• Show Date: 09/09/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley McCourt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 11/09/2023

Kington Horse Show And Agricultural Society

Kington Horse Show and Agricultural Society Open Show 9th September 2023 Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at this lovely show, and for the warm welcome and hospitality. Thank you for my efficient steward who had stood all day in the heat and was still standing at the end! Mostly I’d like to thank the exhibitors for braving the scorching heat with their dogs to give me some lovely examples to ‘go over’. Retriever Golden Special Yearling 3 (2) 1st Hill Sandaula Forest of Dreams Lovely young bitch of 14 month presents a balanced outline when stood; she flows nicely from her strong neck into a level topline. Her head is feminine with lovely expression. She has good depth of chest with well sprung ribs. Decent angles front and rear with great width of thigh and nicely bent stifle, she moves out well in profile but just a touch close at the back, however, she couldn’t be denied BOB today, and I was more than happy to award her G4 in a strong Gundog Group. Limit 2 (2) Open 4 (3) 1st Whitefield Amberdella Miracle Dancer This sweet 7 years bitch has a pretty head, she’s well bodied with good depth of chest, she has decent angles front and rear and moved out really well with good striding action. Retriever Labrador Limit 5 (4) 1st Smith Flyenpyg Amy Swinehouse I was quite taken with this stylish young black bitch of 14 months she has a lovely flowing outline, with good depth of chest and nicely barrelled rib. Head is feminine; she has a good length of neck into strong level topline, good bone and standing on nicely rounded feet. Well angled at both ends, she moved really well, driving from her well muscled rear quarters. BOB 2nd Smith Potterzuri Mister Pumbaa of Flyenpyg Another that I liked from this kennel, this 8 mth old yellow male has everything where is should be for his age. His head is masculine with broad skull, his neck is strong and of good length, he is well bodied for his age with lovely front and rear angles. He moved well but was just a bit loose at the back; this will come together with time. BP and delighted to award him PG2. 3rd Scotford – Jackson & Turner Myndvalley Sunny Open 2 (1) 1st Smith Flyenpyg Porky Pig JW OSW Mature 5 years yellow male, he has a lovely masculine head, he has plenty of substance all through, neck of good length lovely depth with super rib. Decent angels front and rear, he moved out well in all directions. Retreiver Nover Scotia Duck Tolling Sp Yearling 3 1st Akehurst Oryxes Allure of the Trees at Ripplerush (imp Can) Sweet red & white puppy bitch of just less than 12 months, she is feminine all though with pretty head and expression. She has a decent front with good depth and fore chest. She holds her level topline on the move and moved out well with typical jaunty stride. BP 2nd Stait Afonbach Balerion I liked this young male for his overall shape, he’s well bodied with straight front, moderate length of neck, into level topline, he has lovely forequarters with decent spring of rib, his rear quarters are well muscled and he moved well, he just lost out to the winner on dentition, but otherwise he is really well made. 3rd Trickett Cfyre’s High Tea at Tollpepper JW (imp Can) Limit 3 1st Trickett Cfyre’s Spellbreaker at Tollpepper (Imp Can) Pretty feminine bitch of three years she has a lovely head which is slightly wedge shaped, she is compact in body with good depth of chest, her neck is of good length into lovely well angled forequarters, she has nicely bent stifle with good width of thigh. She moved well in all directions with reach and drive. She was shown in good coat and condition BOB 2nd Stait Afonbach Balerion Repeat from previous class 3rd Gregory Exetollers What’s This Open 3 (1) 1st Stait Acadiabyrne The Baker’s Son 3 years dog, holds a nice shape when stood, good head with lovely eye shape and colour toning with coat. Well bodied with decent rib, and front angles, would prefer a little more bend to stifle, moved well. 2nd Exetollers What’s This R/W male, who’s head is a little plain for me, he has decent front and rear angles, but I would like a little more of him all through. He moved well and was shown in good coat and condition. Spaniel American Cocker Limit 1 1st Woodbridge Charlie De Mi Alma Well grown B&T male of 12 months, lovely masculine head with nicely rounded skull, good stop and correct eye set. Good length of neck into his lightly sloping topline, enough depth for his age and decent angles front and rear. He moved out well with correct use of his tail. Open 2 (1) 1st Edwards Afterglow Bang Tidy What a cracker, this superbly presented back dog is masculine all through, his head is well developed with plenty of work in it, his body is deep and he has substance a plenty. He presents a balanced outline with good angels fore and aft, his rear quarters are muscular and his movement was true in all directions, driving from the rear and really covering the ground with ease. His well presented coat completed the picture for me, and I was happy to award him BOB and G1 in an excellent gundog group. Spaniel Cocker Limit 2 1st McCulloch Glowhill Shine on At Damaco Sweet BR bitch of 11 months, she has a pretty head, good length of neck into level topline, she has enough depth and fore chest developing, She presents a balanced outline and moved well. PB 2nd Roberts Hallslake Hulahoop for Castlelodge Pretty 8 month old gold bitch, she has decent body proportions, but is still developing. Not as forward as 1 at the moment. She was well presented and her young handler got the best out of her on the move and she moved well. AV Imported Breed Register Open 2 (1) 1st Stilgoe Teisgol Henrique Portuguese Pointer I was impressed with this shapely male, stacked he presents a balanced flowing outline; his head is masculine with plenty of work in it. He has good length of neck which flows seamlessly into short back. He has great depth with lovely angles front and rear, his movement was effortless with ground covering strides holding his tail correctly. AVNSC Sp Yearling 1st Markey Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol) Irish Setter Stylish bitch that I have done well before, she has a lovely outline, pretty head which is balanced. Good length of neck into her slightly sloping topline. She has lovely depth with good spring of ribs decent angles front and rear, with good width of thigh. I think the heat got to her as her movement was a bit ‘all over the place’ today. Limit 1 1st Coppin & Davies-Jones Pixiesrock Queen of Hearts at Elwistone Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rising 4 brown bitch she has a pretty head with broad skull. Ample depth of body and lovely well sprung ribs. She has a slight hollow to her topline into her well muscled rear quarters. Stifle a little straight for me, but she moved well really reaching out in front but just a little close at back Open 2 1st Coppin & Davies-Jones Dallandor Jocasta Chesapeake Bay Retriever Striking, shapely 6 years bitch, her head is feminine with broad skull, her neck is muscular and of good length, she has lovely angles front and rear and super depth of chest with a well sprung ribcage. She has a lovely balanced outline when stood up, and she moved so well with reach and drive covering the ground with ease. BAVNSC 2nd Stevens Follybrook Millenium Star Irish Setter Impressive male of 9 years he has a lovely head which is masculine. He has a lovely outline, good length of neck into his strong slightly sloping topline. He is well off for body having great depth of chest. His rear quarters are strong and muscular with great width of thigh; he moved well in profile but was a bit close at the back today. AV Gundog Sp Yearling 16 (11) 1st Philo Sunhouse Black is Back at Salmonmist Pointer What a super puppy this is. At just 8 months old he has a lot going for him. I was impressed with this shapely outline, super masculine balanced head of good proportions. Great depth of body and lovely well sprung ribs. Hind quarters muscular with well tuned stifle. Moved out with smooth ground covering strides. Please to later award him PG1 2nd Potterzuri Mister Pumbaa of Flyenpyg Labrador Repeat of previous class 3rd Markey Yokohama Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol) Irish Setter B Limit 7 (5) 1st Smith Potterzuri Mister Pumbaa of Flyenpyg Repeat of previous class 2nd Scotford – Jackson & Turner Myndvalley Sunny Workmanlike young fox red dog of 2 years. He’s a little light all through that said he has good length of neck and level topline. He moved in unison with his young handler and both seemed to be enjoyed their day out. Open 6 (6) Sp Veteran 7-9 years 9 (4) 1st Stevens Follybrook Millenium Star Irish Setter Repeat from previous class 2nd Jenkins & Williams Cwmbeili Morgan WSS Handsome dog of 8 years, presents a balanced outline. Head is masculine with kind expression. Neck is strong into well angled forequarters; well off for bone and standing on neat feet. He has strength through body and well muscled rear quarters. I think the heat had got to him today, as he’d left his enthusiasm at home, and was a bit flat on the move – and who can blame him. 3rd Hyslop Gwendariff on A Rollacoaster Irish Setter Gundog Group This was a lovely group and my first 4 could change places any time as I was thrilled with them all. G1 Edwards Afterglow Bang Tidy D Spaniel American Cocker G2 Tenshilling Its My Party for Salmonmist JW OSW ShCEx Pointer Really lovely O/W male, good head with super body proportions, shapely, symmetrical and well built, just as the standard calls for. Moved out with driving action and ground covering strides G3 Gallen Sh Ch Woodsong Pleiades (Imp Fra) Field Spaniel Absolutely deserving of his title, one of the best Fields I have been over for awhile. He is so well made, and solid. Super head with noble expression, great depth and muscular rear quarters, he moves so well driving from the rear. G4 Hill Sandaula Forest of Dreams B Golden Retriever Puppy Group G1 Philo Sunhouse Black is Back at Salmonmist Pointer G2 Smith Potterzuri Mister Pumbaa of Flyenpyg Labrador G3 House Gleadsbury Destiny Belle ESS Pretty 11mth bitch, with eye of good colour giving a gentle expression, balanced outline with good angles both ends, she moved well with reach and drive. G4 Whitefield Glenbrows Thought to Amerdella WSS Sweet bitch of 11 months she has a feminine head with good body proportions, topline has the typical slight rise over the loin, she has enough depth and good angles both ends. She moved well. Lesley McCourt