• Show Date: 15/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Liesel Thorner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South West Utility Club

South West Utility

I would like to thank the committee of the South West Utililty Club for inviting me to judge at their very friendly well run show, my stewards who kept the ring in good order and to the exhibitors who entered under me. I had a fabulous day and it was a great honour to go over your dogs.

I was spoilt for choice in the BIS and BPIS line ups and although the eventual BIS and RBIS appealed to me greatly, there were other dogs I wanted to take a second look at and so made a cut in both challenges.

The eventual top spot went to the Shar Pei bitch Bragg’s Loopang’s Back In Business (AI). A lovely young bitch that oozes quality and will I am sure, have a very exciting show career. The Llasa Apso Barnett and Carter’s Ch Balazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks Jw ShCEx Osw, already enjoying a successful time in the ring having gained his CH title since I last judged him, was unlucky to meet the wonderful Shar Pei in the challenge and had to settle for RBIS. But these could two lovely examples of their breeds could change places on any other day.

BPIS was the 7 month old Std Poodle, O’Higgins’ Sarnia Return To Sender who’s overall ring presence and sound free moving gait was impressive for one so young. Reserve puppy went to the Shih Tzu, Smith’s Densown Moana, who you can’t help but notice. Her ultra feminine yet sturdy frame moves around the ring with a free and easy gait and her carriage has a “look at me if you dare” attitude.

BVIS was a favourite of the day. The Schipperke Millard’s Ch Aradet Xtra Addition and what a fabulous little man. Still sound all through, with lovely ring attitude and movement that defies his 12 years.

I was very pleased with my main winners, congratulations to you all.


Open (1, 1)

1st Preddy’s Estava Rain World In My Eyes Avec Overhill (Imp Nor)

2 year old masked fawn of good quality. Strong, sturdy bitch who is balanced all through with moderate angulation and heavy bone. Attractive feminine head of correct proportions, with good ear set and has a lovely dark eye. Her head is held with dignified carriage on a nicely muscled but not overdone neck which leads to a strong level back, with good tail set carried correctly. She is nicely muscled through fore and hindquarters, has well let down hocks and correct feet and pasterns giving her the tools to gait the ring with effortless stride. Well handled. BOB. This young lady made my BIS shortlist.

Chow Chow

Post Graduate (2, 1)

1st Palmer’s Seasons Delight

Just 1 year old red youngster very in awe of the proceedings today. Managed to get enough hands on to place but needs to have some steady socialisation at ring craft. Promising young male with correct bite and pigmentation to mouth. Head coming along and has well set ears and good size dark eye. Struggled to get a good feel under his coat but looked balanced and moved well enough on the go round. Hope the owners manage to get him settled.

Limit (2, 1)

1st Cummins’ Kweichow Spencer at Dragonsway

2 year old red male, balanced with good bone. Correct mouth and bite, with nicely padded muzzle. Eyes dark but could be cleaner. Stands on straight legs and good feet. Good forequarters with well sprung ribs, level topline and good tail set. Moved ok.

Open (1, 1)

1st Ch Dragonsway Tom Thumb ShCM

8 year old nicely balanced red male with correct bite and mouth pigmentation. He has well set and carried ears, dark eye and a broad, padded muzzle. Good neck into well laid shoulder and sprung ribs. He has a sturdy frame, with good bone in his legs leading to feet with arched toes. Moved ok. Not in his best jacket today. BOB

Shar Pei

Open (2, 2)

A class with two lovely youngsters from the same litter.

1st Bragg’s Loopang’s Back In Business (AI)

Everything about this 14th month old bitch is balanced, in proportion and not overdone in anyway. Gorgeous head with good clean dark eye, well placed ears and correctly padded muzzle and pigmentation to mouth. Strong neck into a good front and well boned straight legs and compact feet. Nice width and depth to chest, with slight tuck up. Strong back leading to a correct tail set and carriage. Her hindquarters are totally in balance with her fore, with just the right amount of muscle and well let down hocks. To top it off she has a beautiful coat and carries moderate wrinkling. This young lady is a picture on the stand and all this comes together when she moves and shows off her effortless, balanced free flowing gait. Well handled. A really lovely bitch and one I couldn’t take my eyes off in the BIS challenge. BOB and a well deserved BIS in a strong line up.

2nd Bragg’s Loopang’s Jimmy Choo Junior (AI)

Black litter brother to 1st place and a good example of the breed. Another with lovely balance and correct angulation fore and aft, good bone and feet with well arched toes. Correct pigmentation. Preferred the head and muzzle proportions on the bitch. Moved out well, with effortless stride.

Shiba Inu (1, 0)

A.V.N.S.C Utility

A.V. Import Register (3, 3)

1st Purnell-Carpenter and Preddy’s Morningcalm Eyes Of An Angel (Korean Jindo)

Very nice 18 month old white bitch carrying gold tinges. Beautifully balanced with moderate angulation front and rear. Feminine in head with correct ratios, well placed ears and dark eye. Muscular neck that led into a strong level topline with good tail set and carriage on the move. She did pop it down when being gone over as was unsure of me for a moment or two, but pleased she allowed me to go over her as she is a lovely youngster. She moved with a good gait holding her topline and correct fore and aft. Another that made my BIS shortlist. BOB.

2nd Cowie and Critcher’s Sangreal China Girl At Itzdoble (Xoloitzcuintle)

Rising two year old coated brindle bitch of a friendly disposition. Well proportioned head with defined stop, good ear placement and carriage and nice eye. Balanced and well angulated front and rear, with good bone and straight legs. Level topline which she held on the move. Moved well.

3rd BPIB – Scott’s Rak Sunakh Valeska NAF (Xoloitzcuintle) 3rd in the class.

Hairless bitch with shapely head, good ear placement and carriage and dark eye. Strong neck, into defined wither. Good spring of rib, but still needs more depth to ribcage, this should come as she matures. Balanced angles, enough bone down to hare feet. Nails need attention. She still needs to strengthen through her rear which will tidy up her movement.

A.V. Utility

Minor Puppy Dog (4, 3)

1st Adam-Slomkowski’s Skylax Dare To Believe (Llasa Apso)

My notes say “a very smart young man”. Just short of nine months old, this youngster entered the ring and caught my eye immediately. Head developing nicely, held alertly and with attitude. Dark eye, correct mouth. Nicely arched neck into well laid shoulder, level topline and high set tail. Balanced angles and a nice amount of bone in straight legs. Good feet. Coat is coming along nicely with good texture. Moved well for one so young. Promising youngster.

2nd Rankine’s Wildax Rowendale Just Eric (French Bulldog)

6 month old fawn male with black mask. Handsome, balanced young man. Head coming together, good ear placement and carriage, dark eye and correct mouth. Strong neck. Sturdy frame, with good depth and width to chest. Straight, well boned legs leading into good feet. Nicely muscled all through without being overdone. Moved well, another with promise.

3rd Harrison’s Boshay Kaliko Jack (Tibetan Terrier)

Minor Puppy Bitch (2, 1)

1st Plummer and Bingham’s Araki Karazie Maizie To Tetsikarma (Tibetan Terrier)

8 month old gold sable. Well grown young lady, with lovely ring attitude. Balanced all through. Head developing well, lovely dark eye and good pigmentation. Correct ear set. Medium length neck into well laid shoulder, level topline. Tail set on well and carried over her back. Good angulation fore and aft, nicely boned. Moved well.

Puppy Dog (3, 2)

1st Kaal’s Schunikka Ifor Dream (Dalmatian)

10 month old up to size black. Well balanced young man with good bone in straight legs leading to nice tight feet and arched toes. His head is a tad strong but isn’t out of place as it is in keeping with his frame. Lovely length of neck leading to well laid shoulder and level topline. Good length and angle of upper arm finishes a well angled front which is matched in rear angulation. Coat has a good distribution of spots which just need time to clear. This youngster won the class on movement but would like to see him allowed to move out a little as he has more to give and still be a good steady economic mover.

2nd Harrison’s Boshay Kaliko Jack (Tibetan Terrier)

6 month old black and white, giving his handler a hard time and thoroughly enjoying his day out. Square and compact youngster with balanced angulation front and rear. Good pigmentation. Dark eye and correct scissor bite. Strong neck into good lay of shoulder, level topline and high set tail carried over his back. Movement a little hard to assess today although fleeting moments when he was going forward looked promising,

Puppy Bitch (7, 5)

1st Smith’s Densown Moana

Rising 9 month old with lovely ring presence and attitude. Feminine head with lovely round dark eye and good pigment to rims and nose. Upwardly turned muzzle and correct bite. Sturdy balanced youngster with adequate bone to retain femininity. Nicely angled fore and aft. Good topline and tail carriage. Gaited beautifully around the ring keeping her arrogant head carriage and with reach and drive, showing full pad. Presented in lovely coat and handled to advantage. Lovely young bitch. RBPIS

2nd Mcloughlin’s Villanders Lemona Woman of Zantescwtch (Imp) (Std Poodle)

Almost 1 year old well presented black with enough bone and standing on tight feet. Good head, with dark eye and correct bite. Nice outline when stood. Well angulated in rear which gave her drive when gaiting the ring. Just needs to tighten up as she matures as was a little close behind.

3rd Neath-Duggan and Coyne’s Kelevra Pickle My Fennel With Buffrey

Junior Dog (4, 1)

1st Williamson’s Shydally Ultimate Edition

13 month old black of type. Masculine head with good ratios, although muzzle a little tapered. Strong neck into defined wither. Moderate angulation front and rear, ribs well sprung and good depth to chest. Carries enough bone in fitting with his frame and has tight feet and arched toes. Moved well.

2nd Barrett’s Royal Topaz

13 month old fawn, with well-placed and carried ears and a dark eye, although I would prefer a little more muzzle which would open nostrils more. Strong neck, into moderate front and legs set wide. Deep chest to good tuck up. Moved well.

Junior Bitch (7, 5)

1st Smith’s Densown Viola (Shih Tzu)

Another youngster with ring presence. Balanced, sturdy one year old with good head, dark eye and required pigmentation, correct up- tilt to muzzle all giving her an alert, arrogant expression. Sturdy, with good bone, chest broad and deep. Well laid shoulder and firm topline to correct tail carriage. Moved freely with reach and drive.

2nd Mcloughlin’s Villanders Lemona Woman of Zanteswtch (Imp) (Std Poodle)

As per 2nd in PB

3rd Williamson and Howard’s Decoda’s Toffee Apple

Graduate (10, 7)

1st Mcloughlin’s Jester The Chester De Isla De Kann Zantescwtch (imp Esp) (Std Poodle)

Rising two year old, well presented red male in lovely coat. Handsome well proportioned head, with lovely dark eye, chiselled forface and scissor bite, proudly carried on a neck of good length. Nicely balanced with well laid shoulder, level topline and good tail set. Enough bone in his straight legs and lovely tight feet. Nicely muscled without being over done. Gaited the ring with a lovely free flowing action.

2nd Adam-Slomkowski’s Kentwone Derek Jewel By Skylax (Llasa Apso)

Beautifully balanced, 2 year old gold male. Well presented and in lovely coat. Masculine head with dark eye and black nose. Well arched neck leading to a level topline and good tailset. Compact with a well laid shoulder and good angulations fore and aft. Moved well.

3rd Howard’s Decoda’s Cracker Jack (Dalmatian)

Limit (6, 4)

1st Howard’s Decoda’s Cracker Jack (Dalmatian)

Another well grown young man but well balanced with correct length to height ratio. Masculine head with amber eye and good ear set and carriage. Nicely angled front and rear, plenty of heart and lung room with a good topline, tail set and carriage. This boy stands on well boned legs and tight feet with a nice spring to his pasterns. Well distributed liver spotting. Had asked the handler to gait him on a loose lead in a previous class as he tended to pull away from his handler throwing off his movement. When he settled in this class on a looser lead, his movement improved dramatically and won him the top spot.

2nd Barrett’s Thomas The Steam Tank (French Bulldog)

2 year old well grown pied male. Masculine head with dark eye and a nice length to his muzzle. Wide set legs, with good bone and nicely muscled all through. Ribs well sprung and a good tuck up. Moved well.

3rd Jones’ Valleyrise Inspiration

Open Dog (7, 2)

1st Meakin’s Layoli Firecracker at Miksang (Tibetan Terrier)

Well proportioned 5 year old black, with lovely square outline. Nicely balanced with deep chest, level topline and well set and carried tail. Good bone in straight legs and correct feet. Moved well.

2nd Vosper’s Busterleigh Seven Seas (Bulldog)

5 year old balanced red with typical head. Would prefer a little less nose roll. Strong neck into broad shoulders. Has good strong bone in perfectly straight legs. Well muscled all through without being overdone. Moved well.

Open Bitch (6, 5)

1st Stewart’s Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi Over Twybrrok (Imp Swe) RL3ex (Kooikerhondje)

A six year old well balanced lady carrying moderate bone. Feminine head, with correctly set and carried ears with desirable black tips. Dark eye with correct pigmentation to rims. Scissor bite. Moderate angulation, with well laid shoulder. Move well.

2nd French’s Ravenside Cest La Vie At Bincombefarm

Rising three year old, compact brindle. Feminine in head, with defined muzzle, dark eye and correctly set and carried ears. Balanced with enough bone, good spring of rib and nice cut up. Well muscled throughout, moved well.

3rd Cowie and Critcher’s Sangreal China Girl At Itzdoble (Xoloitzcuintle)

Special Veteran 7 to 9 yrs Dog (8, 5)

1st Neath-Duggan and Baker’s Ch Buffrey Incognito By Dalleaf JW (Dalmatian)

Well handled showy 8 year old. Masculine head with good ear set which he uses to advantage. Good neck into defined wither, strong level topline and tail set coming off his back. Moderate angulation, with deep chest and correct spring of rib. Good coupling. Straight legs with bone befitting his frame and tight feet. Well pigmented black spots on a pure white coat. He moves with reach and drive but can be over exaggerated in his rear extension when moved too fast so asked his handler to steady him up a bit and was pleased with the result. A much tidier and less exaggerated, economic movement. This boy put up a tough fight for BVIS but was edged out by the ageless Schipperke.

2nd Suiter’s Chriskoois Octavius At Genetika (Kooikerhondje)

Typy 7 year old with masculine head. Well set ears, defined stop, dark eye, correct pigmentation. Moderate angles fore and aft with enough spring of rib. Would prefer a little more bone to aide masculinity. Moved ok.

3rd Sambrook’s Talkaccatur Huritt

Special Veteran 7 to 9 yrs Bitch (9, 6)

1st Johnson’s Sensation Vom Tespelkooi Of Valleyrise (Imp Deu) (Kooikerhindje)

Rising 8 year old lovely bitch and one I have judged before. Gorgeous head, with correct ratios, dark eye and black pigmentation to rims and nose. Good ear set and carriage. Alert with a melting expression. Feminine all through, with correct amount of bone. Balanced fore and aft with good angulation. Lovely coat. Moved well. Another lovely dog in my BVIS line up.

2nd Church’s Ch/Int/Ir Ch Sanyinko Silver Spirit (Japanese Spitz)

Another lovely feminine bitch unlucky to come up against 1st place. 7 years young, alert and attentive to her handler. Correct head, with dark oval eye, black rims and nose. Well set and carried ears. Good strong neck into level topline and high set tail carried correctly over the back. Good spring to ribs. Nice amount of bone in keeping with frame. Moved and showed well.

3rd Denton’s Chenreze Love On The Rocks At Tremorvah

Special Veteran 10+ Yrs (6, 5)

1st Millard’s Ch Aradet Xtra Addition (Skipperke)

12 year old male that really does bely his age in looks and movement. A picture on the stand, intelligent and alert expression coming from well set and carried ears, lovely dark eye and correctly proportioned head. Still has a good mouth. Short strong neck into a well positioned front with correctly laid shoulder. Strong back to well set and carried tail. Nicely angulated rear, with bone and muscling correct in comparison to forequarters. Good feet. This “young” man moved so well on the go round and fore and aft with a real look at me attitude. A lovely boy and could not deny him BVIS.

2nd Plummer’s Tetsikarma Stargazer ShCM ShCEx VW (Tibetan Terrier)

A dog I have judged before and given RBVIS, unlucky to come up against the 1st place dog today.

11 year old male who is still maintaining the muscle and tone he had when I judged him last. Sturdy and well balanced with good angulation fore and aft. Level topline to correct tail set and carriage on the move. Masculine head, with correct eye and pigmentation to rims and nose. Still moves with reach and drive and good fore and aft.

Brace or Team (3, 2)

1st Marshall’s Brace (Keeshond)

A picture pair on the stand and moving with this traditional brace gaiting the ring in unison. Alert and attentive to handler.

2nd Church’s Brace (Japanese Spitz)

Another lovely brace and not much to split 1st and 2nd but for one of this pair to be moving slightly ahead of the other. Moved with an active and effortless stride.

BIS – Bragg’s Loopang’s Back In Business (AI) (Shar Pei)

As per Shar Pei 1st in Open.

RBIS - Carter’s Ch Balazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks Jw ShCEx Osw (Llasa Apso)

Another I have judged before when he was just a youngster of 15 months and I said then that he would have a promising show career. Now with a CH to his name, everything I said about him then still applies. Well proportioned head, dark eye, with an aloof head carriage. Balanced, with a well laid shoulder, level topline and correct tail set and carriage. His rear angulation matches his fore and allows him to gait the ring with an effortless stride and is true fore and aft. His coat is still in fabulous condition and he is immaculately presented and well handled. Could not deny him the reserve top spot, RBIS.

BPIS - O’Higgins’ Sarnia Return To Sender (Std Poodle)

7 month old beautifully presented black male with well proportioned head and chiselled foreface and a dark almond shaped eye finishing off his fabulous, alert and intelligent expression. High head carriage held on a strong neck down into a well laid shoulder. Correctly placed muscular fore standing on well boned straight legs and arched toes. Well sprung ribs and a strong loin lead into a nicely angled rear which when balanced with his fore allowed him a wonderful stride powered with drive from behind. Another with a promising show career ahead of him that I will watch with interest.

RBPIS – Smith’s Densown Moana (Shih Tzu)

As per AV Utility Puppy Bitch.

BVIS - Millard’s Ch Aradet Xtra Addition (Skipperke)

As per AV Utility Special Veteran 10+

Champion (4, 4)

Winner - Carter’s Ch Balazieth Sundance Kid With Alamiks Jw ShCEx Osw (Llasa Apso)

As per RBIS

Liesel Thorner