• Show Date: 09/04/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley McCourt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birtley & District Canine Society

Birtley & District Canine Society

9th April 2023

Can I take the opportunity to thank the committee of Birtley & District CS for the invitation to judge at this lovely well run show. I was warmly welcomed and looked after all day. To my steward John, thank you for your assistance, and to the exhibitors, a huge thank you for allowing me the privilege of judging your dogs.

Bracco Italiano

Open 1

1st Pearson Kelevra Covo Di Ladri

Balanced O/R bitch of good type she has a balanced femine head, and eyes toning with coat to give a soft expression. Good depth to chest, decent angles front and rear, well boned with neat feet, she moves out well, but was just a tad close behind. BOB

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy 2 (1)

1st Bowman Sharrale Maxymillion

Sweet liver & white puppy of 7 months he was a little unsettled today, I think it was his first show. His head is developing he has a straight front with enough depth of chest for age, he has a good outline when stacked, decent angles, he moved ok, just needs time.

Graduate 2 (1)

1st Greenwood Brevathos Tanna

14 month liver/white ticked bitch, head is femine and balanced but would have preferred a darker eye. She is good for size and outline, well muscled hind quarters, just lacking in depth at the moment but she is young and has time to body up, she has strength in topline which she held on the move, and she moved out effortlessly with ground covering strides. BOB

German Wirehaired Pointer

Open 1(1)

Hungarian Vizsla

Open 5 (3)

1st Legg, Scott & Watson Oakswarren Pure Magic

Smart well proportioned 3 year old bitch, she has a lovely outline when stacked, head is femine with eyes of good colour. Good length of neck into well angled forequarters, she is straight in front with decent bone and neat feet. Chest is deep and topline level, hind quarters well muscled, She moved out well in all directions. BOB

2nd Martin-Harper Velcrozy Woo Woo

Pretty 14 month bitch head is of correct proportions; she has a good length of neck and is balanced in outline. She moved well but is still a tad loose at the elbow. I liked her though.

Irish Setter

Open 3 (2)

1st Sloane Ferasheen Hot Proper Tea BOB & BP

Sweet 6 month dog that was enjoying his outing, his head is still developing as you would expect at this age. He is still at the ‘legs and wings’ stage of his development. He has good bone and nice depth has decent rear quarters with moderately bent stifle, he moved well; just a bit loose in front BOB & BP.


Puppy 1

1st Barker Flinthill Hot Shot

I was rather taken with this lovely 8 months orange and white bitch, her head is well proportioned with well defined stop and a kind expression. Her outline is as the standard describes, ‘a series of graceful curves’ she has lovely depth and good forchest she is well boned has a straight front and well muscled rear quarters. Her movement was effortless, reaching out and driving from the rear and made good use of her ever lashing tail. I was happy to award her BOB BP and later on G4 and PG1

Post Graduate 0

Open 1

1st Barker & Hart-Simm Ragus Lets Get Moving at Flinthill

Mature B\W dog masculine head with dark eye. Good length of neck decent angles front and rear, chest is deep, hind quarters are well muscled with good turn of stifle. He moved well in profile but was a bit loose in front.

Flat Coated Retriever

Puppy 0

Post Graduate 0

Open 1 (1)

Golden Retriever

Puppy 4 (1)

1st Pratt Rosyth Kind of Magic

Nice class of puppies topped by this lovely 8 month old bitch, her head is balanced with lovely dark eye giving that kindly expression. She has a good shape when stacked up, with good bone and strength through body. Rear quarters well muscled with good width of second thigh, she moved well in all directions with free and easy stride. BP and happy to award her PG4

2nd Fegan & Hutchinson Karmiks Rainbows End

Handsome dog of 12 months, masculine head slightly longer cast than 1 but well off for bone and has good depth and spring of ribs, level top line with good bone and neat feet. Moved well.

3rd Fagan & Hutchinson Karmkis My Special Angel

Junior 5 (2)

1st Ewart Parlickview Blaze of Glory Over Beaupippin JW

Sweet 13 month old bitch, who is balanced in outline with good proportions, her head is feminine with a lovely soft expression. She has a good length of neck into level top line. Deep through body with good forchest. Good angles front and rear. She moved out well just a bit close at the back

2nd Fegan & Hutchinson Karmiks Rainbows End

3rd Fagan & Hutchinson Karmkis My Special Angel

Post Graduate 4 (2)

1st Martin Garline Love So Deep

Lovely 3 years bitch, Liked her for size and balance, her head is balanced with well set on ears. She is straight in front with good bone and feet, well off for forechest, well sprung ribs, she has strength through her well muscled rear quarters, with well bent stifle and good width of second thigh. She moved well in all directions BOB

2nd Maddison Jaymardy Sweet Caroline

This is a striking bitch that I thought would be my winner today, 21 months, well proportioned, pretty head, has ample depth and forchest, well sprung ribs, strength through the loin, she was shown in lovely coat and condition just a pity her front movement let her down as she was a bit loose through the pasterns.

Open 7 (3)

1st Ewart Beauppin Careyburn Linn

Wow! I thought this 10 1\2 year bitch was lovely, with a super shape when stood, lovely head decent neck, level topline in great condition with good angulation front and rear with good width of thigh. She’s well boned and stood on neat feet moved well.

2nd Pratt Rosyth Jennifer Eccles

4 year bitch, with good head proportions decent length of neck, nice bone and neat feet she has depth through body and decent angles, just feel her topline could be a bit stronger. She moved out well.

3rd Taylor Stormford Honeysuckle ShCm VW

Labrador Retriever

Puppy 3 (1)

Litter mates

1st Roberts Stormrose Good as Gold

Lovely 6 month yellow dog who is just a bit more together at this stage than his sibling in 2nd. Head is developing well he has a lovely shape being compact with good ribs for his tender age. His neck is strong into lovely level topline, straight in front with good bone. Really happy on the move striding out and making good use of his otter tail. Pleased to later award him PG3 from a nice group of puppies.

2nd Roberts Stormrose Daisy Hill

Litter sister to 1 and as mentioned she is not yet as forward as her litter mate. Pretty head good bone for age, she’s going through a growth stage at the moment and just dropping her topline a little, this will improve as she mature I’m sure. She was enjoying her self of the move, but I saw enough to see that she was sound.

Junior 3 (1)

1st Roberts Stormrose Good as Gold BP

2nd Roberts Stormrose Daisy Hill

Post Graduate 2

1st Roberts Stormrose Simply Heaven

2 years black bitch built on smaller lines but another nice one from this kennel very femine sweet head, good length to neck, would like a tad more depth to body but she is balanced with straight front and neat feet. Well muscled rear quarters with good movement.

2nd Morrow Rhythm Lacey

Chocolate bitch, balanced femine head, good length of neck she’s just carrying a little to much weight at the moment which spoils her outline. Has decent depth and ribs. Moved ok

Open 1

1st Roberts Stormrose Sweet Wishes BOB G1 BIS

What can I say; they just keep getting better from this kennel. This Lovely 4 years bitch is so femine with a lovely flowing outline, her head is clean cut and she has a kindly expression. Good length of neck into level topline, she has a lovely barrel rib with good depth. She is correctly angled at both front and rear. Well muscled with lovely free and easy movement in all directions. Happy to award her BOB & G1 and delighted to see her later take the top spot. BIS Congratulations.


Junior 0

Post Graduate 1 (1)

Open 3 (2)

1st Balmer Mabanika Omega

This elegant 4 years bitch, stood alone, but is so worthy of her places today. Balanced femine head giving that aristocratic appearance. Her outline when stood is of balance and strength without being overdone in any way. She has a good length of neck, is straight in front with deep chest and well sprung ribs, she holds her topline well on the move and stacked. She has lovely clean lines with good angles front and rear with moderately turned stifle. She’s a stylish happy mover and I was more than happy to award her BOB and G2, she pushed hard for the top spot.


Puppy 2 (1)

1st Stait Afonbach Balerion NSDTR

9 month old male, who I hope has done all his growing. He has a nice shape, with good wedge shaped head. Well boned for his age, with good depth of chest. Good angulation both fore and aft, moved well in all direction. BP

Open 4 (1)

1st Wood Chanderhill Eagle Eye SWD BOB

2 year old of good proportions, masculine head, presents a nice outline when stood, has good depth is well off for bone well angled front and rear moved well with reach and drive and holding his topline, shown in full coat which was well conditioned.BOB

2nd Gibson Coolfin Aoife IR&W Setter

Sweet femine bitch with a pretty head and kind expression. She has reasonable depth of chest, is balanced and has decent bone. She moved out well in all directions.

3rd Stait Acadiabyrne the Baker’s Son NSDTR

AV Gundog

Puppy 13 (9)

1st Morris Norrashays Madam Cholet at Mycalleys American Cocker Spaniel

What a lovely puppy, 91/2 months buff, I was quite taken with her, she has a pretty head, is well balanced she has a lovely shape good depth for her age shown in super coat and condition and moves out really well, happy to have awarded her PG2 earlier.

2nd Pratt Rosyth Kind of Magic Golden Retreiver

3rd Stait Afonbach Balerion NSDTR

Post Graduate 17 (11)

1st Wood Chanderhill Eagle Eye SWD BOB

2nd Foody Lospith Storms Over Cairteila IWS

This young bitch has a good head, decent length of neck. Body is balanced with good spring to rib. She held her topline on the move and she moved out well. Her coat could curl a little tighter.

3rd Martin Garline Love So Deep Golden Retreiver

Open 10 (7)

1st Balmer Mabanika Omega Weimaraner

2nd Proudler Kimapa Kocks Kala Cocker

L/R sweet head with lovely dark eye. good height to length ratio, I would have just like a little more of her all through. She has good angles both ends and moved well.

3rd Barker & Hart-Simm Ragus Lets Get Moving at Flinthill Pointer

AV Veteran

1st 1st Ewart Beaupippin Careyburn Linn Golden Retriever

2nd Proudler Kimpa Krazee Kritter Cocker

BRT sweet head 11.5 years’ good topline and body, good bone decent angles, she was enjoying her ‘moment’ and still has that lovely Cocker bustle.

Gundog Group

G1 Labrador, Roberts, Stormrose Sweet Wishes

G2 Weimaraner, Balmer, Mabanika Omega

G3 Cocker Spaniel, Peterson. Cassom Moonbeam JW

Striking B/R bitch of good type. Super head and expression, well balanced with a nice outline. Her movement was accurate both fore and after and in profile.

G4 Pointer Baker, Flinthill Hot Shot

Gundog Puppy Group

PG1 Pointer, Baker, Flinthill Hot Shot

PG2 American Cocker Spaniel, Norrashays, Madam Cholet at Mycalleys

PG3 Labrador, Roberts Stormrose Good as Gold

PG4 Golden Retriever, Pratt Rosyth Kind of Magic

Judge Lesley McCourt (Woodspa)