• Show Date: 25/06/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley McCourt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Derbyshire County Show, Dog Section Open Show

25th June 2023

Phew! That was a hot one!

I’d like to thank the officers and committee for the invitation to judge at this lovely show. The sun shone all day and to be honest was just a bit too warm for the dogs, however, they mostly coped with the conditions but it did have an effect on the movement of some and others were clearly flagging in the heat. That said, I was extremely pleased with my entry and for the good grace of the exhibitors in the sporting manner to which my decision's were accepted.


Puppy 3 (2)

1st Arkely – Tattersett blue Lord

What a delight at just 6 months is this blue belton male. He is just right for his age; head is developing with lovely dark eyes. He has a good reach of neck into level topline, he has good depth for his age, with decent angles both ends, and second thigh developing. He was a little loose on the move but no more than I would expect from a puppy and he looks to be going in the right direction for the future. BP

Junior 3 – (1)

1st Williamson – Hawklawn Sultan of Swing

15 month BB&T male has a masculine head which is balanced with good depth of muzzle, his neck is of good length into a firm level topline. Straight front with good bone and neat feet. He has decent depth of chest and muscular rear quarters with good development of second thigh. He did enough on the move today that helped him to win the class.

2nd McDowell - Moorbrook Miss Marple Avec Byedales

Pretty feminine 17 month BB bitch who has a lovely head, she has a decent shape when stood, neck is of good length , she has decent rib, but I would just like her to have a little more depth though body. She moved ok

Post Graduate 2

1st Welburn – Oshowa Dream Come True

2 year old BB Bitch who is unmistakably elegant. Feminine balanced head with a kindly expression. She is shapely in appearance with good reach of neck into level topline which she held on the move, I would have preferred a little more depth of chest to finish the picture as I found her a bit lacking there, but she has decent rear quarters and moved out well.

2nd Kemp- Taylor – Quensha’s Strawberry Swing

This two year old BB&T bitch is built on a slightly larger frame than one, but that doesn’t detract from her overall appearance. Her head is a little strong for me but she still remains feminine, she scores in depth as she has ample. She is well off for bone with good rear stifle and width of second thigh. She was ok on the move.

Open 4

1st Schoneville & Derry – Balvenie Blue Sensation

This BB male is what I was looking for, he has a lovely clean outline, a handsome masculine head which is balanced with a lovely dark eye, He has strength through the neck into his firm topline, and he is well angled in front with lovely well boned straight legs into good tight feet. His body is strong with ample depth of chest elbows tight to body, ribs well back, his rear quarters are a delight with super width of thigh and sweep of stifle. On the move he was flagging a little but he did enough to win the class and along with his other qualities, BOB.

2nd Welburn Culverwell Sea Breaze at Oshowa

This is a super six year old BB bitch she makes a lovely shape when stood, Her head is feminine with lovely dark eye giving a soft expression. She has good length of neck into well angle front, has well sprung ribs and substance but still remains elegant. Her quarters are well muscled and she moved well, had no doubt where the RBOB award was going.

3rd McCabe – Rachdale Ribbons of Pearls


Puppy 3

What a lovely class of puppies, I liked all three.

1st Dale - Casachared Constance Tally of Aubanjon

What a gem this young 9 month bitch is, she is super feminine with an undeniable racy outline. She has pretty head with an expression that melted me, her head is balanced she has a good length of neck that flows cleanly into her topline. Her front quarters are well angled with her elbows well under her body. She still needs to drop in chest a bit but nothing more than I would expect at this age. Her rear quarters are also developing nicely she has a good width of thigh and well bent stifle. She moved out so well today, head held high and striding out with flowing movement, one of the best movers today. BP & please to hear she was PG3

2nd Shepherd - Casachared Connors Delaney

Litter brother to 1 and it’s fair to say he is more forward in his development, he is well balanced with a masculine head and good length of neck into good front assembly well off for bone, has decent depth in body, he didn’t take to the heat today so his movement wasn’t as flowing as his sister. I am sure these two will change places from time to time.

3rd Berry & Morris – Coppers Midsummer Nights Dream (Imp Swe)

Junior 6 (3)

1st Markey – Yokohoma Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol)

This is a sweet 12 month old bitch who’s head is feminine, she has good depth in body and well sprung ribs, her neck is of good length she is well boned. She has good angles front and rear with good width of thigh and well muscled, she moved well.

2nd Bentley – Penclippin Jubilee Flame

Another 12 month old but for me I think the heat was getting to him today. I can see he has a nice racy outline, but he was losing his topline today, Masculine head good depth of body and good angles both ends. He moved well in profile but was just a bit close going away

3rd Bentley – Penclippin Celtic Asthore

Post Graduate

1st Stevens – Follybrook Firefly

Lovely feminine bitch headed this class, she has a good head which is balanced with dark eye She makes a lovely shape when stood has good angles both ends, and good return of upper arm with elbows well under her body. She has ample depth of chest and she’s well ribbed up. Her hind quarters are muscular and well angled; she has a good sweep of stifle and strong hocks. She moved out well today despite the heat. RBOB

 2nd Markey – Yokohoma Lofty to Evenflow (Imp Pol)

3rd Shepherd – Glenvarna Cover Girl

Open 2 (1)

1st Jarvis – Lowdon To Darn Hot

My star of the day, this cracking 4 year old male pulled out all the stops today, even with a change of handler in the challenge. His head is masculine with plenty of work in it giving him that intelligent expression that is desired. His outline is racy and flowing from head to tail with a good length of neck that flows cleanly into his gently sloping topline. His depth of chest and well sprung ribs are proportionate to his lovely balanced outline. His angulation is balanced at both ends with well muscled hind quarters. He moved so well today both in the class, and his tempo didn’t stop when he had a last minute change of handler in the challenge. I was more than happy to award him BOB.

Judge: Lesley McCourt (Woodspa)