terrier lady, lovely shape & substance, well-constructed, good strong neck, high tailset, lovely large flat feet. Good head with lovely muzzle & nose, in good coat.