• Show Date: 26/08/2023
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley McCourt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/09/2023

North Riding Gundog Club

North Riding Gundog Club Open Show 26th August 2023 Thank you to the committee for their kind invitation to judge most of the spaniel breeds at this lovely well run show, and to my two very efficient stewards. The forecast rain did managed to hold off until later in the day, just in time for BIS and BPIS, but they are gundogs after all, and none were affected even with the thunder during BPIS. Spaniel Cocker Puppy 2 1st Terry Shaggylands Sexy And I No It Lovely BR male of 11 months, he’s just right for his age, balanced head that is developing nicely, good length of neck with well constructed front angulation. He has lovely forchest and is deep with well sprung ribs. Maybe just carrying a little too much weight at the moment, but he carries himself well with good topline which he held on the move. Rear quarters are round and muscular, he moved with a steady happy stride BP 2nd Bayliss Wilanorah We Will Rock You Sweet BR male of 11 months. Shapely puppy, but not as forward as one in his development. Masculine head of good proportions front is straight with good bone. Needs to drop a little in chest, but has good angles and moved out well, I preferred his rear movement to that of one today. Junior 5 (2) 1st Bacon Timbric Doris Day Pretty BR bitch of good proportions, her head is balanced with plenty of work in it, she has lovely eye shape and colour, she is square in muzzle with good a stop, all this coming together to give a gentle expression Her body is well proportioned, with decent angles front and rear with good depth to chest and well sprung ribs. She moved really well with that distinctive Cocker bustle and rear drive. RBOB 2nd Sinclair Claramand Mercury Rising At Duclarus Giving his handler a hard time today, but that said this BR male has a lovely masculine head, with good width of skull, he is well bodied with good bone, He moved well today, just needs to get his act together on the stack. 3rd Terry Shaggylands True Colours Post Graduate 3 (1) 1st Bayliss Shirepark Sir Francis Drake By Wilanorah Handsome BR male who’s head is balanced with good eye colour. He has a good reach of neck with well angled front, good though body with strong level topline witch he held on the move, well muscled rear quarters and good bone. Moved out with reach and drive. 2nd Dolan Wilanorah Never Say Never 5 years BR male, his head is a little heavy for my taste, but its masculine with lovely dark eye. He has lovely front angles good depth well angled rear quarters. He moved steady and happily. Open 8 (6) 1st Sinclaire Chataway Dress Tartan At Duclarus JW ShCEx OSW This immaculately presented black bitch has the prettiest of heads which is balanced with good width and depth to muzzle, she is feminine all through, good length to neck into well laid shoulders, straight front, strong level topline with ample depth of chest and great forchest. Her rear quarters are strong with lovely round rump. I would however just prefer a touch more length of leg, however she moves with good reach and driver and couldn’t be denied BOB. 2nd Palmer Cassom Sun Dreaming over Colmeir 4 years OR male has masculine head, with well angled front quarters, well off for bone, good depth to chest, level topline, has strength in rear quarters and moved out well. Spaniel American Cocker Puppy 2 1st Morris Mycalleys Sirocco My notes read ‘ loved him’ and I did, what a cracker of a puppy is this black tri at only just 6 moths of age, he has it all, lovely shape when stacked, super masculine head, well angled front with good forchest, he’s well developed through body with good depth and lovely rear quarters. He was a little unsettled on the move due to a change in handler, but when he settled and came towards me with that lovely straight front, he melted my heart. I was delighted to see him take BPIS, let’s hope he continues to shine into adulthood. 2nd Morris Mycalleys Koko Litter sister to 1 another lovely youngster, she’s not as forward as her brother yet, but she will come on with time. She has a sweet head and expression, just lacking in body at the moment, but she moves so well, true in all directions and striding out in profile. Junior 0 Open 2 (1) 1st Morris Mycalleys China Doll This lovely 2.5 years black tri bitch is feminine all through with pretty head. She makes a nice shape when stood with a gently sloping topline. Good angles front and rear, she has strength through body with good muscle tone. She strode out around the ring making good use of her tail. Turned out in lovely condition with her profuse coat flowing. BOB Spaniel Welsh Springer Puppy 0 Junior 0 Graduate 0 Open 3 (2) 1st Chandler Chanangel Jo Sugden Really lovely male of 2 years, head is balanced and masculine, with good eye colour, neck is long and strong, he’s well boned with good front angulation, He has good depth to body and lovely rib, he has a lovely outline when stood, is well muscled and moved well in all directions. Shown in good coat and condition. Stood alone today, but more than worthy of BOB Spaniel Clumber Puppy 3 (2) 1st Taylor & Hilton Delsaux Fly Me To The Moon Sweet 7 month bitch with good head and eye has good width of skull, with lovely width and depth of muzzle she’s well bodied for age, she’s going through a growth spurt and was a little ‘bum high’ today, has decent angels front and rear. She moved well, striding out in profile but was just a little loose at the back, at her age this will tighten up as she develops BP Junior 0 Open 1 1st Pickering Wymeswold Verdejo At Greencourt (Imp NDL) 2 year old bitch, who’s head is feminine, balanced with broad skull and lovely tight eyes. She is well developed through body with good forchest, well boned with good angles front and rear. Movement was steady. BOB . Spaniel Sussex – No entries Spaniel Field Puppy 0 Junior 0 Graduate 3 (2) 1st Shipton Heartwood Mishules Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Liver dog of 13 months, he was a bit unsettled today on the stack so I wasn’t able to asses him much past his head. He has a masculine head, is balanced in outline, with enough depth through body. He moved well. Open 1 1st Shipton Broomeece Fire Cracker Over Mishules Super black male that I have done well before, and today my opinion of him is no different. Lovely head that is masculine, with good reach of neck into lovely front angulation his body is deep with level topline, rear quarters are well muscled and shapely, with moderately bent stifle. He moved out well in all directions. BOB Lesley McCourt