• Show Date: 26/02/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Robinson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Billingham Synthonia Canine Society

Golden Retrievers.

Billingham Symphonia Canine Club 26/2/2023 Golden Retrievers.

Minor Puppy (4 entries)

1st. Mrs F Clarkson, Drumkilty Yours Truly.

An absolutely outstanding pale coated puppy of 8 1/2 months. She caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, she is so perfectly balanced displaying the most beautiful outline that draws your attention which is a fabulous trait of this Kennel. She has excellent angulation fore and aft a super reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, a level topline and correct tail carriage. She has the sweetest feminine head with a melting expression beautiful dark eyes that compliment her fabulous pigment. Her movement was effortless and free flowing I was delighted to award her Best Puppy and thrilled that she went on to gain Group 4 in a very strong puppy group.

2nd Mrs S & Mr D Towers, Alibren Majestic Dawn

Another beautiful young lady from this kennel, very different in type from the winner but still exudes the same quality. At almost 9 months a beautiful mid gold coated girl with ample feathering, super angulation and a lovely balanced outline, she has a sweet feminine head with a very pretty face, a melting expression dark eyes and excellent pigment. Her movement was effortless and at one with her handler. For me both of theses quality girls are destined for top honours.

3rd Mrs S Fegan & Mrs K Hutchison, Karmikis Rainbows End

Res Miss T Pratt, Rosyth Kind of Magic

Junior (4 entries 2 abs)

1st Mrs FV Bell & Mr M Bell, Hoaaloha Kealoha

A super young girl who is just out of puppy and into junior, she is a beautiful pale coated girl displaying a fantastic outline and a good reach of neck, her topline is dead level she has excellent angulation a good length of leg and nice tight feet. A lovely pleasing soft expression, nothing overdone on this girl she is just right for her age, her movement is flowing and so elegant. Another lovely girl that will go far.

2nd Mrs S Fegan & Mrs K Hutchison, Karmikis Rainbows End

A super 10 month old pale coated boy shown In profuse coat with ample feathering, he is well bodied with excellent angulation, he has a beautiful male head with a dark eye super pigment and kind expression. He was happy and confident on the move if at times a little bit exuberant but as he was the only boy in class of girls his handler did a splendid job moving him to his best advantage. My notes say I liked this boy a lot and his enthusiasm is exactly what I expected from a boy of his age it shows he is a happy forward going confident boy.

Post Graduate (6 entries 3abs)

1st Mrs C & Mr B Foster, Eau My Gold VD Corner Brook for Auristela ( IMP NLD)

There were so many excellent points that stood out with this girl for me today, in no particular order, her angulation is just stunning her pretty feminine head with the most gorgeous expression, her fabulous reach of neck that flowed into her laid back shoulders, her super topline and perfect tail carriage and the beautiful outline she portrays she is just so pretty and her movement was effortless I was delighted to award her Best Of Breed and she went on to take group 3 in a super group with an outstanding performance.

2nd Mrs FV & Mr M Bell, Hoaaloha Kealoha

Limit (4entries 3abs)

1st Mrs FV & Mr M Bell, Hoaaloha Kealoha

Open (5 entries 1abs)

1st S Towers and M Henderson, Grey Goose November Rain (IMP ESP)

A dark gold boy presented in excellent condition with a beautiful wavy coat with ample feathering. He has a soft but masculine head with a melting expression. He has excellent angulation a nice straight front and a good length of leg he is short coupled with a level top line, shoulders are well laid back placing his legs right under his body and a nice turn of stifle. Superbly handled in the class and in the challenge a worthy winner which made my decisions today very hard.

2nd Mr D & Mrs J Taylor, Stormford Honeysuckle SHCM

Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said about this beautiful lady. A mid gold girl whose stamina and fabulous condition belies her age at almost 10 1/2. The texture of her mid gold wavy coat is beautifully soft she is in full bloom with ample feathering her coat today was her crown and glory. She has a lovely sweet feminine head and kind expression which she uses to look adoringly at her handler. Her outline is balanced with super angulation and tight neat feet. She certainly has a level top line that owners of dogs half her age would be proud of, she moved out beautifully with perfect footfall. She is an absolute credit to the breed and went on to win Best Veteran and Reserve Best Veteran in Show.

3rd Mrs C & Mr B Foster, Mockingjay VD CornerBrook to Auristela (IMPNLD)

Res Miss T Pratt, Rosyth Jennifer Eccles



Mrs Lesley Robinson (Lemarli)