• Show Date: 30/05/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Robinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Thank you to the Officers and Committee for their invitation to judge Golden Retrievers at their premier show it is an honour to be asked. Many thanks to my two stewards and to all of the exhibitors who entered and brought their wonderful dogs for me to judge, I was delighted with such a beautiful entry.

Golden Retrievers

Puppy ( 8 ent 2abs)

1st Mrs GA Keightley, Richana Rocket Man

A very eye catching pale coated puppy of 11 months of age, he stood out as soon as he entered the ring. He is well constructed with a beautiful male head with a soft melting expression, good stop, lovely dark pigment and correct earset. A good straight front with a well laid-back shoulder placement, he is balanced and deep through the chest well angled fore and aft with a firm level topline and correct tail set which he held on the move. He moved out going away and on the return beautifully with excellent forward reach and a strong rear drive. I was pleased to award him Best Puppy.

2nd Mrs V Mandley, Maltqudos Enchanted

A beautiful mid gold coated bitch of 8 months of age, displayed a beautifully balanced outline for such a young age, a very pretty feminine head with a soft expression with super dark pigment. A lovely reach of neck which flowed into a well laid-back shoulder, nice straight front, good length of leg and super neat feet. She has a level topline, well-muscled second thigh and correct tailset which she held level on the move. Well presented.

3rd Mrs DE Rose Gaytonwood Factual

Res Mrs G Fotheringham Jessibelle twice as nice

Junior ( 16 ent 5 abs)

1st Dr J & Mrs C Oldring Fairwinds Sky Full Of Stars Over Flaxengold

A well-presented mid gold bitch with a sweet feminine head and gentle expression lovely dark pigment and kind dark eyes. She has a good length of neck into a well laid-back shoulder placing her legs well under her body, she is deep through the chest with plenty of heart room well sprung ribs and firm over the loin with a correct tailset. Lovely turn of stifle a good width of thigh and well developed second thigh her hocks are straight and well let down which enables her to move with good reach and drive.

2nd Mr PD & Mrs JL Seamons Ramchaine Luminescence Over Messano (IMP NLD)

A very feminine pale coated bitch, she displayed a beautifully balanced outline. She has a beautiful female head lovely dark eyes and pigment.

Going over this bitch you cannot deny her super reach of neck into a textbook front assembly, her shoulder is long in the blade with a corresponding length of upper arm, legs well under her body, well angled fore and aft with a firm level topline she is short coupled with a good width of thigh and a nice turn of stifle. She moved out effortlessly

3rd Mrs VA & Miss C Robertshaw Akenscales Beau Baron

Res Mr I M & Mrs A Black Bencoe Just In Time Del Avrain.

Post Graduate (11 ent 4abs)

1st Mr G & Mrs L Kipps Wheatcroft Rainbow

This pale coated young dog just stood out today for his overall condition and construction. Going over him didn’t disappoint, he had a beautiful male head of good proportions dark pigment and eyes, a nice clean neck set onto an exceptionally good shoulder placement and return of upper arm, straight legs and neat catlike feet. He is deep through the chest with a good spring of rib, firm loins and a level top line, short coupled correct tailset and carriage, firm and well-muscled rear quarters and a lovely turn of stifle. Both stood and on the move his balanced outline is very impressive and his movement is sound and powerful. I was pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd Mr TB & Mrs LG Smith Goldmarker Luminess

A lovely mid gold coated bitch with pale feathering, very different in type from the winner, she has a beautiful feminine head with the sweetest expression excellent dark pigment with kind dark eyes. A lovely reach of neck and correct shoulder placement, good bone straight legs and neat feet. Well angled fore and aft she is short coupled and firm over her loins with a lovely turn of stifle she covered the ground well whilst maintaining her lovely outline.

3rd Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

Res Sybiton Ginger Nut

Limit (4 ent 1 abs)

1st Mrs D Robbins & Mrs P Rowark Brekswood Lady Eleanor

A beautifully presented mid gold coated bitch in excellent coat and condition, she is beautifully balanced, a lovely feminine head with a sweet kind expression good dark pigment, she stood perfectly for her handler today. She has a good reach of neck into an excellent front assembly, deep through the chest, good spring of rib, short couplings and a dead level topline held on the move. Well-muscled thighs and hocks well let down, correct tailset and carriage. All held together on the move displaying good reach and drive whilst maintaining perfect symmetry.

2nd Miss J Phillips Shebelta Sweet Soul Music

A pale coated young boy of good proportions at only 14 months he still has some maturing to do. He was very well handled today, he stood perfectly and moved out with confidence and good drive. He has a lovely male head with good pigment, a lovely reach of neck which flowed into a well laid-back shoulder placement, his legs are well placed under his body, a nice deep chest and good spring of rib. His topline is level and held on the move, firm second thigh, hocks well let down and good cat like neat feet.

3rd Mrs A L & Mr M L Brown Sansue Lovenote At Louellabrook

Open (7 ent 0 abs)

1st Miss D Crutwell Ashbyglen Drama Queen

A beautifully presented pale coated bitch in profuse coat with gentle waves, a pretty feminine head well chiselled with correct earset and lovely dark pigment, a good reach of neck into a well laid-back shoulder with a good length of upper arm, good length of leg to body length, well sprung ribs and a firm level topline, good width of thigh and a lovely turn of stifle, she covered the ground with effortless free flowing movement.

2nd Mr D Wallington Wynrita School Daze

A well bodied mid gold coated boy shown in full coat with ample feathering, a masculine head with a broad skull and deep muzzle, with the most gentle expression and dark pigment. He is well bodied nice straight legs and neat feet, he is very well off for bone with excellent angulation fore and aft, deep through the chest with a lovely spring of rib a strong level topline and correct tailset held on the move. He powered round the ring with good reach and strong rear drive.

3rd Mr TB & Mrs L G Smith Thornywait Iluminati At Goldmarker Res Miss J Phillips Shebelta Sweet Soul Music


Lesley Robinson (Lemarli