• Show Date: 19/03/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Linda Pack Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society

Herts & Essex Border Canine Society

I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to judges such good Quality dogs and the exhibitions for bringing their well groomed dogs I really enjoyed the opportunity to go over your dogs I’ve followed over the months.

Miniature Poodles

Limit (1/1)

1 Collier’s Michandy Love Of The Game A lovely 14 month young female , well balanced, She has a feminine head with a lovely eye shape, ears set low and hanging close to face, correct bite, good length of neck, chest deep, with well sprung ribs, good tail set, feet oval in shape, moved freely covering the ground RBOB.

Open (1/1)

1 Lee-Morris’s Michandy Back In Time At Pupstar, 4 year old black boy, another well balanced dog and was presented a fantastic shape, he has the most exquisite head and the darkest expressive almond eyes, strong neck, had a good fore chest, well laid shoulders, ribs rounded and well sprung, well developed muscular thighs and nice tail set, on the move gliding across the ground with good stride. BOB

Standard Poodles

Special yearly (2/2)

1 Brook’s Sculbrook The Beat Lives on, 16 month old well presented and balanced Brown dog, lovely head with dark almond shaped eyes, good ear set, good fore face , deep chest, well laid back shoulders, ribs well sprung, loins well muscled, moved well.

2 Hartree’s Alsiane Off The Record, 11 Month old, still young and getting use to being shown, lovely head and dark eyes, deep chest with nice shaped shoulders, good bone, moved well needs to mature. BP

Limit (2/2)

1 Brook’s Sculbrook The Beat Lives On.

2 Harwin’s Alisiane Wish Upon A Star, well presented with nice head, correct teeth, almond shaped dark eyes, deep chest, good frame and tail set moved ok.

Open (2/2)

1 Brook’s Sculbrook Raising The Odds, Well balanced strong dog with a good shape, lovely head with dark expressive eyes on a strong fore face, well chiselled, correct teeth, neck is of good length, well laid back shoulders, chest deep and moderately wide through out the body, ribs well rounded, thighs well muscled, tight feet, nice tail set, on the move he had good drive and was sound .BOB

2 Coate’s Jaspalie Ghost, Between 1. And 2 this was a hard decision but 2 was playing up on the move, when I bought him in to challenge for RBOB he moved really well. He was a strong well balanced dog, he had a good head with nice shape eyes, well chiselled on face, leathers good, neck was of good length and strong, well laid shoulders strong and well muscled, fore chest good, moderately wide throughout, well sprung, good angular ion and well muscled, tail set good and feet small and oval, on the move he played his handler up otherwise he might have won first place. RBOB

Linda Pack